We stayed state-side for the first week of the month to help with Harvest Christian Academy’s Harvest Fest which was a great success.  In our absence, Monica preached, and the parents of a young man who has been with us for years visited and accepted Christ.


During our first trip in for the month, we met with the leaders in Victoria.  Angel, a relative of Mario and Rosi was also in attendance and received Christ when Jose invited him to.  During the meeting we heard testimonies from the various leaders.  We learned that Laura’s brother Napo and his wife Karla recently began a GDA, Grupo de Alcance (outreach group) with friends and is doing very well.  This family has been in the faith for a little over a year and is growing leaps and bounds.  As another testimony, Manuel, a recent convert, has two jobs and desires to quit one in order to devote more time to the Lord.  His wife Cinthia asked her boss for a different schedule in order to be able to attend church activities more often now that she is a Christian.  She told him she would have to quit otherwise.  Thankfully, he gave her what she requested and told her direct supervisor to give her permission to leave anytime she needs to.  Monica’s GDA joined Carlos and Vivi’s GDA to minister at a hospital and had a very effective time.  Also, two more came to Christ in her GDA, and a man received salvation in Eric’s GDA, as well.  Fernando testified that he recently received a much needed promotion at work over several others above him.  He and his wife Martina’s GDA of youth has been good.  Four families have begun attending church due to the participation of their kids.


Fernando and Martina have also been very effective in helping in Mante.  They have made frequent visits to meet with people who joined the leadership class, the youth, the marriage group, the men’s group, and the women’s group, in addition to leading service.  On one particular Saturday, at total of 60 people attended their respective group meetings led by Martina and Fernando whose day started at 4:00AM to catch a bus and ended at 11:00pm.  They are quite energetic in the plan that they feel God gave them to help establish Mante within a year.  We are really praying that Mante’s group will finally become well-defined and grow into leaders among themselves, something they have been hesitant to do.  They have been quite reliant on the leaders we have sent weekly.


Also during our first trip of the month, we were pleased to officiate in the Quinceanera (15th birthday celebration) of Luz, a girl who has been with the ministry in Victoria almost since its inception.  There were many lost family members in attendance who heard the Gospel for the first time when Jose inserted a brief message in the service.  The service flowed very well without a hitch and without incident (some family members are a “rough bunch” and capable of instigating things).  We were pleased to hear that several family members said they enjoyed it and would return.


Two people accepted Christ the following day in Victoria’s service.  Lately, attendance has been well over 200, and the Spirit does something spectacular each time. 


The following week, we drove straight to the cottage to work on the house and deal with falling sheet rock from the ceiling upstairs due to high humidity.  The same day, Willy and the Leones de Cristo ( Alberto , Israel , Rene, Bob and Jon Molina) went to minister in Rio Bravo through praise.  The Leones and part of the Rio Bravo Team, Miranda and Nayelli, praised God through music.   The praise and worship service was peaceful and powerful as the all the congregation, as usual, entered into a great time of loving on God.  Willy then shared on the Blessing of God that is on the believer.   After the service, the leadership blessed the Leones with a great time of fellowship and some fresh tamales topped with homemade salsas.  Everything was a great success!  The Blessing of the Lord was upon them.  Favor was with them in everything.


For the weekend of Thanks Giving we stayed home again and really enjoyed the visit of Jackie from Kansas and Joshua home for break from TBI.  In our absence, Dante taught in the monthly men’s group while Laura taught the ladies.  The meetings went very well with participation from each GDA.  Carlos preached Sunday morning, and the service was very effective.


One the last weekend of the month, Willy accompanied us so that he could attend Isai and Karen’s wedding on Saturday (more info to follow on next month’s report).  During conversation on the way, he reminded us that the beginning of our ministry and our relationship began with a home group, and home groups are a key component for the growth of the church now.


After a quick rest at the church, we headed to the leadership meeting in Victoria.  There was a great time of ministering one to another and getting caught up on the GDAs.  There was an anointing to testify, give words of knowledge, to pray for healing, and encourage one another. Later that evening, Willy and several others got together to rehearse for the impending wedding.  It was a great ending to another very fruitful month, and December promises to be full of blessings.


May you enjoy the Christmas Season to its fullest in the love and revelation of the Lord and Savior.


In Christ,

Jose, Jeanette and the entire Missions Team

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