To begin our activities during our first trip of the month, we enjoyed a short time of fellowship with a young man in Victoria who told us that finally one of his buddies of the group he used to run around with has come to Christ and attends another church. Now there are two of them. He plans to reach the others with informal gatherings at his house every couple of weeks.


The next day, we headed to the cottage and then to Voz for the weddding of Clara and Vicente. They were married by law and had been together for 30 years, but not by the church, so the event was one of great joy. Just weeks before they knew there would be the wedding, both Vicente and his daughter dreamed they saw their whole family (parents, uncles, aunts, etc.) together in the church. And so it was, with the exception of the one sister who couldn't get a ride to the wedding. There was a total of approximately 60 people in attendance, including some we hadn't seen in years.


We were so blessed to have Javi, a past member, accompany the praise and worship team on the drums for the service and during the reception. During the reception, Ramona, at age 60, said that this was the first Christian wedding she had ever attended in her life. (It was only the 3rd at our church, and most likely only the 3rd ever to take place in the village.) And while Jeanette chatted with her, Ramona complained of being blind in one eye due to diabetes. Jeanette asked if she could lay hands on her, which she did with no apparent results at first. Then she prayed again, with one hand covering the good eye and holding up one finger in front of her with the other. Suddenly, the lady gasped. Jeanette asked, “What do you see?” She responded, “Your finger!” and began to praise the Lord with her hands raised up. Hallelujah! This lady and her husband used to attend services regularly when Pastor Tony served there before he went to be with the Lord, but said they lack transportation. Jeanette let the leaders know so that they could work something out to get the couple to church. As another testimony that took place at the wedding, a cake that would have served 10-12 was provided just the day before by someone who was unaware of the wedding, and with fruit added to it, it stretched to served everyone there—just a few of the many blessings of the wedding.


In one of the conversations, Vicente pointed out an elderly man in attendance and casually mentioned that he'd led him to Christ when he was in grave condition in the hospital last year. The man not only was saved, but was also healed.


One thing, however, was learned that concerns us: Chuy, an 11-yr-old boy who has attended services since he was old enough to walk, and usually on his own, is now living in Valles with his dad (?). We pray he find a loving congregation there so that he not fall prey to the world. It seems that almost every time a child gets to be around that age in the village of Voz, something happens, and we don't see them enter adolescence growing in the Church and serving the Lord.


The next day, we had the joy of officiating another wedding in Mante where 2 more couples exchanged their vows before the Lord, one of whom had been together for over 40 years and recently came to Christ. There were many family members of both couples in attendance who were not believers, so it was a wonderful opportunity to share the love of God with them.


During the fellowship, Nelly testified to us that doctors can no longer find the tumor they said was in her uterus. Sister Marta told us she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but boldly declares herself healed. She has been given three separate appointments to go in for surgery, but each time has been postponed for unknown reasons.


In the evening we met with the leaders in Victoria. They all have noted that the newly weds from the recent wedding “glow,” and many have become much more faithful to attend services and have shown a change in their demeanor and participation in the services and worship. In fact, one of the husbands has since invited a friend to attend, as well. In addition, his children are even better behaved. From what we have learned from this particular special ministry to couples, a pamphlet will soon be produced on why marriage before God is so important and beneficial.


We also began discussing our upcoming 16th annual convention to be held on Sunday, April 24th. After much deliberation, it was determined that we would have to hold it once again at the site where weekly services are held in Victoria, despite the limitations in space. But we believe the Lord has shown us how to proceed most efficiently. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for this very special event.


The following week during the discipleship class, we heard from several about their outstanding experience in ministering at a local hospital. Everyone played an important role in reaching the people. Samuel began worshiping in song when there was no one, and very soon there were many people drawn to them. Rocio shared the Word, and everyone in the group spread out and prayed for the people and leading many to Christ. Among them was one lady who accepted Christ after first refusing their offer. In fact, when the group was walking away headed for a convenience store at the end, she chased them down and asked for prayer. Some from the group prayed for people for the very first time and, though quite nervous at first, stepped out in faith and found the experience exhilarating. One couple who went ministered for the first time and were able to testify of their own experience of their son being healed. A lady who heard them asked for specifics of where to locate the church and said she would attend and give thanks when she was able. The total number of those receiving salvation has not been determined because there were so many involved simultaneously, but we know of 4 confirmed salvations.


