Another ministry opportunity has recently opened up for World Harvest Training Center that is well worth mentioning and rejoicing over before noting the missions activities for the month of March.  A man in Oklahoma who used to be Pastor Max's students years ago now helps obtain and set up radio stations and felt led to obtain a short-range radio station for the ministry.  Plans are to provide teachings both in English and also in Spanish to reach the Spanish-speaking migrants in the area.  Pastor Max has already been  consistently teaching the Word on another station for some time, so this seems to be a “right fit” for him and others who will be contributing teachings. The pastors are praying about the call letters to apply for, and as soon as they are known, we will be sure to let you know.

Another bit of news to rejoice over:  the mayor of Matamoros, a border city in Mexico, as well as some other mayors, has ordered that all the altars dedicated to La Santisima Muerte (the “Most Holy Death,” or, the “Grim Reaper”) be torn down.  This is reminiscent to the times in the Old Testament when the king ordered all the altars to false gods in the high places be torn down.  We rejoice in the Christian testimony and the steps taken to defeat the spirit of violence that they still have been dealing with. 

On the very first day of the month, many good things happened in the ministry, including the restoration of another family that had gotten “lost” in the split that occurred last summer.  They asked to meet with us before the monthly marriage class held in Victoria.  We were so very glad to receive them and have a hand in the healing of some hurts that they experienced as young believers.

The service in Victoria the following day was marvelous.  There were several visitors, families were restored, many people were prayed for and counseled with at the conclusion of the meeting, and the children of the group ages 9 to 12 participated in praying for smaller children who had been asked to come forward for prayer.  

The following week, after a quick trip to the house in Llera, we headed to the discipleship class in Victoria, while Carlos and Vivi went to Mante to teach the discipleship class and preach the next day.

We had another great service in Victoria despite the cold, damp weather.  At least three people accepted Christ, and one young lady was delivered from some oppressive spirit that caused her body to be in extreme pain, but the doctors could find no cause for it.  By the next week, when she returned, there was a spring in her step and a huge smile on her face.  She said the Lord injected her with strength.  In addition to these lives being changed, others received by the Spirit very specific words of knowledge including a mother and her two adult daughters.  After the service, they let us know that each one received exactly the right word for their personal circumstances.  In fact, one of the daughters felt the leading to say the exact words, but was too afraid to, so she heard God say that He would use someone else to say them.  She was amazed at the confirmed word by the Spirit.

Brother Guillermo told Jeanette that during the week on two separate occasions, strangers walked up to him and prophesied that God has great things in store for him.  While stopped at an intersection, a young man went up to him and told him that.  When Guillermo told him he was a Christian and where he attends church, the man reiterated the message.  Since then, he has been taking very precise notes in every discipleship, marriage class, and regular service, in preparation for what the Lord has in mind for this man who only recently has entered the faith.

That same weekend, Willy and Cynde went with her father to Monterrey to visit relatives.  They never go without purposing in their hearts to be used by God to minister to family and anyone else the Lord sends them to, and such was the case this time.  Willy spent quite a bit of time with a cousin who is a lawyer.  He had many questions for him about the Word.  Eventually, Willy was able to lead him to the Lord.  Willy also had the privilege of being directed by the Spirit to be a great blessing to an elderly Indian couple from Oaxaca who had arrived to Monterrey in search of a better life.  When Willy had stepped out to get something to eat, the Lord set up an encounter with them.  They were hungry and homeless.  Burger King was close by, so he invited them to go with him and eat hamburgers.  Interestingly, they were unfamiliar with that type of meat, and the husband asked Willy about it in broken Spanish (They speak an Indian dialect).  Willy asked if they knew Jesus, and the man affirmed that they did, so he encouraged them to trust God for provision and guidance.  It was thrilling to watch God's precision and timing to set up this encounter.

In Rio Bravo, Don Tino had some health challenges involving his heart and other organs.  We praise God for faith being in him, his family, and the members of the church.  Without it, we probably would not have him with us today.  In fact, while being transported to a hospital in Reynosa, the doctors did not expect him to arrive alive.  Thankfully, he not only arrived, but he also improved quickly.  While there, both he and his wife Dona Maria were used by the Lord to reach others.  At one point, while Dona Maria was praying with patients in other rooms, the roommate asked Don Tino to pray for him, so while still in a delicate condition, Don Tino crawled out of bed to pray for his roommate.  Before everything was said and done, the two led the roommate to the Lord and the daughter of another patient to the Lord and prayed for many.  Within a few days, Don Tino was released and sent home.

A few days later, we went to Rio Bravo to visit Don Tino and the church.  We were also glad to see the progress of the construction.  By the last week of this month, the cement was poured for the roof.  

Willy also visited the service, and we had a grand time together.  Omar and Miranda were also there, as they usually are.  We were so glad to hear that Sister Mari has begun her GDA, (grupo de alcance , outreach group).  She also testified of being healed in her thumb that she had been unable to move.  After the service, we were asked to pray for Isela's husband who was at home with back pain.  While he has never been opposed to his wife and daughters attending church, he has never joined them, so we were glad to show him love and be light for him accompanied by several from the congregation.

Another GDA is soon to begin in Victoria, especially geared to married couples.  We are excited to see the Lord fill a need for many couples who had not found a GDA that suited them.  A group for adolescents will soon get up and running with David and Paola as leaders.  

While Pepe and Sofi were in Mante ministering, we held a “packed” service in Victoria and included the baby dedication of a couple whom we'd married a few years ago, followed by a special meal to celebrate.  This couple had moved to Austin for his job, yet they still consider themselves part of our congregation.  Their parents also attend.  It was a joy to see this couple and their new baby after they had been away for some time.  We were also thrilled to see in attendance a couple that we hadn't seen for about eight months.

While fellowshiping, we were thrilled to learn that Genesis, a young recent college graduate, recently got a job in the company TransPais (a bus company) that hired her to counsel their employees AND minister to and evangelize the women employees.  When she applied for the job, she really didn't know what it entailed.  When they learned that she was a Christian, they hired her for this very unique position.  This was quite an answer to prayer as we had prayed with her just a few weeks ago.

During the week, the leaders and several members of the church in Victoria stepped up and comforted a family who had experienced the loss of a loved one.  We greatly appreciate how quickly they fill in for us in our absence.

During our last trip of the month, we held the monthly marriage class in Victoria which has grown to about 27 people.  Afterward, we sat down with the leaders to plan for the much anticipated 14th annual convention to be held April 27th, involving the four congregations in Mexico and the one in Edinburg.

The last service of the month in Victoria was another good one.  Several received ministering at the altar call for various needs, and we know God impacted many lives.  In Jeanette's Sunday school class of 9-12-yr-olds, Jeanette asked them what Holy Week and Easter (Passover/Resurrection Day) meant.  After much thought, one said he thought it had something to rabbits.  Another said she thought it had to do with not eating meat.  Most are fairly new believers, so it was a great privilege to explain the true meaning of it.

There is SO MUCH in store for April, May, and beyond (i.e., convention, Joshua's wedding, twins due, HCA graduation, wedding of 6 couples in Mante, etc.)!  We greatly appreciate your prayers and are eager to report all God does in such a condensed period a time.  

In Christ,  Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team
1 Cor. 16:13-14 (NKJV) Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.

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