The month began with lots of good reports, beginning with another successful trip to Urecho to visit the budding church. Isai and his wife of Voz were asked to accompany Roberto and Vicky of Victoria with the main objective being to find the person the Lord would indicate to be trained to play the guitar and lead the worship. They found the right man, someone just about the same age as Isai, who even resembles him quite a bit, and the two of them hit it off just great. The few days spent there were very effective to get him started in the right direction with the guitar placed in his hands. This is very similar to how Isai received his ministry of music in Voz.


In addition to accomplishing the mission of finding the person to train and lead in music, the two couples ministered to the congregation and provided very effective teaching to the young believers. They laid hands on a boy about 12 yrs. old, diagnosed with a very rare disease caused by a bacteria. acquired as an infant. They also prayed specifically for couples and led 3 people to Christ. Two people expressed interest in the ministry of praise and worship, and the children's teachers are asking for more materials. (This is great news because they had been supplied with very basic lessons, and are now ready for something deeper!)


One of the new believers in Urecho testified that she was needing a washer to wash the clothes for her large family. She prayed about it, and the Lord provided it by way of a neighbor who asked her to help around the house and offered to let her use her washer. The believer hadn't even asked for the use of it, nor had she discussed her need with the neighbor.


In order to make the trip, Isai and Karen had to leave their business in the hands of others for the days that would be away and make other arrangements. As leaders of the SuperBook Club in Voz, they moved the meeting ahead a few days because of the trip and were delighted that there were 18 kids attendance that day.


During the discipleship class in Victoria, Gaby testified that, after feeling poorly and waking up nightly at the same hour for several nights in a row, she recalled a word prayed over the congregation earlier regarding physical and spiritual oppression, and suddenly realized that she was free. Similarly, a word spoken over another sister was exactly what she needed when she later faced a crisis. She remembered it, and got the victory in the right time. Another testified that his recently saved brother just went to the U.S. to live with another brother who is not saved. For the trip, he took very few items, but made sure that among them he had his Bible. In such a short time since accepting Christ, he had realized the importance of the Word. He read the Word all the way there. We are sure that his stay with the yet-to-be-saved brother is a divine appointment.


A senior citizen in the Victoria congregation who has been saved for a few years was asked how her life has changed since she accepted Christ. She replied, “I no longer worry. I used to have stress headaches. I'm free now because my life is in His hands.”


When the yet-to-be-saved husband of a lady from the church in Victoria recently hurt his finger while hammering, he asked her to quickly quote scripture to ease the pain. He is getting close! She says that there are also other “messengers” who have been sharing Christ with him.


A farmer, friend of a member of the church in Victoria, recently sent the first fruits of his onion crop totalling several sacks to give out. That was a first for us!


Carlos told us that, to celebrate his recent birthday, his father-in-law took lots of meat and barbecued. So Carlos invited the praise and worship team and leaders of the church to join them. They all fellowshipped and began to sing praises that went on late into the night. What joy! How beautiful to experience spontaneous praise and worship with the brothers and sisters in Christ!


A couple asked to meet with Jose and Jeanette, and they braced ourselves because they knew of their difficulties and recent divorce. However, they were very pleasantly surprised to hear that the couple had reconciled and plan to re-marry. Praise the Lord!


At the monthly ladies' meeting, they laid hands on a young lady and she was instantly healed. Also, as testimony, a brother said that he had asked for prayer through FaceBook, and “faster than firemen,” the church responded to him. Praise God for unity and dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ!


When the young grandchild of someone in our church who lives with his family in a different state was told that they would move soon to another state, his response was, “I just need to ask you something: What's going to happen to our church here?” The parents assured him that they will find another church family to become a part of. This is thrilling because, just a few years ago, this family was in crisis and lost. But praise God, because of the intervention and faith of the couple that attends our church, their daughter and son-in-law and their children are saved and completely different now, rooted in church. What a blessing that this child appreciates his church and is concerned for the members.


During the second weekend, to cover more territory, Jeanette and Jose felt led to split up to minister. Jose and David went to Mante, while Jeanette stayed in Victoria and shared the Word. Both services went very well. Then they raced to the border to turn in their permits soon to expire, something that can be a little time-consuming, before crossing back to the states.


That same day, Willy and several guys from Edinburg went to Rio Bravo to get together with the men who had attended the marriage seminar recently held. Their objective was to develop a better relationship with the men who were not attending services regularly and encourage them to feel at home with the guys of the congregation. They suggested that the men of the congregation hold such fellowships frequently.


Jose and Jeanette returned to Rio Bravo a few days later to renew Jose's voter's registration card, a necessary document for the registration of the ministry. In order to be able to renew the registration card, Jose was required to present a recent electric bill from Mexico, but he did not have one on hand since they are kept at the cottage. Thankfully, the Lord led him to take a copy of the proof of paid property taxes (which the Lord also had to reveal where to find it among some papers), and the supervisor accepted it instead of the light bill.


Also, just as they had prayed, Jose and Jeanette received favor with authorities when crossing the bridge and obtaining new permits, both personal and for the vehicle. At first, because of a technicality, the vehicle permit was denied. This would have been a great inconvenience to resolve, but the supervisor abruptly changed his mind and gave the written order for the permit to be given.


During the last weekend of the month, Omar was asked to dedicate a baby in Rio Bravo, his first. The same day, Jose and Jeanette headed to the cottage to check on the property and the neighbors before heading to Victoria for the monthly marriage class which was led very effectively by Carlos and Vivi. After the meeting, a young man who has been saved for about 3 months spoke with Jose and told him that he had been instantly healed of fibramialgia upon entering the church for the first time in December. He said he was also delivered from depression. Earlier, he had also told Jeanette that he feels called to serve the Lord in ministry in some way yet to be divulged. We look forward to watching him grow in the Lord and be used mightily by Him.


Following the meeting, we were so blessed to find tables outside set for us by the watchman. He and his wife had prepared a meal for all who stayed after the meeting. To prepare a meal for a couple of people is one thing, but to prepare one for some twelve people... that's quite of bit of seed sown in the Kingdom!


The next morning, we prayed for several people at the end of the service, including an elderly lady who had fractured her hip. After prayer, she was able to raise her leg.


The month began with much attention focused on Urecho, and ended that way, too, though not as we would have wished. The patriarch of the family who had received Christ about a year ago and offered some of his land for the church building abruptly and unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord. Though the news was quite sad and shocking, the reaction of the body of Christ was motive for much rejoicing. An offering involving people from Edinburg, Rio Bravo, and Victoria, for Brother Oscar's travel expenses and funeral expenses was collected and arrangements were made to get it into his hands before his long trip by bus.


Brother Oscar is the son of the one who passed away. He, along with his wife, founded the church in Urecho, Impressively, hours after the funeral, Oscar held a church service and ministered to the members, taking advantage of the valuable time of his short visit before having to return to Rio Bravo to work. Thirty adults attended the service. We praise God for the comfort and strength that He provided Oscar and his family. We also are so very grateful for the close connection that the members there feel with Roberto and Vicky who have gone twice to minister there. There was constant communication between them after the tragedy. That closeness is a common characteristic between the members of the congregations of Cosecha Mundial (World Harvest).


And speaking of the closeness of the congregations, the Seventeenth Annual Convention is just around the corner! Plans are already in high gear for the event to be held in Victoria on the 30th of April. Your prayers regarding the transportation, provision, anointing to meet every need during the service, salvation for anyone who still hasn't made a decision for Christ, etc. would be greatly appreciated. It is sure to be a time of great joy, and we will tell you all about it in our next report.


With love in Christ,

Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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