A young lady from the congregation testified to Jeanette the next day of a friend's sister who was shot in the head and given no hope for recovery. Based on the doctor's report, the family made plans to donate the organs and prepared for the funeral. But this young believer encouraged her friend to stand in faith. Within one week, the patient was greatly improved: conscious and able to move!


As another testimony, another sister's grandmother is much improved since the church prayed for her healing. Another lady had a cyst measuring 5 cms. (about 2 inches), but after praying for her, it measures 5 mm (less than ¼ inch). Another lady who has been believing God for her family to come into the faith has just seen the daughter-in-law, son, and granddaughter begin attending services (several in a row now). By faith we know that her entire family will come into the Kingdom of God! On her way out, a young believer in whom the Lord has done a mighty work, told Jeanette that this was the first time that she attended service with the consent of her husband. He said, “Well, if it helps you, you should go, but don't expect me to go.” Jeanette reassured her that many have said the same thing and have come into the faith eventually.


The Victoria church has begun to communicate to each other through “What's Up,” an app., and pray for each other., covering each other in their travels and in all kinds of situations. So neat! Another thing that has thrilled us is that the youth group requested that adult members be invited to share their testimonies with them. So far about 4 or 5 have done that.


As always, our visit to see the congregation in Rio Bravo was a tremendous pleasure. The building looks great, and we can hardly wait for the grand opening. Willy and Omar also went that day to deliver materials for the roof of the expanded children's room. Willy also took advantage of his visit to lead us in sweet worship. Afterward, Jose and Jeanette greeted the people before making time for some testimonies. Sami, gave thanks for the Lord's supernatural protection on the road with her dad when a car nearly hit them. Chela gave thanks for deliverance from demonic oppression of a small child who went several days with no sleep. Afterward, the child said, “Jesus healed me! I'm no longer afraid because Jesus lives in my heart.”


Just days later, we returned to Victoria and attended the marriage class led this time by David and Paola. Originally, they were going to speak on nutrition and health since they are both physicians, but they felt led to speak on the roles of the spouses. Both received by the Spirit the same scriptures to use. They did a great job. Afterward, we spoke with Rosi and Mario who requested prayer for a couple in crisis in the village of Mariposas where they minister. The wife has been led to the Lord, but has not grown in the Word because she is illiterate. Interestingly, by the Spirit, Rosi and Mario were called forward for prayer a week before, and what was spoken over them was found to be necessary for that and another situation that they dealt with concerning a very contentious lady that they were asked to drop off an invitation for, a task they dreaded. But the Lord showed them how to minister to the lady and ended up talking with her for 2 hours. A cousin who was also there was led to the Lord that day. Rosi and Mario expressed their gratitude for the Spirit preparing them for that time during the previous service.


During the service the next day, we learned of a lady who showed up at the intercessory prayer group in much need of ministry, and they led her to the Lord. That lady attended Sunday service with her teen son and daughter who responded to the altar call at the end of the service and accepted Christ. All three embraced and cried together for some time. When they were done, their semblance was peaceful and glorious.


Also during the service, a young lady visiting from Matamoros asked if we had a church in her city. We replied, “Not yet, but we do in nearby Rio Bravo.” She enthusiastically received the information and asked how to get in touch with them. Her phone number was passed to some sisters of the congregation in Rio Bravo in order to guide her to the building.


The next day, we had the utter privilege of giving the brother of Pastor Tony a ride to the border where he had some papers to turn in. Just a few hours after we finally arrived home, Joshua's wife Tanya went into labor and gave birth the following day to a beautiful 6 pound, 8 ounce baby girl, just days before Resurrection Day. We praise God that both mother and baby are very well. What a great joy!


To finish the month, we were delighted to stay states-side to celebrate Resurrection Day with the new addition to the family. Meanwhile, Carlos ministered in Victoria to a good crowd, despite many of the regulars being out of town.


It was a wonderful month, full of rejoicing, and we give the Lord thanks for it.

Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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