It will be difficult to condense this month's activities and testimonies to a couple of pages. There is so much to report! The Lord is doing great and mighty things for and through His Church!


The beginning of the month began with a baby dedication of twins in Victoria. The mother's pregnancy started off rocky, so it was a great joy to present them before the Lord at the age of one. The entire service was seasoned with the message of the Gospel, and many family and friends in attendance seemed to enjoy the service and receive from the Lord. This service was filmed, so it is the message that keeps on giving and has the potential to affect lives even years later.


During the fellowship, one sister expressed great joy because her husband who still hasn't come entirely into the faith yet asked his son-in-law, a Christian, several questions about what he observed during our recent convention, and the son-in-law, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, knew exactly how to respond, and without any intimidation. We thank God that the man is seeking and pondering this life in Christ, and we know that he who seeks, finds.


There were several testimonies of the Lord touching people and meeting their needs from last month's convention. In Rio Bravo, every single one who attended went forward during their service following the convention and had things to glorify God for concerning their experience at the convention. All of Mante's and Voz's congregations also returned rejoicing. And a man from Victoria who has never been very expressive made it a point to tell Jose how much he received when Pastor Max laid hands on him. With tears in his eyes, he said he felt a surge of power go through him, and he was strengthened. Another sister, impacted by the messages of the convention and the scripture Isaiah 54:14, said she felt it is time for her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) to go beyond the walls of the house where they meet and visit the needy and pray for the sick, and lead people to the Lord. They have already begun and have seen results.


In talking with a young man before discipleship class, he said he had been going through a really rough patch since breaking up with his girlfriend of many years. While jogging one day, feeling really low, he said he heard the audible voice of the Lord say, “Peace, be still! You have the victory!” Though he wasn't sure just what the victory entailed, he said he was immediately at peace. He realized he was in God's hands and was able to release all the pain and aggravations and has been at peace ever since.


We also rejoiced in several healings throughout the month. One lady who had been burned by an exploded water heater was healed quickly from the injuries. She says she has been attacked in several ways, but the Lord has delivered her from them all. Her brother is also improving from a condition. Cysts found in the breasts of two ladies were prayed for and later declared benign. Rocio's GDA prayed for Dacia, a member in the hospital who has a disease since birth that effects the kidneys and bladder. Her condition improved and she was released from the hospital. However, we continue praying for her that she would receive from the Lord new kidneys and a new bladder. Rodrigo prayed for a sick baby who was healed and released from the hospital. A lady suffering from liver disease and given up by the doctors was released from the hospital and attended church to give thanks. Another the church had prayed for who was suffering from thyroid disease and depression returned the following week looking vibrant. Before prayer she hadn't eaten for 20 days. After prayer she was able to eat very well. She and her husband testified of her recovery before the whole church. Another lady showed up to church feeling very ill with pain in her abdomen and vomiting blood. We laid hands on her and continued with the service. She was instantly better and able to stand with the congregation to sing and even smiled during the message whereas before the service, she couldn't lift her head and speak.


In answer to prayer from one week to the next, the son of a member returned to church after missing for several weeks. She'd been very concerned for him as he has displayed no motivation to do anything and appeared depressed.


The Lord really blessed us one evening in the discipleship meeting in Victoria that had to be moved due to a power outage to a room adjacent to a party which tends to be quite loud. However, while speaking to the group and praying, there wasn't even the faintest sound of the people next door. Later, the music could be heard only slightly until the meeting was over. During the meeting, as led by the Spirit, several people were prayed for. One sister who was feeling quite tired received instant strength by the laying on of hands. A young man said that the word given by the Spirit to him matched his situation exactly. Another said he had been feeling great anxiety which was affecting his sleep. After prayer, he was free.


Often times, questions come up in the congregations regarding loved ones. In one particular instance, an unsaved sister told a member that a dead relative is demanding a party. This didn't “check” in the spirit of a young believer, but she asked about it. She was congratulated for her discernment and reassured that the dead relative could not communicate with anyone. In addition, she was advised as to how to minister to the unsaved sister.


Another lady asked what to do about a husband who worships la Santisima Muerte(most holy death/grim reaper). It was a great opportunity to give a quick lesson on who we are in Christ and that there is no need to fear because the Greater One lives in her. She was also taught about the authority of the believer over evil. By the end of the conversation, she was thrilled by the good news.


