Mexico Missions Newsletters

June 2017



Our month of activities began with a delightful time at a ladies' conference in the Rio Bravo church. From Victoria, escorted by Carlos, were the leaders Vivi, Lucero, and Sofi who had organized and ministered along with Jeanette in the ladies' conference held in Victoria some months ago. The conference was such a success that we desired to take it to the ladies of Rio Bravo. Some day soon, we believe that the churches will send teams to minister in the same way in many other places.


Even the décor made by several ladies in Victoria was sent ahead to Rio Bravo as it was an important illustration of the theme of the event and used as props. During the meeting, Vivi served as master-of- ceremonies, Sofi shared a short word with practical application, Jeanette presented the message, and Lucero gave a demonstration on making flowers from poster board following the delicious, abundant meal which the ladies of Rio Bravo provided. (Such flowers make great decorations for events such as the conference, but are also a great way to earn money as they are in high demand in sales.)


Following the message, the ladies were invited to go forward to receive from the Lord. One young lady in attendance accepted Christ as Savior, and several made decisions of faith in other areas of their lives. Meanwhile, Carlos enjoyed a time of fellowship with some of the men from the congregation and later spent time with Willy while the ladies took advantage of their time in the Valley to do some shopping. The next day, before sending them on their way home, they all met with Jose and Jeanette over breakfast. The entire visit was a great blessing to many in so many ways and the Lord supernaturally provided finances and childcare for the mothers who went from Victoria, in addition to touching each one in special ways individually.


Pepe ministered in our absence in Victoria and reported a good attendance as well as the testimony of a man whose broken foot had been prayed for and was now much improved.


The group in Victoria that ministers in hospitals monthly had requested New Testaments, and we were looking for economical ones to purchase as they give out several each time. While in the process of considering some, a sister notified us that she found a box of them stashed in an unoccupied office that people had been avoiding cleaning until she was led to do so. Praise God for supernatural provision!


Some ladies from the church in Victoria were asked to go pray for the widow of a man who had recently committed suicide in a very public manner. Since this type of thing had never come up before, there was a little uncertainty about how to proceed, but they went by faith and found that the lady had gathered her 3 children and a brother-in-law who had witnessed the horror. They were all prayed for and then led to receive Christ.


Our young congregation in Urecho has experienced another loss. Chela's sister passed away from complications of diabetes. Sadly, neither Chela nor her mother were able to attend the funeral due to the long, difficult journey it would have been to travel there from Rio Bravo and walk up the mountain to the village. It is planned to send Isai and Karen from the village of Voz the first week in July to spend an entire month ministering to the new believers and establishing in them a firm foundation. Please keep all of them in your prayers for a very successful time together in the Lord.


During the second week of the month, we returned to Victoria first to attend the discipleship class. We rejoiced in the Lord's provision that evening of more children's teachers to meet the needs of the expanded program now that another age group has been added (by dividing a larger group). Also that evening, a sister related to Jeanette a dream she'd recently had in which she saw that we were in a church event and Jeanette had asked her how she was. She mentioned concern about her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group). Jeanette said, “Let's pray.” The lady said she could feel in her dream Jeanette's hand on her head and heat come from her hand. After praying, Jeanette said, “Read Ephesisans 6, especially verse 10.” The next day, the lady checked the devotional GEMS that Jeanette writes, and it was on the very same scripture that was recommended in the dream! Since then she has been reading it, meditating on it, and praying it by the obvious leading of the Holy Spirit. Interestingly, this lady writes short edifying scriptural messages on her facebook that people from all over the world are reading.


Also during the meeting, we heard a rather “funny” story. One of the brothers works in an office where several women also work. He is single, and they are all trying match him up with someone. When they got a new employee one day when he was out, they spoke to her about him, praising all his merits. Then one lady told her, “But he has one flaw. He's a Christian.” The new employee laughed and said, “So am I.” We're so glad that his “flaw” is quite obvious and that now there is more light at the office.


Pepe also related to us an interesting testimony. He was stopped on the highway by police for not having the front license tag which he had already reported missing and was given a document for him to present in such a situation. When the policeman approached him, Pepe said, “Hello, God bless you.” Instantly, the policeman responded gruffly, “Oh you're a Christian, eh. I hate Christians. They think they are so perfect.” Pepe couldn't find the document to show him, and offered to show him the photo of it that he had on his phone. He was also on the phone asking someone to perhaps locate it back at the office. The policeman told him those alternatives would not prevent him from getting fined. Then all of the sudden, the document appeared, which upset the policeman to the point that he walked away without dismissing Pepe. His partner finally approached the vehicle and sent him on his way. When Pepe told of the experience, we all rejoiced because the area where he'd been stopped is known for being extremely resistant to the Gospel. Obviously, that policeman has been exposed to Christians, meaning that there are now more in the area. Praise God! We also gave God thanks for delivering Pepe from the situation.


