What a month this has been!  There have been many challenges, but lots of victories, too.  It started off with Salomon visiting his brother in Valles who has struggled for many years with mental illness.  As a child he was a victim of sexual assault, and as an adult he consulted tarot cards readers.   He was also weighted down with unforgiveness.  A few days after Salomon ministered to him and prayed with him, his sister called to say he was in his right mind and in peace now.

During a leadership class in Victoria, we rejoiced in several testimonies, including that of several who took steps of faith to pray for others in a special move of the Spirit during a previous service, and in so doing saw Him do great things.  Many testified on how taking communion at home has been helpful in enabling them to enter the flow of the Spirit and walk in love.  For others they were able to hear special words and specific instructions to minister to others.  The maid of the house said after we prayed for her, she was finally free from back pain that she’d had since falling a year ago.

On our way out, a sister named Lilly stopped Jeanette to ask if it is sometimes okay to write her prayers.  She was reassured that it was perfectly fine.  After all, we read in the Word several of Jesus’ and Paul’s prayers, just to name a few.  Then she asked Jeanette to read it to see if she was on the right track.  Jeanette almost couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was over 300 words packed with declarations of faith based on scriptures, powerfully and beautifully written.  Jeanette kept the copy and asked to include it in a report with her permission, which she graciously allowed.  A translation of it will follow at a later date.  Her prayer was motive of great joy and satisfaction in knowing Lilly and many others are indeed receiving revelation of the Word and how to apply it.

While worshiping during a regular Sunday service in Victoria, there was a sweet present of the Lord, and God touched many as they sang.  Seventeen people went forward later to testify.  There were four healings, several mentioning heat all over their bodies, many receiving a supernatural peace with burdens removed, and others received a specific word from the Lord.

During another service in Victoria, Dr. Rocio said she has a patient who visits many specialists in search of long life.  She gave him from a resource table at church a copy of the book of John which also contains commentaries and told him that it held the answer to real life.  He later called to say he read it and now has peace.  He thanked her and asked where the church was and when services were held because he plans to attend.

Recently a brother from WHTC felt led to buy hearing aid batteries to pass along in Mexico.  Jeanette asked Dr. Rocio if she knew anyone who could use them.  She said, “All my patients are senior citizens!”  She said one lady told her she has to change her batteries every week.  So, yes, they ended up in the right hands!

We thanked God profusely for the testimony of another sister who was kept from harm when a grenade was tossed into her place of employment and landed right in front of her desk.  Just minutes earlier, she had been sent on an errand and was not present during the attack.  A coworker was killed, however, and others were injured.

Also at the beginning of the month, we visited Mante for another leadership class.  We took communion with them.  It was interesting that afterward a sister asked if it were true that we should first fast before taking communion.  She said there is a church that requires 3 days of fasting before taking it.  We continue to remind them that God no longer binds us to stringent laws in order for us to be righteous; His sacrifice was enough.

The same day, we also drove to the village of Voz for service.  It was a pleasant visit.  The small children entered the class saying, “Jesus is alive!”  It shows that they have been attending the classes on child evangelism with Karen who has recently begun to teach the class. That day there were only 4 kids present, and they noted that.  Then one reassured the others by saying that with God, 4 is more than enough.  When discussing the meaning of communion, the question was asked what the blood is for.  They said, “For life!”  However, they were stumped on the cleansing of sin because they couldn’t define sin.  All in all, their understanding of key foundational themes is astounding for their age.

On their way to a leadership meeting at the cottage, the folks from Voz said that on the way there they encountered an automobile accident and stopped to help.  They asked an injure lady if they could pray for her, and she gladly accepted, saying that she too is a Christian. She was from a nearby village, and they knew mutual people, so Vicente and the bunch were instrumental in getting word to her family.  We were impressed by their boldness and love to stop and help.

During the first week, too, Willy, Omar, Riley, and Beto visited Rio Bravo to minister in song and in word.  The following week, Willy returned with Ivan, John, and Miranda to work especially with Rio Bravo’s praise and worship team from 10AM to 4PM.  We are so grateful for those who share our heart to build up the Body in Mexico.  In addition to these special visits, Miranda and her husband Omar go to Rio Bravo every weekend to minister and still make it back in time to the church service on the U.S. side on Sundays to serve as deacons.

This month we were able to hold in Victoria a men’s meeting, a ladies’ meeting, and a meeting with couples, all of which were extremely effective.  The attendance and interest shown is exciting.

One day during service in Victoria, Jeanette shared with the congregation the history of how the conventions of WHTC came to be and she included the vision to continue planting churches, even all the way to Brazil!  Rocio later told Jeanette that even before that day, she had begun to study Portuguese and has listened to a message in the language and understood it just fine.  She said her heart leapt when she her Jeanette say that we would go to Brazil.  Isai told Jeanette that 3 months ago he began to hear Brazil in his spirit and began to listen to music from there.  He had commented to Karen that he didn’t know why Brazil was on his heart.  The two of them were visiting Victoria that day when Jeanette mentioned it, and both nearly fell out of their seats.  This is just a precursor for something God eventually will do.  We’ll wait on Him.

At mid month, we enjoyed visiting our brothers and sisters in Rio Bravo. We learned that a government bus has been offered to take the members to the convention in Victoria at no charge.  What a blessing!  Some 30 people are planning to attend from Rio Bravo.  We look forward to joining all the sister churches together in fellowship on the 28th of the month as we do every year.  It involves a bit of organization, time, and money, but it is so worth it.  We’d really appreciate your prayers for the event and for the safety and provision for all who travel.  

Salomon and Laura left for Guatemala to attend a course on church growth through cell groups.  They returned a week later energized and eager to put their knowledge to practice.  Cell groups (Grupos de Alcance) have really been the main source of the growth in Victoria.

Just days before our last trip in, we received word that one of our members had been kidnapped by the cartel.  We immediately sent the word out for prayer.  Several declared that what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn to good.  It was also said that “we now have a man on the inside” to minister to those guys.  And he did!  He was able to lead one of the captors to the Lord.  Thankfully, he was released four days later.  Please keep him in prayer as he needs a new job now, in addition to recovering from the trauma.  While you are praying, please lift up Isaac Rodriguez, the cousin of another member who has also been kidnapped, we recently learned.

The Lord preserved us twice this month from bad weather.  While in the U.S., a powerful hail storm hit the area.  We stood in agreement in the dark while the electricity was out, praying against the storm and declaring no harm to our trailer or our neighbors’.  Praise God, we had no hail damage, nor did the neighbors.  Just a few blocks away, there was serious, extensive damage.  Days later, while praying at church with the leaders, another hail storm hit in Victoria.  We jumped up and began to rebuke the hail.  It moved away, and the church building and everyone’s cars were fine.   One sister’s neighborhood suffered damage in all the homes EXCEPT hers.  She and her family are the only believers in that community.  We were grateful to God for this teachable moment to show the leaders that they can speak to the weather in faith, just as Jesus did. 

It certainly was a month of manifestation of God’s love, protection, and power.  And great things are coming for April.  We’ll keep you informed.

Have a very blessed Resurrection Day!  In Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

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