Well, this month didn't exactly start off as we had expected. We had planned to stay home the first weekend to celebrate with the family the baby dedication of our newest addition, Hezekiah Joshua, but due to a virus that hit his big sister and then his father, we remained more to offer support, help nurse them back to health, and keep the contagious away from the newborn and his mother. Everybody's fine now, but our window of opportunity to dedicate the baby has come and gone until a further date. Of course, Hezekiah has been dedicated to the Lord since he was in his mother's womb, anyway.


In our absence, things in Mexico keep running smoothly with the quite capable leaders the Lord has provided to co-labor with us. In fact, they often have many testimonies to share, many of which will be included in our report for the glory of God.


The ministries in the hospitals are going very well. Some from Mante's congregation visit weekly, and some from Rio Bravo make regular visits, as well. In addition, the team from Victoria go monthly and often follow up on certain patients with wonderful results. During their visit this month, about 10 people received Christ, and one person gave testimony that their son was healed. The doctors had said that he had cancer “in 95 % of the blood cells,” and after prayer and having led him to accept Jesus as Savior, the doctor said they couldn't explain it, but he now had 0%! When the group returned, they found he was being dismissed, so they prayed for him and his family. They also prayed for the rest of the patients, declaring that all would be dismissed and could return home soon. They took communion, praised the Lord in song, and fellowshiped there with them. It was a glorious time.


The following week, during Rocio's regular GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group), they decided to go visit the ones they'd prayed for in the hospital the prior week, and go see the child that Rocio and Luz had gone to pray for on Saturday. (The hospital security guard had called Rocio to pray for the family who had asked how to find Rocio and the team. The guard's child had also previously been healed and he accepted Christ.) When the group arrived, they couldn't find any of the patients that they had prayed for the week earlier! The guard said they had been dismissed! And the child that they had prayed for at his request was now at home in Gonzalez. Rocio expressed such joy for how the Lord has given them the opportunity to see His glory!


One young man who ministers with the group experienced the last days and passing of his ailing aunt. Concerned for the family that does not yet understand what it is to have a relationship with the Savior, he expressed in a recent text a most impressive declaration of faith concerning them: “We are praying and declaring that there is deliverance for the family of my uncle; we trust that our Father will do a powerful work and transform their lives, freeing them from the chains of idolatry and witchcraft that have them bound. He will make straight all that the enemy has tried to make crocked, and the spirit of religion is canceled!” WOW! May we all express such powerful certainty regarding our lost loved ones.


Another sister recently lost a loved one, but was greatly comforted because she had the honor of having led him to Christ.


Another testimony, this time concerning God's provision, came from a young mother who needed money and had a zero balance in her account, until she checked again! Suddenly and inexplicably she then had 4000 pesos in her account.


The guys in the Victoria congregation organized a soccer game for a Sunday afternoon, just for the fellowship. That day, the activities expanded from the original plans to including a game for the ladies, and another for the children. These are the kinds of things that make for a loving, united church family, for which we are very glad.


Diana, our sister who traveled to Cuba for training, but went with intentions of being a blessing to the people and sharing Christ, returned grateful for the opportunity to have sown much seed. She shared Christ with some, gave out literature including the KCM magazine and tracts left on the bed at the hotel for the maids. She found that santeria, a religious practice that combines Catholicism and witchcraft, is quite common, and she had conversations with some who practice it. We were so very proud of the boldness of this sister who is generally known as being soft-spoken.


Another sister gave thanks for the health of her father who had been diagnosed with cancer, but has been declared free from cancer after they prayed. We pray he will understand that he was healed by the power of Jesus and come to accept Him as Lord and Savior.


A brother who has only been saved for about a year and a half has been praying for his family to enter the faith and break free from the religious spirit. He testified that his mother has removed all idols and now only reads Christian literature. And just a couple of weeks later, he informed us that his mother has declared her faith in Christ and has left the old life. A friend had called to invite her to participate in praying to an idol and she declined, saying that she is now a Christian. When the friend told her she should think about what she is doing, she responded, “There is nothing more to think about.” Her other son who has been battling muscular dystrophy is improving and now has feeling in one leg. We believe God for his complete healing. This brother has recently accepted Christ and now enjoys hearing exclusively Christian praise and worship music. His father is also softening. We look forward to seeing the whole family worshiping together with us.


There is another family that we are trusting God to bring in: the son of Don Roberto who recently went home to be with the Lord, his wife, and daughter. Carlos says the son also seems to be warming up to the idea, and the family has been healed of some division since the funeral in which our members ministered, despite the fact that Don Roberto attended faithfully alone for several years, constantly expressing deep concern for the salvation of his family. We know his prayers have been answered, and the manifestation of them will soon take place.


The Lord has also worked in several job situations. One sister who had been having many problems at work where she was supervisor was recently and unexpectedly transferred to a clinic just 2 blocks from her house where she thoroughly enjoys her job.


We give the Lord praise for the appreciation shown for the Church and the Word even in the children. As an example, the young son of a couple at church had the opportunity to play in a soccer tournament that would take place on a Sunday morning from 8:00 to 10:00AM, which would have caused the family to miss several minutes of the service. The parents discussed the implications and asked what he wanted to do. The boy opted NOT to participate in his favorite sport citing he wouldn't want to miss any of the service. Praise God!


The mother of a young man who drives a truck in long hauls was suddenly awakened in the night by the Spirit to pray for him. She later found out that he had fallen asleep at the wheel and was seconds from crashing into another truck in front of him when he heard his mother's voice calling him to wake up.


