Our month started off with great testimonies in Victoria.  Rafa testified that on the day of a professional exam, she felt terrrible due to high blood pressure and could hardly drive to get there.  She prayed, rebuking the enemy, and took the exam feeling fine.  Cristina thanked God for guidance on how to help her aged mother sleep during the night.  He gave her exactly what to do, and everyone got the necessary rest.  A new sister in Christ testified of how when she felt in the pit of darkness with an overwhelming problem, she called her co-worker Eric who referred her to Salomon and Laura.  They led her to Christ.  She said she was slow to start attending church, but the Holy Spirit convicted her, and she obeyed.  Then the great problem that had been weighing on her was miraculously solved.   We were also glad to hear that an expectant mother's blood sugar was in normal range after we prayed for her.

The following week Victoria celebrated Mother's Day by having the youth/young adults take the whole service, complete with praise and worship, specials, surprises, and a great luncheon in honor of the mothers.  What was especially a blessing was to see mothers and family members of our youth/young adults who wouldn't normally attend service.  Some of them had actually been hostile to the Gospel up until then.  Some commented afterward that they really enjoyed the service and it was very different from what they had imagined and that they would be back.  God uses these special events to bring people into the Kingdom.

While Jeanette stayed behind to attend the Harvest Christian Academy's graduation ceremony, Jose was accompanied by Omar to minister in Voz and Victoria.  As they left Voz, they planned on picking up some chicken at a local convenience store for supper, but the store had sold out of it.  The nearby restaurant was closed, so they prceeded to the only other restaurant around to order take-out.  After putting in the order, Jose turned and noticed an altar dedicated to "La Santisima Muerte" (the "most holy death").  Immediately his spirit was repulsed, and he cancelled the order, thinking they were going to have to fast since it is considered unwise right now to travel to Llera by night.  Then he remembered another small restaurant just down the road.  There, they ate to their full at a good price and enjoyed conversing with a young teen who worked there who had remembered Jose from when she was a little kid attending services in Voz.  Now she attends a church in Victoria.  That was a much better place to eat!

During the week, Karina called and asked Salomon and Laura to pray for her uncle who'd had a stroke.  They went and first led him to Christ, then prayed for his recuperation.

During the last trip of the month, we were thrilled to see God move greatly in a ladies conference held in Voz by some of the leaders of Victoria.  When Jeanette approached them with the vision for the conference which was to reach out to the community there and bring them to Christ, and also to build up the ladies of the church, several immediately offered to provide invitations and other materials for the conference.  Others agreed to minister by music and teaching.  There was marvelous unity as everyone pitched in for the event both in Voz and Victoria.  Even the men worked hard by helping set up and providing a picnic cook-out at the nearby river following the service.

Jeanette had on her heart to believe God for fifty women from the village to attend.  It seemed like a great stretch of faith considering there are only about twelve women in the congregation in Voz.  But to be on the "safe side," sixty-four chairs were set out.  The room filled quickly.  Afterwards, subtracting the number of those from Victoria, the total came to FIFTY-THREE ladies!  What's marvelous is that the ladies in Voz moved past their inhibitions and each invited at least five women, using the invitations that were provided by a sister in Victoria.

The theme was "Mujer Integra", which dealt with how to be a complete woman.  The topics presented started with "Knowing Christ", "Obedience in Baptism," "Intimate Relationship with God," "Growing in Faith," and "Special Women's Issues."  These topics were chosen to reach even the women who had not accepted Christ and guide them through the keys to being a woman complete in Him.  Many of the presenters had never done so at a conference, but it didn't show as they flowed under the anointing beautifully.  To conclude the service, they, and others from Victoria prayed for the many who went forward to make decisions. At least one woman accepted Christ. 

Following the service, the women were led to the river where the men had a meal prepared.  There, they were given the opportunity to first be baptized in response to what was taught.  Eight women took that step of faith, two of which had gone years avoiding baptism out of fear.  One of those ladies went forward for prayer at the end of the service and confessed her fear.  She was prayed for and was then able to boldly go for it. 

We thank God for moving in such a powerful way, providing plenty of materials and laborers, and for causing the heat to be bareable.  We were told that earlier that day the heat was oppressive as it usually is in Voz.  We asked God for a gentle breeze, and He provided.

The next day while we ministered in Victoria along with the praise and worship team from Voz (A great relationship has been formed between the church in Voz and the one in Victoria.), Carlos and Vivi led the service in Mante.  They later reported that the service was explosive with an Acts 2 atmosphere.  People were praying for one another and giving each other words from the Lord.  The attendance is up there, and the people have made plans to begin training up a praise and worship team.  We also feel it definitely is time to find a more permenant place to hold services.  At this point they are being held at Araceli and Beto's home.  Speaking of Beto, the Lord has taken him through a very serious problem at work and caused him to be victorious only by the grace of God.  He believes he will be  transferred soon to the state where he lives, and most likely to Victoria, which is what has been our desire and his for the benefit of the Kingdom. 

What a marvelous way to end the month!

Yours in Christ,

José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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