Rio Bravo's congregation celebrated the Day of the Children and had 30 kids present, including those from Chela's GDA. In addition, several mothers attended, too. It took 2 trips in the car to bring them all from her distant neighborhood. Her GDA now has 25 children!


A lady in Rio Bravo whom Dona Maria led to the Lord attended last month's ladies' meeting and then started attending services faithfully. She then took her son who, on another occasion, rode his bike to go to the service when his mother couldn't go. The church must be offering what they need!


Monthly ladies' meetings now take place in Rio Bravo, Mante, and Victoria and are going very well (not to mention the one in Spanish held in Edinburg, as well). We also expect that very soon, meetings will begin in Voz, following the dynamic format that has been adapted in the other congregations.


On the 8th, Omar and Miranda took Cynde, Sandra, her mother Elida, and Jeanette in their van to attend a special ladies' meeting to celebrate Mother's Day in Rio Bravo. Cynde took one of her famous desserts, Sandra led the ladies' in song, Jeanette shared a message for the mothers and daughters, and Miranda, along with Dona Maria and Jeanette, assisted in praying for the ladies who went forward. During the meal, several ladies shared testimonies of God's faithfulness. It was a sweet time in the Lord, but much too short. Hastily hugging on as many as possible, we had to rush back before the international bridge closed.


The next day, Jose and Jeanette headed to Voz Campesina. Though the building was stifling hot, it was great to worship with the believers and see the praise and worship team doing well. Julio showed great improvement on the drums, and Karen surprised us by playing the key board with commanding ability. Later that month during another visit, Karen was on the drums, Julio on the bass, and Isai on the guitar. There is such an anointing to teach people to play new instruments! We expect others to be added to the team along the way.


We were so glad to hear that Isai has great favor where he works. They recently laid off several people and reduced production, but the bosses did not want to lose Isai, so they moved him to another position.


On Mother's Day, Jose and Jeanette celebrated with the brothers and sisters in Mante. The youth had staged a beautiful photo set for the mothers and children to pose for pictures. They also presented a video montage of photos of the moms and kids. Following the service there was a delicious (as always) meal, great fellowship, and gifts for the mothers.


Before the service, Jose and Jeanette met with core members to discuss how the congregation in Mante will now proceed under the leadership of Carlos who will visit every two weeks. The Lord has given us specific direction regarding structure in our congregations that will bolster unity and raise up more leaders along the way, following the model that has been in place in Victoria which has been of great blessing. The manner in which the Holy Spirit led Jose to present this can only be described as anointed, amazing grace as he explained it using scriptures. This model has also been implemented in the other congregations this month, as well.


During the altar call, the husband of a faithful member who had told Jose directly 4 years ago that he “did not believe that stuff,” walked forward and received Christ. An elderly lady who had attended for the first time also was saved. Several others were prayed for to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit.


On our way back, it was great to see a sign put up by believers in Limon declaring that Christ lives in Limon.

(!Cristo Vive En Limon!) Then, at a check point, a soldier asked what we were doing in Victoria, considering “the danger.” Jose told him we were preaching the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit. He seemed familiar with the expression. Jose asked if he knew the Gospel, and he said his grandfather would take him to church as a child, though he admitted he was not a Christian. Jose gave him a New Testament with tracts and one for his partner. The seed sown in his childhood just got watered. Later in the month, another soldier was given a New Testament after expressing great desire to hear more about the Word and asking if we had a church in Matamoros (where he is from?) --Not yet, but who knows in the future! This man seemed ripe to receive Christ.


In Victoria, a sister couldn't wait to testify of how the Lord has used her. Tearfully, she said, “The Lord is so good to me! He hears the cries of my heart. At the funeral of a lady whom I had just led to the Lord before she died of cancer, I longed for the family to know that she is fine now.” Just then, a family member tapped her on the shoulder and said, “You are the one who should speak on behalf of the family.” Though trembling and wishing one of the church's ministers were there to do it, she knew exactly what to say. Later, she led a girl from the family to Christ. In addition, a boy about 8 yrs. old that she had been ministering to begged her for a Bible, which she gladly provided.


