As usual, the month was full of “joy unspeakable and full of glory (I Peter 1:8)” as we saw God do great things and bless immensely. It began with a young boy in Jeanette's Sunday school class praying to receive Christ. When Jeanette explained to him that the Holy Spirit entered him when he accepted Christ, he said, “No wonder I felt shivers as I said the prayer.” This child has a troubled family, and he has many issues of his own, so please pray for him as he begins to develop his walk of faith.


Before, during, and after the service, Jose had opportunity to minister to a young man who is facing a marriage/family crisis. His parents have been members of our church for some time, and now he has expressed his desire to submit under our ministry for complete restoration and eventually be used by the Lord through his musical abilities as the Lord allows. He is quite open and receptive to Jose and his sincerity is impressive.


The same day, we learned that Isai of Voz has led Enrique, a co-worker, to the Lord who is very popular, and people always want to hear what he says, so his sphere of influence is quite large. Enrique has offered his home for a grupo de alcance (GDA, outreach group) and plans to invite co-workers and friends. Isai also told of how useful the monthly magazine the Believer's Voice of Victory from KCM is in sharing Christ at work.


The church in Voz has received lots of attention lately. Rosi and Mario of Victoria have made trips to Voz to work on the ceiling, which has been needed for some time in order to reduce the heat in the metal building, and Rodolfo and Lupita, also of Victoria, have been going out there almost every week to minister to the people.


The second week, Jose and Jeanette ministered in Voz. It was thrilling to see the reaction of Lupe, a brother who has had very limited resources, when he received a guitar as a gift. Abundance and prosperity have begun for him this year, as the Word from Psalm 65:11 promises! Following the meeting, everyone was treated with a meal of mole. As Jeanette was leaving, a young mother slipped her a note asking for prayer regarding a lump in her breast. Impressively, she declared her healing by faith. Later, Jeanette sent her a detailed teaching on healing for her to keep her heart and mind fixed on in order to put down any fear and doubt.


While Jeanette and Jose were in Voz, a large number of believers in Victoria attended a prayer service for the Nation at the civic center. There was a great turn-out of churches, and the key note speaker was the chief of security, a man known for preaching to the new recruits. To begin his message, he boldly declared, “Before I am chief of the military, I am a “brother” (believer in Christ).” It is encouraging to see the Lord is faithful and is raising up believers in high positions in Mexico, and because of the strong presence of the Church, there are positive changes in the country. Even where there is still evil active, the Lord is greater. We recently prayed for a member who was a victim of extortion (a common problem for business owners). Just days later, we received word that the offenders had been arrested. Praise God!


The following day in Victoria, Jeanette asked the congregation how many have been set free from something (sin, addictions, fear, poverty, etc.). About 2/3 of the people eagerly raised their hands. No wonder there is so much joy in the services! Later, during another Sunday school class, two boys (cousins) testified that they had prayed for their ailing grandmother, and she was healed. We also rejoiced in learning that Karla G. plans to begin a GDA for the children in her neighborhood. She plans to have a big vinyl sign made to let the neighbors know. Vivi, the children's ministry director, will provide her with any materials necessary.


Rainy weather the following week did not deter the people from attending the discipleship class. One particular couple young in the Lord really received a lot as we prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit over them and others. As the men prayed for the husband, he suddenly found himself on the floor. He later asked Jeanette what that was all about and said that while he was on the floor, he saw a “great white light.” The wife also received a special touch from the Lord. In a subsequent conversation, she also testified of how they were limited in finances and the Lord multiplied their food. She said she cooked a meal, and they ate from the same meal for days. It just kept multiplying. The husband told of giving his last money to buy bread for co-workers and walking out and finding money on the ground. It is exciting to see this young couple as they are amazed by the power of God in their lives, and we look forward to watching them group and serve in the Kingdom of God.


Another couple, one that is quite mature in the Lord, spoke with Jose and Jeanette and expressed their desire to serve in missions one day. They said their jobs no longer give them any satisfaction. They truly are a part of the laborers sent to the ripe fields, and we are excited to see God's hand on their lives.


The next day, a nurse in the congregation told Jeanette that she picked up a handout on healing from the church's publication table at the entrance of the building and made lots of copies for her patients who are children with serious illnesses and their parents. She reads the scriptures to them and prays for them. Another employee in the hospital saw the handout and offered to make the copies for this sister and as well as for her own use in the hospital. Another couple from church has also taken scriptures to share at the hospital. What joy to know that the Word of God and the ministry's influence extends far beyond what we could ever measure!


As another example of that, Rocio G., a physician, told Jeanette that she also gives pamphlets to her patients as the Lord leads. One such patient had 3 conditions and no family support, and wasn't improving. Rocio prayed for her and gave her the pamphlet on healing. The lady returned to the next visit healed! When Rocio asked what she had done, the patient responded that she reads the pamphlet daily, declares it, and now she attends a weekly Catholic Bible study. She even made copies for the other members of the group who received the information with enthusiasm.