While Omar is unable to cross into Mexico until his papers are in order, Willy and some of the guys from Edinburg have been going to Rio Bravo to support Dona Maria. The following is a report of Willy's most recent visit:


This Saturday was a great day to praise the Lord with the Body in Rio Bravo. The praise team was already praising God before service began. It is such a blessing to see the praise team growing and maturing in the understanding of praise. People entered escaping the heat and finding a cool and comfortable refuge inside the church. As always, we praised HIM wholeheartedly, and a great presence was felt on this Saturday evening. It was such a blessing to see about 10 kids so attentive and happy to be at church, some a product of Chela’s home bible study which is obviously laying a strong foundation for these kids’ lives. Before they were dismissed to class, Willy laid hands on them to bless them and asked them to state their desired career. Doctors, veterinarians, and teachers were the most mentioned-Glory to HIM! Willy then ministered the Word on how to live as a son/daughter and how HIS love is greater than anything that you may be facing in life. It was such a blessed trip to be with his people on that day!


Two people accepted Christ in the service the next day in Victoria! The following Sunday was Fathers' Day, which was celebrated with lots of “goodies” for the fathers, though it is a delicate subject for some of the children who either do not live with their fathers or have fathers who have yet to come to Christ and are living ungodly lifestyles. One girl, about 10 years old, has been riding her bike to church on her own since last summer's vacation Bible school. She is one such example of the children with “complicated, special circumstances.”


The following weekend, we attended the monthly marriage class in Victoria which was led by Eric and Lucero. Before the class, Fernanda let us know that she planned to take the youth to 17th Street, a street that is closed to traffic on Sundays where the youth hang out and skateboard and such. They took posters sharing the Gospel and posted them on trees for all to see.


We also learned that a man hired to help with the sound equipment GAVE us an equalizer and cables that he said he no longer uses. This is a part of our harvest because Victoria and the other churches have been very good about giving equipment to the congregations in need. In fact, several members have donated their own things or purchased items for the praise and worship teams.


Before the church service, a sister handed Jeanette a written testimony of the hand of God in the life of a 10-yr-old boy and his mother. Last year he was found to have an undescended testicle. The mother consulted 3 other doctors and they all verified the diagnosis and said he needed surgery, but she had no money for such an operation. Then, this month the church prayed for him because he had an appointment the next day in Monterrey for the surgery. A sister from the church gave them an offering for the trip. Upon arrival, the doctor there decided to do his own studies and found that surgery was not required and dismissed him. The mother said, “God changed the diagnosis and gave the last word. The other doctors did not make a mistake; rather, God performed the miracle in the life of my son.”


At the end of the service, we prayed for a man who could barely walk due to a problem with his back. After prayer, he left walking much improved and grateful.


Following the service, Isai and Karen visiting Victoria from Voz expressed several serious concerns regarding situations in Voz involving a man in the congregation who seems to be working contrary to the best interest of the church, causing attendance to drop considerably. In addition, the children who had been attending weekly “Superbook” showings have stopped due to pressure put on them by the Catholic church. They have been threatened and warned not to attend. What's more, “required” activities have been purposely scheduled on the exact day and time of our meetings with the kids, even when we change ours. It is literally a tug-of-war for the spiritual lives of those children. The church in Voz finds itself in a “restructuring mode” for which we would greatly appreciate your prayers. One thing we do know for certain, we refuse to give up the territory of the Kingdom of God into the hands of darkness.


Another thing to pray about is the registration of our ministry. There have been many hindrances and delays, and the one handling our case has suffered several personal attacks from the enemy, including deaths in the family and serious illness. There are many things that we would like to accomplish once we complete this process which has been drawn out for years. Please be in agreement that every obstacle be removed and that we have favor with all authorities.


Behind the activities and testimonies of the ministry, we do find ourselves sometimes facing challenges, some quite serious, though, of course, certainly not to the level of the apostle Paul and others. Nonetheless, we can also profess in faith as he did that we are not crushed; not in despair; not forsaken; not destroyed (from II Cor. 4:8-10). There is a solution for every situation, and we are more than conquerors!


Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the ministry.


With love in Christ,


Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38