We started our month off with a successful leadership class in Victoria, praying for one another, giving words of exhortation, consolation, and edification (I Cor. 14:3). Salomon testified that the word given him by the Spirit dealt specifically with something he'd fought off and on during the week. Later that evening we learned that Sister Cinthia, though young in the Lord, is quite bold in sharing with co-workers. When a co-worker expressed concern over a check not arriving, Cinthia told her to have faith and that it would arrive within the week. FIFTEEN MINUTES later, the lady got a call to go pick up her check!

We visited Voz the following afternoon and enjoyed a nice move of the Spirit there. Dona Licha, an elderly lady, went forward to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. After praying for her, she grinned and said she felt full of joy. Giddy, she couldn't stop shaking our hands, smiling, and then went to each person present to shake their hands. Never had we seen her smile or laugh before. Then she laid hands and prayed for another lady who was instantly filled with joy. She said she felt really light. There were others prayed for to receive specific gifts, including an 8-yr-old boy who desires to play the drums for the Lord. Lately, he's been showing up on his own to the praise and worship practices wanting instruction on the drums. A little one-yr-old girl was observed holding a New Testament, opening it and then closing her eyes and muttering something again and again. She also raised her hands and sang with the congregation. So cute!

Five kids from Jeanette's Sunday school class of ages 9-12 yrs accepted Christ in Victoria the next day. In addition, a lady accepted Christ during the altar call when she went forward to ask for prayer for her kidneys.

That Sunday we had another “coffee break” to welcome yet another newborn into the congregation and congratulate the parents. We've lost track of the number of newborns in the congregation this year, with several more on the way!

The following Saturday Victoria hosted a ladies' conference “Mujeres con Proposito” (Women with Purpose) There were lots of visitors, an impacting video, and a dynamic message given by Karla Juarez to some 100 in attendance. About half went forward for prayer concerning issues regarding relationships, jobs, finances, healing, etc. at the conclusion.

The Bible tells us that in the last days there would be dreams and visions, and we have seen Joel 2:28, 29 manifested precisely in two particular cases this month, one warning a member of a wrong decision (which we later learned she was just about to make), and the other advising the Body of measures to take. The Lord has confirmed both quickly.

There was yet another “coffee break” the following week for another baby. This time, the baby was 40 days old, in keeping with the tradition of some not to leave the home for that period of time. Welcoming the newborns has become very important for this ministry. As a practicality, it is better than trying to organize a baby shower as a congregation, and the coffee break during the service gives the whole church an opportunity to participate and bless the child, establishing that he will grow up in the Kingdom of God surrounded by the family of God. It's a beautiful custom.

In the same service during the altar call, a visitor went forward for prayer. His father, who had abandoned the family, had just died, and there were all kinds of issues in his heart. The main one was that he needed to forgive his father. Jose asked his wife to join him, and after praying for them, led them both to receive Christ. Next, an older gentleman went forward for prayer due to everything going wrong in his life, including bad business deals, health issues, and the recent kidnapping of his sons (The ransom had been paid, and they had been returned by then, but the trauma was still very fresh.) Jeanette asked if he'd given his life to Christ, and he answered no, but expressed that he wanted to. So Jeanette signaled to Jose to join them and lead him in prayer to receive salvation. Now there was solid ground to begin believing God for solutions and protection in his life!

Also, the son of a member arrived for the first time to service with no Bible, only a tract he'd been given. His mother asked if we would give him one. He gratefully received one along with a guide to consult to read it.

Before heading for home, Jeanette and Jose counseled an unwed expectant couple. We thank God for his grace that covers EVERY situation!

Carlos and others held a very successful workshop for the praise and worship group in Mante the following week. It produced results immediately in the congregation as they flowed together in one accord. Meanwhile, Jeanette and Jose ministered in Rio Bravo. There are always testimonies there of amazing things that God is doing through our brothers and sisters. We learned that another person was powerfully delivered from demonic oppression at the end of a service.

Some ladies of the leadership group in Victoria, along with a few others from some of the grupos de alcance (outreach groups), totally about 33, attended a weekend “encounter” that had the theme of being free and delivered in preparation for a series of teachings for those who desire to follow the “Jesus Model” of home cell group discipleship. The experience was quite fun and did really help many ladies who were carrying issues in their heart. We look forward to duplicating the encounter in the other congregations of the ministry.

The time spent with the ladies was invaluable. An older lady name Victoria told Jeanette that it was time she got baptized. She's been saved for about three years and finally understood the importance of it. Rafa told Jeanette of the opportunities she has now to lead her co-workers in a daily Bible study. She is also the one they go to for prayer, especially for things like headaches and the like. They've seen results when they do. Speaking of headaches, Cinthia suddenly had a strong, stubborn headache during the encounter until she was prayed for. It instantly left her. A young lady sprained her ankle during the encounter and was also healed.

Also during conversation, Martina testified to some of us that her son, because he attends a private college funded by the Catholic church, was required to participate in an 8-day “mission” trip to spread Catholicism. Risking losing his scholarship, he told the leader that as a Christian, he couldn't say the Rosary and participate in the rituals, but that he could take his Bible and share about what he knows about God. He also offered to take his guitar and lead the group in songs. Praise God, he had favor and was taken up on his offer.

The month ended beautifully with the wedding in Rio Bravo on Saturday of Mayra, who started with the congregation at around the age of 12, and Jorge, a Christian from another local church. Then Jose and Jeanette celebrated Resurrection Day with the church on the U.S. side while Pepe filled in and preached in Victoria.

A couple of upcoming events we'd ask you to hold up in prayer:

13th Annual Convention of World Harvest Mexico Saturday, April 27th

           Please pray for a good attendance, provision for every need, safety, and a powerful move of the Lord.

Willy and Joshua have been invited to minister in Bulgaria June 24th.

          Please pray for the Lord's direction, provision of finances, safety, and a mighty anointing to transmit to the church in Bulgaria.

In Him,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

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