We always look forward to the first trip following the convention because the atmosphere is still filled with the joy of the event, and the comments of the people are always thrilling. We first returned to Victoria where one sister excitedly asked how to get more of a particular booklet that she picked up at the convention for the benefit of her friends and family. There were many more positive comments that confirmed the impact of the event.


In addition to the effects of the convention, the Lord is working in hearts through other activities. An elderly brother told Jeanette that he heard reference to Isaiah 54:14 in a movie that he recently saw and reacted with great joy to it as if he'd never heard it before. Weeks later, he was still talking about the effectiveness of that verse. It is wonderful to see the Word working mightily in the people's hearts.


During the altar call of a service in Victoria, a young couple came forward for prayer after a member from the church had just led them to accept Christ. The Lord continued doing a work in their hearts and ministering to their needs which they expressed to Him in their own words and received whole-heartedly with lots of tears, smiles, and hugs. There were several others who went forward that day for prayer for healing and liberation.


Also that day, we had the privilege of meeting the sister and parents of a young lady who is member of our church. This sister had been kidnapped and beaten just days before. Still bearing on her body signs of the terrible abuse, she attended our church to give thanks to the Lord for having rescued her and to the congregation for having prayed for her. At the end of the service, time was spent with her and her family, praying for their complete healing and restoration. Her main request was for peace in her heart and healing from the trauma. As we prayed for her, she was instantly set free and her semblance completely changed to reflect the deliverance that the Lord performed in her. She and her family have continued attending ever since that day.


While we were in Victoria, Raul was in Mante ministering where he was asked to dedicate a baby. As he returned to Victoria, we headed to Rio Bravo's service and we rejoiced with Oscar and Chela who recently returned from another successful trip to Queretaro where they held their first “official” service with 18 adults and 15 kids in attendance. There were 9 more people who accepted Christ on this trip!


Sister Mari, also of Rio Bravo, recently emailed a testimony of God's divine protection and intervention. To make a long story short, at the very place where she would have been, an electrical line and pole had fallen and caught fire, filling the surrounding area with smoke as the cable hissed and whipped around. She listed several other people who would have been harmed by it, but the timing of it prevented children from being trapped on one side of it or being hit by it as it fell and others who would normally have passed by at that precise time. Several people were delayed by divine intervention, protecting them from great injury or death.


A group from Victoria visited hospitals again to pray for the sick and their family members, as is their custom every month. (The congregation in Mante also ministers in the hospital bimonthly.) In addition to worshiping in music and sharing the Word to the crowd that gathers, they offer food, beverages, and kits made up of hygiene items, a pamphlet on healing, and New Testaments to people who often spend weeks away from home with no resources. When speaking about their experiences in ministering to the people, their eyes literally light up with joy.


The following week, we arrived at the cottage in the village La Purisima, greeted by the thick aroma of the various blossoming fruit trees that made us feel so blessed to be where the Lord has sent us. We only stayed long enough to greet the neighbors and change to drive to Voz for the service there. It was a very effective service followed by a nice meal and fellowship. In the children's class, a little girl named Lluvia entered and immediately asked Jeanette to pray for her swollen glands (which she called “mumps”) before the class began, which, of course she did. (Interestingly, her mother had treated her by applying mashed tomatoes to the swollen glands.) Later, Lluvia said she no longer felt any pain, and the swelling was down.


After our time with the brothers and sisters of Voz, we returned to the cottage for the night. The nocturnal sounds of nature and the cool breeze though our open windows lulled us to sleep for a very pleasant rest before heading to Mante the next morning. The trip to Mante is always enjoyable as we drive through the winding mountainous roads skirted by very lush, tropical vegetation.


Even more enjoyable is our precious time with the congregation in Mante. As in the case of the other congregations, Mante rejoiced in knowing that the church in Queretaro is becoming established, and many expressed the desire to one day be sent to visit the new brothers and sisters in Christ. During the service, we prayed for several needs. One lady's pain instantly left her leg. Others were relieved of burdens of the heart and stress. One lady later testified to Jeanette that in the convention she won a prize that was exactly what she needed. She rejoiced that the Lord sees her and knows her every need, even to the smallest details.


On our way back to the U.S., we had what is extremely rare for us: a flat tire (one of only about a handful in the 20 years of coming and going). Just as Jose pulled over, as if it was waiting for us, an “angel verde” (green angel, Mexico's free road-side service), pulled up beside us and helped air the tire to get us to a shop at a nearby town. Instead of being annoyed by the inconvenience, we actually rejoiced because we knew that the delay was actually for our advantage and that the Lord had provided for us divinely.


The next trip in, before joining the others in the discipleship class, Jeanette met with a young wife who was experiencing a crisis in her marriage. The next day during the service, there seemed to be more intense tension in both, but by the end of the service, the Holy Spirit worked in such a way that we knew we were witnessing the healing of a marriage before our very eyes. We were also so very blessed to see five people go forward to accept Christ that day.


An elderly couple, friends of a member of the church in Victoria, sheepishly entered the building before service the following week, telling Jeanette that they had come to give thanks for the healing of their son from cancer. Our brother had promised them that the congregation would pray for him, and they wished to express their gratitude. Standing before the church, they tearfully thanked them for their prayers, and the husband also commented that he felt something very special there: much love and brotherhood, joy, and the presence of God. He ended by saying they for sure would be back, and they, indeed, returned for subsequent services in which they made the happy discovery that they happen to know several people who belong to the church.


We returned the following week to be interviewed by a couple of ladies from Victoria for a pamphlet on our testimony of our marriage they are preparing to be offered around the time of our anniversary. Meanwhile, Carlos and Vivi led the marriage class scheduled for that day.


Four babies were dedicated to the Lord during the next day's service! Afterward, we had the privilege of baptizing 5 people ranging from 9 years old to 75. We also heard from a sister that she got a job that we had prayed about which will be a great blessing to her family since they have been facing financial difficulties.


Regarding a recent hail storm that hit Victoria, we were so pleased to hear the testimonies of many who expressed how the Lord had preserved the members and their properties. We were especially impressed with the faith of a little boy, age 4, who was in the back seat of the car when the storm hit. Running very low on gas, the mother was concerned about whether to continue and where to take shelter. The child spoke up and said, “Lord, just as you split the sea, split this storm so we can go by.” As he said that, the Lord showed them a place to drive into for shelter, and there was no harm to their vehicle. We are so very glad that this boy at such a young age knows to reference the Word in tough situations. (He and his little brother read with their parents from a children's Bible nightly.) Neither the vehicles of some ladies from church, nor the windows of a Christian-owned restaurant where they found themselves praying together during the storm were effected in any way, despite the pelting sounds of hail.


It has been a very good month! To God be all the glory and honor as we have the immense privilege of reporting just a part of all the wonderful things He does. (And June is already shaping up to be glorious!)


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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