Also in Victoria, an alcoholic cousin of a believer asked for help saying, “I can't go on like this anymore.” She led him to the Lord and put him in the hands of Pepe and the GDA for guys. Please pray for him so that he will be able to attend church services as the schedule of his job does not permit it at this time (either a new job or new schedule!)


During a discipleship class, a couple from Victoria expressed much gratitude for the closing of a bar that they had to drive past daily which was known for being a “vipers' nest” where very dangerous people would hang out. Another sister testified that since coming to Christ, the Lord has provided for her miraculously. When she needed new shoes and went shopping, she returned discouraged because of the prices, but someone later gave her new shoes. Another testified that the Lord has provided her with a better job. She declared that as one of God's righteous ones, she should have a better job, and got it. Another lady said that the Lord “healed” a flat tire and rim, sparing her the expense of replacing the damaged ones. A brother tewstified there were men approaching him who obviously had bad intentions, but all the sudden backed up. He said, “They saw the One who defends me!” Though all these testimonies are wonderful, there have been others even more moving when the believers have expressed their immense love for the Word and its impact on their lives.


The sister of a member told Jose at the end of her first visit to our service, “I have lived a life of condemnation. Now I understand what my sister has been trying to tell me about our righteousness being in Him. There's now no more condemnation.” Tearfully, she said, “I''m free.”


One of our sisters in Victoria was hit by a drunk driving a truck, but thankfully, the damage was only to the back of her vehicle, and though he ran away, the authorities quickly caught him. Most notably, she gives thanks because her daughter Sofi was supposed to be with her, but, because a neighbor friend had insisted that she wanted to play with her, the parents changed the plans. Also, just a day before, a 3-yr-old friend of hers was praying and was adamant about praying for Sofi to be safe.


A sister fairly young in the Lord invited a lady in much need to church. This lady had physical ailments and great financial need. Her husband had left her to raise their children alone a few years earlier, and things have been tough. During her visit, she was first led to the Lord, given a Bible along with a quick instruction on how to read it, and prayed for the symptoms in her body. The church also moved quickly to provide her with items to sell in the flea market, something she had been doing until she ran out of merchandise. The following week, she returned by taxi (since she had no ride available—thank God she had the funds provided the previous week!) and expressed gratitude for the items donated for her to sell. After calling on the Lord, He also blessed her with a scholarship for her son to study, and someone else donated some shoes for her to sell. She no longer carried the spirit of poverty on her, and she looked completely free. This time her only prayer request was for her son who suffers from anxiety. The lady who had invited her told her that she was in the exact same condition when she came to Christ, and now her life has been radically changed. She also invited another couple to church who has been experiencing problems. The wife went forward for prayer and was later both were given a Bible to read together.


Toward the end of the month, we stopped by Rio Bravo again on our way back from Victoria and had a nice time of worship and fellowship with the congregation. Chela told us a cute story of a 5-yr.-old boy who attends her children's GDA. In her living room he noticed a family photo that did not include him, and since he had felt so much a part of the family, it really bothered him that he was not in the photo. So he went home, found a picture of himself and cut the face out, and then placed it together with the photo of the family.


The children in this GDA know several memory verses by heart and are quick to request prayer for family issues and school concerns. They are very able to pray together, thanks to the quality teaching they have received. Many of them now attend the church services, as well, and in their play time at home they play “church,” complete with the musicians and preacher!


The son of a long-time member has been on drugs, and his mother a few weeks ago called Dona Maria frantic in the middle of the night to help deal with him as he was out of his mind. She went over and cast the demon out of him, and he vomited froth until he finally came back to his senses. The next night he acted out again, but Dona Maria rebuked the evil, lying spirit, and he has not done drugs since.


During our last trip in for the month, we first headed to Voz where Jose met with the leaders while Jeanette shared the Word with the rest of the congregation. Meanwhile, the leadership in Victoria led the monthly marriage class which went very well. As we arrived to Victoria, the meeting was ending. Some 35 people in attendance all came out really beaming from a very anointed and dynamic meeting. Following that meeting, we met with the assistants about a new lawyer to handle the ministry registration. (The previous lawyer accomplished nothing and cost much, though we are grateful now that he did not advance much since major changes need to be made in the structure of the organization.) We can see the light at the end of this tunnel and look forward to the completion of the process as a launching pad for several plans for the ministry (stay tuned!).


Happy Father's Day!


With love in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11


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