It is only the end of May, and we have already seen fulfilled in many ways the word of the Lord that was spoken over World Harvest Training Ctr. and the related ministries. As a reminder, it was the following:


2017, an EPIC year for Cosecha Mundial, full of delightful occurrences that to many may seem quite surprising, but can really be expected because of the harvest that is due for having sown much seed (seeds of the Word, finances, effort, etc.) The occurrences will be especially notable because of the difficult circumstances of the world. Just as Isaac sowed in a time of great famine and reaped one hundred fold, we can expect a great harvest this year (Gen. 26:12-13). Also, for many from whom the enemy has stolen, their losses will be restored to them. As the Church stands firm in faith, we will witness many, many marvelous things.


The Lord says that there will be through each of you great signs and wonders because the end of the world draws near. The Lord says, “I will raise up a Body that believes me, a people that is firm and confident; my power will be perfected in those that believe in my Word, in those that have fought the battle of faith, that the have cast away the desires of this world and have sought my Word. They will be established strong and through them many will be saved, many will be edified, delivered, healed. Great miracles, says the Lord, when my glory covers this earth, they will shine, and by them I will be glorified because they are my children and have believed, and they have not left me. Great miracles there will be through each one of you, says the Lord. Wait and see my word (come to pass) that I have spoken.


Though this month has presented many challenges, we rejoice in all the wonderful things that the Lord has done. It began with a very effective time spent by 3 sent to Urecho: Brother Oscar from Rio Bravo and Brother Roberto and his wife Vicky from Victoria. They spent 3 days ministering in the homes, and in the services Oscar met with the men, Roberto with the kids, and Vicky with the ladies. The ladies were so hungry for the Word that the meeting went quite long, and there were many questions that they had for Vicky. In the children's group, the most common question posed for Roberto was, “When are you coming back?” At this point, because of the distance, we are trying to send a team once a month. However, we are also praying about sending a couple for an extended period of a month or so.


Meanwhile, the wheels of the ministry continue spinning in the 4 other congregations and other groups. Carlos took a new disciple to accompany him to Mante where another man came to Christ this month. And in Rio Bravo a crippled lady was healed.


On our way to Voz the following week, we heard noises in the van, so Jose dropped Jeanette off at the cottage and went to get the van checked out with a local mechanic who was thrilled to see Jose after so many years. After catching up on the news, including some hard things that his family has faced due to the challenges of the country, he gave Jose excellent service and discovered the problem and quickly resolved it at no charge (though Jose blessed with a good tip). The problem could have been a very serious one had it not been detected so early, so we give the Lord thanks for getting us to the cottage and to the mechanic in time.


With the van fixed, we continued on our way to the service in Voz where we spoke to the few present (there was a party going on the in the village) regarding vision for the future. Since the convention was still fresh on our minds, it was great to hear feedback from them. Vicente said that he had gone a day early to “round up” his family in Victoria, including his mother who was our initial contact in the village, so that they would attend.


The next day we headed to Mante after being blessed with an all-night, refreshing rain that dropped the temperature about 25 degrees, making our sleep on the cots a very pleasant one. Also seemingly grateful for the rains were the parrots and other charming birds who greeted us at sunrise. The drive through the lush, scenic route to Mante was delightful, as usual. Unfortunately, the temperature returned to its normal 100 plus degrees for the trip home.


While in Mante, we had the privilege of celebrating Mothers' Day with the congregation after the regular service. During the meal, a couple in crisis approached Jose for help. He ministered to them while their 11-yr-old son looked on. Taking advantage of a short moment of distraction, Jeanette took him aside and ministered to the boy, leading him to Christ just before his parents tearfully resigned from their way of living and received Christ and His new life in them. Hallelujah! A family regenerated in Christ!!!


As often is the case, leaders in the congregations take advantage of the our visit to ask questions. This time, Araceli asked about how to share at funerals because she was recently asked to minister at the funeral of a person who was not a member of our church. Seeing the opportunity to sow seeds of the Gospel, she and some others from the congregation went by faith and led by the Spirit, having never had such an experience. She was given some pointers, but was also referred to Sister Mari of Rio Bravo who has had that experience several times and has led many to Christ through such circumstances.


