Our month started off with a bang with Joshua and Tanya's wedding which, despite some hiccups, turned out beautifully. We really appreciated all the hands that were involved in making it a success, all the people who traveled near and far to bless us with their presence, and all the gifts that were abundantly given to the couple. The love manifested through natural and church family was overwhelming.


For the first service in Victoria, Pepe preached in our stead while we wrapped up the weekend of the wedding with family before sending them back to Kansas. We thank God that He has provided very reliable and anointed leaders who are quite capable in all the churches to hold service and minister to the needs of the people.


We had to stay “States-Side” the following weekend, as well, to attend Harvest Christian Academy's graduation ceremony. In Victoria, the church celebrated Mother's Day with a “coffee break” and flowers for the mothers. During the service, Carlos ministered, and four people accepted Christ. Meanwhile, David and Mario ministered in Mante, and all went very well. The other churches made Mother's Day memorable with a special meal and nice gifts presented to the mothers.


The following weekend, Carlos and Vivi went to Mante to baptize Jose de Jesus, a new convert. While they were there, we held the leadership class in Victoria. There was great participation during the discussion and prayer for each other. We prayed for Rosi who had pain in her arm and couldn't raise it. While praying, there was a “pop,” and she was able to lift it without any discomfort.


During the meeting, we also heard testimonies:

- All the members of Eric and Pepe's Grupo de Alcance (GDA, outreach group) now attend church services.

-Lucero has begun a GDA with employees after work.

-Chano has learned to put God first and pray about needs at work instead of fretting. He said at a recent big catering job, he had fewer workers, but it was as if God had multiplied the laborers.

-Tere said she saw a man was going to hit her son and intervened by faith. Then she saw the man was about to hit her. She instantly remembered “Greater is He that lives in me than He that is in the world,” and said, “I rebuke you, satan, in the name of Jesus!” He stopped and walked away.

-Rocio's GDA at her house is going well. Her dad attends and has changed dramatically. He speaks like a renewed man, testifies to nephews, friends, and everyone he can. This is absolutely shocking to Rocio's mother. She never imagined that her large, macho husband would ever change.

-Rocio G. and Karina's GDA is now at the point where most of the ladies in attendance now are able to share the Word.


We also learned that Pepe has been invited to minister to the local police force in Victoria, taking turns with other ministers in the area. We are thrilled at the opportunity. The commander has the policemen report for the meeting and stand at attention. He has told them to be grateful for the Word that is shared and the prayers spoken over them to cover them during these challenging times. We are grateful that the commander would see the spiritual need for this and accept the help of local ministers.


The following day we ministered for the first time this month in Victoria. Afterward, a lady approached Jeanette to request prayer and counsel. Jeanette told her that no counsel would produce permanent results unless she is born again. So right there she accepted Christ. Then, after prayer, she was able to receive counsel and Word from the Lord. This lady's main concern was for her eighteen-yr-old son and daughter whose lives indicate they also need Christ. Jeanette assured her that the Lord will bring them into the Kingdom of God, too. All she needs to do is continue to grow in the Word and trust God.


Another mother spoke with Jeanette to testify that her son had been traveling when he found himself on the highway between two opposing gangs about to get in a shoot-out. One of those guys saw him and had concern for his safety. He made room for him to pass and told him to get out of the danger before it all began. Consideration for innocent bystanders is unheard of.


The following weekend we enjoyed our visit with the brothers and sisters in Voz. They had very positive things to comment about the recent convention when we asked for feedback:


-Everything was well-organized, and they appreciated being seated with people from other congregations. (The ushers devised a way to seat people in such a way that they congregations would not all sit with their own at the tables.) Others mentioned enjoying the fellowship with people from other congregations.

-There was more unity among all the brothers and sisters in Christ.

-The children from Voz made friends and played with kids from other congregations.

-One lady was healed of head and body pain, even though there was no altar call or laying on of hands. She said she went for healing and received it purposely by faith. Another was healed of pain the her hands.

-One lady had tests prior to the convention showing a brain tumor, but afterward, the test was repeated because the couple stood in faith, and it was gone.

-Another person testified of being set free from stress and pressure.

-Another left “full of the Word” and quoted one of the scriptures that impacted her.

-The praise and worship was beautiful/anointed. Someone specifically mentioned how impressive the opening song was.

-They enjoyed the special songs that the Andrade family sang together.


The following day we headed to Mante where Jose officiated in a multiple marriage ceremony. Five couples participated, most of whom had never been married even by civil judge, including a couple that had been together for about forty years. One couple chose to renew their vows since they were now both in Christ and could now stand before the Lord in faith and understanding. It was a joyous occasion, though another couple should have been included, but backed out. (Oh how the enemy hates faith-based weddings and opposes them with pressure on the couples!) The wedding was very elegantly organized by the members of the church, and about 125 people were present for it.


One of the new converts in Mante said that she didn't know how to read the Bible, but every time she opens it to read, it is like God is speaking directly to her and meeting her needs. Praise God that He is the Good Shepherd and He leads her to green pastures for good food!


While we were in Mante, Pepe preached in Victoria. There was a very good turn-out, and we were very pleased to learn that an elderly member brought three friends with him as visitors.


Our church in Victoria was recently asked to participate in a prayer chain where, on a particular day and time, all churches would simultaneously pray for Victoria, a city experiencing violence and pressures. What a great idea! This took place during the last week of the month.


Our month began with a wedding and ended with our monthly marriage class in Victoria followed by a premarital session with Paola and David, a couple to be married in July. This is definitely one couple we are thrilled to bless in holy matrimony. They both love the Lord and are very helpful in their service to Him.


God continues to do great things in His Kingdom, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We thank all who share in this joy.

In Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

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