Willy and Herminio of WHTC made a trip in and joined with others to minister in Voz Campesina, and then to Mante to minister the following day. Willy submits the following report (condensed) of their adventure together:


“On this trip to Mexico, a historic one was to take place. All of the World Harvest churches would be represented in one place on a Sunday morning at the Mante church. Willy and Herminio left early on Saturday already rejoicing of the great things that were about to happen, one of them being the fact that Josue and Abdiel of Rio Bravo would accompany Willy and Herminio on their first ever trip to the Voz and Mante area to unite with Karen and Isai from Voz and praise God together as one praise team. Before going to Voz, they stopped by Victoria to pick up another great duo: Carlos and Juan Antonio. Carlos and his wife Vivi had a great lunch and a time of fellowship ready for them as they gathered to finalize last minute trip details. The 6 men representing Jesus and Cosecha Mundial (World Harvest) left for Voz and then Mante.

The team arrived in time to practice and pray before beginning service promptly at 5PM. Isai had invited a nearby church and others who were in attendance. The combined praise team sounded as one—glory to God! Herminio had some great Word for the church, and the men laid hands on many of the believers present that day. It was a great time, indeed! After service, the fellowship continued with great Veracruzano tamales and frijoles charros with special salsas that can only be found in Voz. After great fellowship and food, Isai joined the men, and the “Super Seven” headed toward Mante to prepare for the next day's service. On arriving to Mante, the men proceeded to fellowship with members from Mante, and it was a blessed time.

The men woke early on Sunday to have a quick breakfast at the famous Cafeteria Mante, renowned for their bisquits, before heading to church to prepare for service. Again, the teams united to praise God together—what a blessing to have several church praise team members praising God together in one accord. Then Willy preached on 'forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark...' The word was received, and the men also released God's blessing of healing on many that went forward. Soon after, the men returned to their respective homes. As they traveled, they rejoiced for what the Lord had done on this marvelous trip!

In Rio Bravo later that evening, after discussing the great report of the trip with Josue and Abdiel's family, Willy and Herminio crossed back over to the USA, rejoicing that it only took them a minute at the bridge because there was no line—Glory! The two reminisced of the beginning years of the Mexico Ministry and how many things have changed as they drove home that early Sunday evening. Willy and Herminio, along with Pastor Jose and Gene, began making these trips in 1996. God has done some great things! It was another great and blessed trip—truly another one for the books. --”The Super Seven”


The following week, David accompanied Jose and Jeanette to Mante where they found the people still rejoicing from the previous special service. After a short word of exhortation to the congregation, Jeanette took the kids for a very pleasant time of Sunday school (My, how they have improved!) She also had a teenager in the room as an assistant who expressed a desire to be a teacher. This is really good news, as Mante could really use more teachers to ease the “burden” of the one faithful, consistent teacher. Jeanette was also very glad to see that a brother in the congregation helped himself to 3 magazines on the literature table to share with friends of his. It is always a great sign to see interest in the Word found the Victory magazines and an eagerness to share them. As long as there is appreciation for the Word and a desire to be used by God to sow seed in others, there is great promise for the church!


On our way back to Victoria, David gave a testimony of how the Lord helped him find his lost visa. He and his wife had looked everywhere and even called the hotel where they had recently stayed in the U.S., to no avail. So they prayed about it. After some time, David felt it prudent to report it missing, though replacing it would have been very expensive and difficult. Just as he had dialed half of the number, he saw in a vision sofa cushions and a hand sliding down between them. So he hung up and placed his hands deep down as low as he could, and there it was! There was no explanation as to how it could possibly have gotten there, but he gives the Lord so much thanks for His intervention and help.


In our conversation, David also pointed out a very interesting fact. The government division that he works for has five departments, and he and three others from the congregation are heads of four of them, two recently promoted to their positions. Amazing! Now, we are praying for the head of the remaining department. If he or she is not attending his/her own Christian church, it would be really neat for him/her to be saved (if not already) and join the others at our church. What an amazing impact these strong men and women of God are having on their community, and, ultimately, their country!


In a recent conversation with Dona Maria, leader of the church in Rio Bravo, we received really good reports. First, Sister Chela has turned a corner and is improving from the illness that attacked her more than a year ago. Though she is in a wheel chair, she is stronger than ever, her vitals are normal, and she has expressed a desire to return to ministering to children—her calling that has impacted countless children through the years. She also wants to go after some of the neighbor kids who have grown and have gone astray.


Her sons were the ones who accompanied Willy on the trip to Voz and Mante, and Dona Maria says that ever since, they have been “on fire” at church, serving in many ways, in addition to leading the praise and worship.


Dona Maria also informed us that a lady in the congregation has expressed a desire to begin a young adolescent group at church. This would be a great blessing because the children have grown past the stage of children's church and could really benefit from special attention during the week.


Some neighbors who remembered that Dona Maria had prayed for a baby with leukemia and was healed referred to her a family whose baby was born blind. Dona Maria led the mother, the grand mother, and the great grandmother to Christ in addition to praying for the baby.


As Fathers' Day approaches, special plans are under way to honor the fathers in our congregations, while always honoring the Father of all. We pray that Fathers' Day will be for you a great day, as well.


We greatly appreciate your prayerful support for the work of the Lord in Mexico and look forward to giving Him glory through the reports to come.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

                                                                     “For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a

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