We gave a ride to a sister who was returning to work to Victoria and chatted all the way there, taking advantage of the valuable time to disciple her. Jose gave her a very concise lesson on prayer, a topic that came up because she needs a job in Mante to avoid the inconvenience of having to spend days away from her home. She also expressed the need to see her sister-in-law come to Christ; thus, the discussion on prayer.


While we were in Mante, there was standing room only in Victoria! The need to split the children and add another group became quite obvious. Thirty-five children in one class is too much! This is a very good problem to have. We thank God that there is space for the new group and the Lord is adding more teachers, though we could always use more.


Mari of Rio Bravo emailed a sweet testimony of how the Lord blessed her and her family in situations before the convention, during, and after. Her son Tony received his mechanical engineering degree and has been working since last October. They recently sent him to Guadalajara for training, all expenses paid. Since his parents expected him to return the very day that the rest of the family were to leave for the convention, they decided to leave the windows and the back door of the house open with only the screen door shut and the patio light on. While in Victoria at the convention, Tony called to say that the flight was postponed, and later it was canceled; he would have to spend the night in the airport. They had never left the house open and unattended, but they went to bed trusting God for angelic protection for their son and their house. The next morning Mari got up to shower at 6 AM, and all of the sudden she was hit with a pain in her chest and anxiety concerning her son. Wanting to run out of the shower, in a panic, suddenly she reacted in faith and began to take spiritual authority over the situation. When she checked her phone for word from her son, she found he was in the air and fine. Later they learned that there had been a destructive wind storm near their home, and so they were very grateful that his earlier flight had been canceled. And though the house had been left open and unattended for so long, everything was as they had left it.


During the youth conference held the day before the main convention, the Spirit indicated to Mari that her daughter should go forward to receive from Him. She didn't want to, but Mari led her to the front and left her to be prayed for. Later, the daughter returned to her seat clearly touched by God. In addition to that, Mari listed several aspects of the convention that really impacted her, as well.


Mari also gives God thanks for His supernatural provision of a car for her son for transportation to work. He and his dad noticed a car that appealed to them in the parking lot at work that didn't have a for sale sign, though it was near others that did have a sign, so they asked about it. The car had only been there 2 hours and was, indeed, for sale. It was exactly what they needed and at a good price. The boss gave him the rest of the day off to take care of the details of the car, and there was even time as well for her son to get his driver's license. They were reminded of what Jose had said in the convention: “What do you need? In your life, let Him be what you need, the great I AM, not the One for only yesterday; He is for today, for every day.” As they have prayed, declaring Him Lord forever and ever, the Lord has poured out His grace and favor in so many situations and before so many people: school, bosses, convention, etc. And by faith, they are receiving in this year of increase multiplied finances, as prophesied. Their income has increased exactly double of that of last year, and there is more to come. To conclude the email, Mari writes, “To Him be the glory, the honor, majesty, and praise! Hallelujah!”


Karla, a sister from Victoria, emailed another testimony in which she writes that at her job she sells coffee and capuchinos, and the Lord put it on her heart to write Bible verses on the cups which has brought great responses from the customers, including one who commented on facebook saying, “The coffee is really doing more than just being a cup of coffee. What my daily cup of coffee told me today... with those words, it is impossible for someone or something to ruin my day.” Another person put on facebook, “It's like when your coffee reveals mysteries that enrich your spirit.” Yet another said to her, “You don't know that, beyond being a delicious cup of coffee, the word that it brings me gives me strength, with 'good vibes.' You have no idea how much it blesses me.” Karla added, “It's so beautiful, yet so simple...sowing seed of the Word in the hearts of the people, and now I am putting verses on all the cups for everyone who drinks coffee!!” Karla also testified that she was asked to step into the position of a supervisor who was on maternity leave for three months, and she is believing God for financial compensation and a permanent promotion since she has received insight that the Lord has provided her regarding this job, adding the scriptural promise, “He who is faithful in little, in much the Lord will bless! (paraphrased)” She also shared testimony of this in a recent ladies' meeting.


During her husband Raul's recent visit to minister in Mante, accompanied by Eugenio who shared his testimony about his salvation and recent healing of fibramyalgia (see April's report) before a congregation for the first time, the people were greatly impacted by his testimony. At their invitation, several went forward for prayer, and the two ministered to them. Eugenio later expressed great joy in his heart for the opportunity to share and would like to return, and, likewise, the people said they look forward to his return.


