Services were not held the first weekend due to the Swine Flu hysteria. However, the folks in Voz Campesina—along with Rosi and Mario Alvarez from Victoria-- worked around the law of no public gatherings of ten or more by meeting at Tomasa’s home instead of at the church to celebrate the Day of the Child.  (Officials would have frowned on that, but oh well).   
They had quite a crowd of children and adults, including Diana Reyes, the mother of an eight-year-old boy who had been praying for her salvation and saw her come to Christ that day. Two young teens also gave their lives to the Lord. We were very proud of the initiative and giving of the leaders. Out of their own pockets they provided for sixty hamburgers and all the trimmings, as well as boldly ministering to the people.
The following weekend Jose took some men from Rio Bravo with him to minister in Voz Campesina and Victoria and to have the time to fellowship with them. During the conversations, Jose learned that Don Tino, elder in Rio Bravo, will soon retire from his maintenance job and will have to wait eight months for his first pension check to come in. We trust that God is faithful during this time.
That same weekend it was learned that the car of Yail, a medical student attending our services in Victoria, was stolen. The believers came together and prayed, and just three days later, the car was recovered.
While ministering in Voz, Isaí, a young man serving the Lord there, expressed a desire to go full-time into the ministry, though he owes 30,000 pesos on his house. José encouraged him to be patient and to be debt-free before he quits his job. Just days later, his dad, not knowing about Isai’s desire, sold some land and gave him 15,000 pesos to help pay off his house. He will be a wonderful addition to the laborers once the Lord releases him to go into the ministry full-time. Even now he is such a blessing and really wants to learn, so much so that he took a bus to Victoria to spend time with Carlos and the praise and worship team and improve his music skills. He ended up spending the night there.
The congregation in Rio Bravo has begun the process to purchase the property where they hold services. (Thank God there is a lawyer in the church!) The owner told them that someone else had offered her more money in cash for it, but that she refused because she was delighted as a Christian to sell her property to a church.
During a leadership class at the cottage, we were thrilled to learn that the state governor had decided to give 10,000 pesos of building materials to each church, and ours was among the first recipients. And rumor has it that he wants to provide a Bible for every home. It seems that a good friend of his is a Christian. Who knows? Maybe the governor is, too.
Another testimony came from the recently widowed sister Consuelo Guerrero from Victoria. After we had prayed about her case, everything began to turn in her favor. She finally received a call from the authorities who are proceeding with the justice system.
Mirna, the sister who received Christ last month, asked Jeanette to please teach her to read the Bible. She has such a desire to learn, and arrives eagerly every week with Mirta to hear the Word.
The folks in the mission at Mante are also maturing and growing in the Word. They are now able to hold service even when the leaders can’t make it. They also attend on holidays when one would expect them to miss. On Mother’s Day, twenty showed up! One who attends was recently healed of a vision ailment and God resolved a legal problem for him. We expect that he and his wife will be invaluable to the ministry there, though they started off at “level zero.”
Salomon led yet another man to Christ at his business. What a gift he has for evangelizing!
He has not lost heart, despite recently losing a load of merchandise to highway robbers. The truck belonging to the company he ordered from was later recovered, but not the merchandise YET. Pray for justice! Salomon testifies that he was able to pay for the lost load and the new order to replace it without feeling the loss financially. Incidently, the business was also hit with electronic theft in their bank account. The authorities have said nothing could be done about that, but God is a God of justice!
During a recent trip, José and Jeanette had the opportunity to minister at the wake and funeral of the ninety-one-year-old father of one who attends church in Victoria. Just six weeks earlier she had led him to Christ, so it was not a grievous occasion.
The last week of the month was quite joyous. Willy and the group he plays with accompanied Jose to Mexico. They first ministered in Voz, and then went to Victoria where a special service was held to give thanks to God for Sister Dorita who was turning ninety and who just accepted Christ weeks earlier. It was a precious time in the Lord and a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with her extended family, though many of them have come into the faith recently.
The following day, the guys ministered in Mante and had a great time. José led a man to the Lord who said he had gone there just to check out the religion. A few months ago, his son was led to the Lord. What a wonderful way to end the month!
Thanks for your prayers and support!
Love in Christ,
                        José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team
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