Our month began with testimonies at the discipleship class in Victoria: Maribel’s aunt accepted the Lord in her Grupo de Alcance (Outreach Group). Karla’s brother-in-law was very ill, with no hope according to the doctors. At the GDA, they came into agreement, and now he is healed. Rosi’s neighbor went to her house after having an accident, asking her how to have more faith like she has. Laura faced a pay cut and possibility of a lay off, but declared before us, “My mind will be kept in perfect peace…” A friend offered her work in Reynosa with good pay. She said at first she saw dollar signs in her eyes, but then remembered the Body, recognized the offer as just a temptation, and just decided to trust God. Just two days after she proclaimed that before us, she got word that her current job is safe. 
At another GDA, a suicidal girl named Ana accepted Christ after hearing the Word which Lucero said wasn‘t what she had planned to share. Ana said it was exactly what she needed to hear. Another young lady named Brenda also gave her life to the Lord.
The following day we attended the young adults meeting in Victoria just to see how things are going and to present to them the council that will help lead them. There were about 30 in attendance, all flowing together beautifully in worship, activities, and in the Word. It was amazing. Both of us rejoiced in the satisfaction of knowing that they will stand in the faith, with or without us present. We really have quality people there.
A young man named Jorge shared with us that he had had a dream in which a person led him to a smiling man who was seated. He pointed out the scriptures Hebrews 2 and 5 from a scroll using a golden pointer. Then, as he held out a belt or tie, he said a Latin word meaning “support.” Not long ago, Jorge was incoherent in his conversations, but now that the Word is in his heart, is quite focused, and has been a great blessing to the ministry. We are expecting the Spirit to reveal the meaning of those scriptures for his life. Interestingly, significant, spiritual dreams have increased among those in the ministry, just as the Word has promised.
Phillippe came up to us during the service and reminded us of a dream he had shortly after accepting Christ (just a few months ago) regarding the end times. He saw revolutions, earthquakes, chaos, and disasters of all kinds. He was shocked to recently see on the news his dream played out in real life--the beginning of sorrows.
On our way home from this trip, we saw at a distance some kind of danger happening on the highway and were able to stop in time and reverse in the grass to slip away and take another route home. God will always make a way of escape! His Word is faithful! During another occasion, we were delayed by one thing and then another, changing our plans. We got the hint that it was the Lord detaining us for a while. We later learned that had we proceeded as planned, we would have found ourselves in the middle of a confrontation between soldiers and drug traffickers. God is so good!
During the next trip, a young lady named Karina told Jeanette that she led to the Lord a young man who was working for the cartel. She met him when he pulled out in front of her on his motorcycle and she hit him. She stopped and prayed for him, and took him to the hospital where she led him to Christ. Later she took him food, a Bible, and crutches. Please pray for him that he will be free from the criminal organization. His name is Miguel Angel.
Our leadership class at the cottage has grown from the usual three to nine, including folks from Mante, Voz, and San Isidro. The questions and conversations that come up are so helpful for the growth of the members. We also get updates and have heard that a young teenage girl in Mante played four songs on guitar in the most recent service there. This has been long-awaited and is the beginning of the praise and worship team there, an essential element for the church in the making. 
During the last week of the month, we visited Rio Bravo and found our people there doing well. Omar and Miranda are really doing a great job there in teaching the Word and helping lead the praise and worship team there made up now of mostly young teens. To conclude the service, we prayed for requests. Juana, a grandmother, asked for prayer to preach the Gospel as she has a desire to share with those around her. We also, led by the Spirit, prayed for her husband for him to walk in divine health.
At a service in Victoria, Maribel, a 16-yr-old girl who had serious problems and was suicidal, gave her life to Christ and has truly become a new creation. Her smile beams. Another one who is a totally different person is Alejandro’s mother. She tearfully expressed her gratitude and joy after a particularly moving praise and worship service. She had never before shown any signs of having received from the Lord before. Another woman who has been with us for some time came up to Jeanette and testified that she is free finally from food addiction. We had never heard her speak with such confidence and faith before. Another one who seems to be receiving more than ever is America, a young teen who’s been with us for some time, but had never shown much emotion. This time, she entered the building with great joy and embraced Jeanette like never before.  
To top off the month, we witnessed history in the making when Andrés (Vicente’s son) and Melissa were the first ones to marry in the church in Voz Campesina. To our knowledge, they probably are the first ones to have a Christian wedding EVER in that village. Several other couples are “candidates” to marry as well, and we are trusting God that they will follow their example now that they have seen what it is like. Fear of the unknown and cultural tradition are what had been holding many back, we think.
Next month promises to be exceptional with the annual convention headlining. We’ll be sure to let you know of all the great things God does through the convention.
We’re so grateful for your prayers and support! 
Love in Christ, José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team
2 Tim 4.2, “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”
Things to pray about:
Convention coming up April 9th (safety, provision, salvations, deliverances, etc.)
Beatriz Anaya (anorexia)
Judith and family (total restoration as her husband returns from rehab.)
Miguel Angel and thousands of others (freedom from the cartels; growth in the Lord)
New converts (growth in the Lord and connection to the Body)
Mexico (peace, justice, safety) 
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