Willy has been very active and a blessing on both sides of the border, and this month was no exception. One of his uncles recently passed away, and he was asked to minister in the memorial service. There was great assurance and peace in his heart because years ago, he'd led his uncle to the Lord. Whenever he ministers in such situations as a funeral, he is on a mission, knowing that “the harvest is ripe,” and always believes God for salvations, rededications, and personal commitments. Much seed was sown in the hearts of those present. He also made 2 trips to Rio Bravo to help minister in Omar and Miranda's absence while they are waiting for his papers to be completed. Erick and Herminio, who was blessed with favor from his boss to leave work early in order to go, accompanied him for one of the services in which they serenaded the mothers to honor them for Mother's Day. The praise and worship was also quite enjoyable, noting that the “praises loudly echoed in the building on this night; it was a very peaceful and energetic atmosphere-HIS presence was evident.” A powerful, anointed message followed. A couple of weeks later, Willy returned with Erick. The people greatly rejoiced as they experienced a manifestation of God's presence in that building, just as Willy had led them to declare, to the extent that one of the ladies that went to the altar was slain in the Spirit without anyone laying hands on her—it was a glorious time! Then Erick helped with the kids while Willy taught on how simple it is to evangelize to family members when led by the Spirit. He also reminded the people as to what a blessing it is to belong and actively serve in a local body (church).  Before the service ended, Willy led the people to pray and speak HIS will for the upcoming Ladies Conference in Rio Bravo.


In Victoria's discipleship class, we rejoiced in hearing that Sister Martha's elderly mother who had recently lost her sight completely, is regaining it, thanks to the persistent faith and prayers of her daughter and granddaughter, among others, and despite the unbelief of several in the home. Also, the son of one of the ladies of the group who has been diagnosed with a rare skin disease is seeing the lesions disappear.


During the intercessory prayer meeting held before service, Sister Martha testified that she had suffered from fibramyalgia (sp?) but suddenly noticed that she no longer needed the 8 different prescriptions that she had been taking. She'd gone days and weeks without taking them and no longer felt the oppressive symptoms. Also, a man who was in danger of having a toe amputated was reported to have improved greatly after prayer.


That day in Jeanette's Sunday school class of 9-12 yr-olds, 7 children prayed to receive Christ as Savior. After service, an elderly couple approached Jeanette to ask her to “bless” two crosses on chains for the protection of their unsaved son. Jeanette explained that the faith in them was more powerful than any material item and that the Lord hears their prayers. Every day, there is a teachable moment that leads people to trust in the Lord and what He has equipped them to do instead of in the traditions of man.


The last weekend of the month was a great way to end the month. The monthly marriage class was taught by Pepe and Sofi very effectively to a full room of couples. Then the next day Pepe went to Mante to minister and felt led to give the men a quick 20-minute teaching after the regular service that was very effective. In Victoria, an accordion player was added to the praise and worship team, adding a very happy flavor to the music. Also, one lady in attendance, saved for only about 4 years, was celebrating her 75th birthday. When Jeanette commented to her on how young she looks, she replied, “It's because of Christ living in me!” We rejoice in the revelation of that truth in her.


A blind man and his wife visited with the purpose of getting prayed for. To conclude the service, Jose asked them to go forward and asked several leaders to join us in prayer at the front while the others prayed in agreement from their seats. At first, the man could not see anything. Then, he was able to see fingers held 3 inches from his face. The congregation continued in prayer and praise and worship with song as we persisted in prayer for the man. Gradually, he was able to see the fingers held at 6 inches, then a foot away! The place lit up in praise and was filled with awe! The name of Jesus our Healer was glorified as we all rejoiced in the miracle that took place right before our eyes.


As we collected ourselves, we then headed outside to baptize three men who each have remarkable stories. When we were finished, we asked as we always do if there was anyone else. A young but bold 9-yr-old girl spoke up and said that she, too, desired to be baptized. She was one of the 7 children who had accepted Christ the week before. Living with people who are not her parents (the lady who took her to church said that she has a “special situation”), we somehow knew that the impact that Jesus and baptism would have on her life would be what would sustain her during her young, but already challenging life.


It's really been quite a month! Thank you so much for your valuable part in the activities of World Harvest Training Center and Cosecha Mundial through your prayers, participation, and support in so many ways.


With love in Christ,


Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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