The pamphlets and tracts will soon be dispersed through another avenue. After seeing an article on rickshaw taxis owned by a ministry in India and how they are equipped with a display in the back seat filled with tracts, Jeanette shared the idea with a brother who owns taxis and offered any and all the materials on the table. He said he would be glad to place some in the back seat and instruct the driver to give each customer a tract when they pay before getting out. What great potential!


While Jose and Jeanette were in Victoria, David and Paola ministered in Mante and led the cousin of a member to the Lord. During the altar call, he told her to go up with him because he wanted to receive Christ. What joy for her to see him born again!


A few days later, Jose and Jeanette visited the brothers and sisters in Rio Bravo. It was great to see the floor of cement partially laid. There is also a cement floor now in the children's room which really looks great with the donated small tables and chairs. More chairs for the sanctuary have also been donated from another source, and, interestingly, of the same color as the others (maroon). Though progress has been a little delayed due to the abundant rain, the end is in sight. We are so grateful for the work of Brother Oscar and his sons who have continued the construction of the building and are carrying on the vision of Don Tino who went to be with the Lord some months ago.


Chela and Oscar's GDA for the neighborhood children is going great. There are about 14 faithful kids who attend, regardless of the weather. If it is raining, they just run to get there. Chela said they built their house with the particular plan to hold a GDA, so they intentionally made the living room quite large. That's as far as their finances stretched, along with the kitchen and 2 bathrooms, but are pleased that their home is being used for the Kingdom. Eventually, they also plan to have a GDA for the adults in the neighborhood.


The following weekend, Jose and Jeanette made a quick trip to the cottage to take care of some details and catch up with the neighbors before heading to Victoria for a meeting with a couple who had strayed and desired to return to the Lord, followed by the discipleship class. During the discipleship class, Lorena testified that she was able to get together family members to pray for her sister and niece who were both dealing with heal issues. It was a blessing for the family members to see the power of prayer since none are believers, as the niece was released from the hospital and the sister's cysts were found to be benign.


As another testimony, another couple has been ministering to a sister and her husband. When they recently went to visit them, they met a person with lots of problems (her husband left her; a son is in jail; and another son is mentally ill). They prayed with her for favor to be able to visit her son and take him money so that he could pay for necessities in jail, including money to pay for “protection.” He had been punished for having received “too much money” from her earlier and denied him the privilege of visitors. Since nothing is provided for the prisoners, her visit was urgent. The prayer of faith of this couple produced positive results for this mother, and she was able to see her son.


We had recently prayed for Paola to have a more comfortable work schedule as a physician at a hospital which would allow her to participate more in praise and worship practice and other activities. Just days later, her supervisor approached her and told her she would no longer need to work Fridays and Sundays. Paola didn't even need to ask! Praise the Lord!


As further testimonies, Brenda said she'd been praying for her “prodigal brother” who recently returned and asked for forgiveness. Brenda also rejoiced because at work a co-worker listens to Christian music. Brenda's husband recently shared Christ with a fellow student who has lots of problems and invited him to church. The guy said that is exactly what he needs and promised to attend.


During our last trip of the month into Mexico, Sister Vicky told Jeanette she'd had a dream in which the follow words emerged: growth, revival, revelation, and miracles. The atmosphere seems set for all of those things. The young couple recently filled with the Spirit invited to church a couple that had a seriously ill child. When the parents went forward with the child for prayer and was surrounded by believers in prayer, the presence of God was so strong, so thick, that it seemed palpable. At the conclusion of the service, the church collected a substantial offering for them. We expect a great report on that child when we return, though the work of the Lord was already obvious, and the child's expression had changed from a look of fear and anguish on him at the beginning of the service to one of contentment when Jose spoke to him.


For the last weekend of the month, Jeanette had the privilege of speaking at Pleasant Hill Community Church in Kansas for Ladies' Day. Before heading to pick up an aunt in Erie to take to the meeting, Jeanette's mom suggested they stop by to say hi to an aunt and uncle who was recently saved and baptized at a “ripe age.” Despite being now bedridden with serious health issues, he says he no longer has the pain in his soul that he couldn't get rid of—thanks to Jesus! He said he now feels joy and feels like people like him more now that he has accepted Christ.


In addition to the thrill of being able to share the Word in the conference and testify of God's work in the ministry, it was also a blessing for Jeanette to be seated during the luncheon near a lady whom she hadn't seen for some 28 years. It was a great time of catching up. After a very successful conference, the family got together at a brother's house where Jeanette ran into cousins she hadn't seen in a while, including one she hadn't seen in over 40 years.


The following day, Jose and Jeanette worshiped at Pleasant Hill with family and enjoyed a meal with them afterward. Jose was also glad to fellowship and pray with Pastor Tony and some of the family. During the visit, the family had the opportunity to join together after the meal and pray for health needs, which was a particularly touching time. The entire trip was a great blessing.


What a great way to end the month! And God is so faithful that we can be sure that April will be a motive for great joy, as well, of which we will be sure to keep you informed. Thanks so much for your prayers and support! Happy Resurrection Day!


With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11

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