We were so excited to begin this month's activities by giving Don Tino and Dona Maria, the elders of Rio Bravo, a ride to Victoria so that they could catch a bus in Victoria to go minister in Mante. To get to their house to pick them up, we had to take the long way because roads were blocked by people celebrating the Day of the Dead. We had felt for some time that it would be beneficial to them to experience their first “missionary” trip, while at the same time benefiting the leaders and the other members of the church in Mante who are facing similar situations as had Dona Maria and Don Tino at the beginning of their ministry. We thoroughly enjoyed the drive to Victoria with them and the time we all spent with Carlos and Vivi who received us for lunch before dropping them off at the bus station. Their 2-day visit with the brothers and sisters in Mante, ministering in the leadership class and the Sunday morning service was a great blessing, and Araceli and Beto were especially touched when they had a moving time of intimate prayer with them.


While they were in Mante, we taught the leadership class in Victoria, followed by a very pleasant fellowship in the apartment and a meal of tamales given to us by Chuy, the watchman of the property. The next day, we were pleased that three of Chuy's grandchildren slipped into the Sunday school class.


Rio Bravo is doing well. They look forward to finishing the construction project soon. Don Tino is supervising, while Brother Oscar and his sons are doing the heavy work. In spiritual matters, they are all eager to support one another in prayer. Recently, Mari was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. After receiving a letter full of encouragement on faith and healing from Kenneth Copeland's ministry, Mari received prayer from the members and instantly received her healing.


Kenneth Copeland's ministry asked us to take pictures of the children learning from the KCM curriculum that we use for Sunday school, so we spent time that Sunday snapping pictures which may come out some time in December along with an interview with Pastors Jon and Marissa Boggs. (This can be viewed on, as well as on their TV program.)


Our first week was full of testimonies: Sandra and Marco, after quite some time trying to get pregnant, are expecting twins! Please keep them in prayer as she has had some complications and is on bedrest. Chano and his wife have been given a successful business (fast food delivery) that once belonged to her brother. After looking for work in his field for quite a while, Jasson has been offered a job at a university. Mario, who has only been saved for about 10 months, says that the people at the school where he teaches go to him for prayer and advice now that they know he is a Christian. During the week, the men had a meeting in which David, who recently baptized 3 in Mante with Carlos, shared a dynamic message. For years, he seemed indifferent in his faith, but recently the light has been switched on and he has been a real blessing both in Victoria and in Mante. Also, a young lady whom we hadn't seen in about a year attended service for the first time with her baby! The joy we felt upon seeing her walk in the door was immeasurable. And finally, a teenage girl approached Jeanette at the end of the service to share with her an extremely pertinent and spiritually direct vision she'd had twice. It was great to see this usually very shy teenager receive such a message from the Lord and feel secure enough to share it, fulfilling Joel 2:28-30.


The following week we visited Voz Campesina. We were very glad to see Patricio, a new convert. He said at the beginning, he used to hide his Bible under his shirt and sneak to church. Now he doesn't care what people think, despite being the target of quite a bit of harassment from friends, family, and co-workers. His life has been changed, and he hasn't had a drink in 4 months. He took his 6-yr-old daughter, who seemed quite at home, for the first time. According to Patricio, it was the hand of God that allowed him to take her to service since his wife, with whom he is separated, is adamantly against his new-found faith. She was given a children's book explaining the Gospel to sow seed in both the girl and her mother.


Some of the believers in Voz have discovered the joy of being used by God and seeing Him work through them. Melissa excitedly told of praying for a baby at the hospital that had had high fever for three days. Immediately the fever left the child. Then Melissa prayed for her own child who was sick and also recovered quickly. Melissa also asked about a recent prophetic vision she'd recently had. She agreed to write it down in order for us to understand every detail and pray about it.


Lupe looks better than ever: stronger, more focused. God is renewing his strength and his mind. Those who know him would understand what a miracle that is. Jose makes a point to pray over him, as well as the other members, often, and we are seeing results, finally.


A little 2-yr-old girl who never paid much attention to Jeanette before suddenly climbed up on her lap. She'd fallen down, and her pants were dirty at the knees. She grabbed Jeanette's hand and placed it on her knee. Jeanette asked if she wanted her to pray for her knee, and she said yes. So Jeanette did. Then she moved her hand to another spot and another until she was satisfied that all the “owies” were healed. How sweet that a child her age appreciates the healing power of prayer! Her parents must be teaching her well.


Back in Victoria the next day, Rudy, the owner of the property, told us that when a customer learned that we hold services there, she agreed immediately to sign a contract for an event she planned. That was the deciding factor for her. He hasn't yet moved into the Body of Christ yet, but he seems very grateful for our presence there.


The following week we dedicated 2 babies. There were many visitors who had never witnessed such a thing, and many commented that they really enjoyed the entire service, the fellowship, and the meal that followed. Among those visiting for the first time was Rosi's boss whom she'd recently led to the Lord.


Sister Marta, leader of the intercessors group in Victoria recently led a lady named Hilda to Christ at her meeting. Her sister had taken her. Hilda has been faithfully attending church service ever since she started her walk with Christ.


About 30 ladies braved the cold front in Victoria to meet mid-week, some who'd never attended before. They had a great time. We are very pleased that the leaders are organizing and holding the meetings very successfully without us.


The following weekend we were very honored to have Willy with us. Upon our arrival, we were hosted by Carlos and Vivi, with David and Paola joining us, for a great lunch. Later, we all met up for the leadership class and enjoyed a very sweet time in the presence of God and wonderful food and fellowship.


On Sunday, after much prayer and contemplation, we were led to have Jose and Willy minister in Mante while Jeanette stayed behind to share the Word in Victoria. We could see God's hand at work in the decision. Willy accompanied the praise and worship team, then, after Jose gave an exhortation, shared the Word, and then ministered at the altar call to over 20 people who went forward, one accepting Christ, while Jose softly played on the keyboard. Later, a wayward wife let Jose know she has decided to submit to her husband and attend the same church. Another family restored!


Mante is growing! An estimated 60 people were in attendance, whereas they usually had about half of that attend when they would meet in Araceli and Beto's carport. Now that the church building has been constructed, the neighborhood is warming up to them and beginning to attend.


Jeanette enjoyed her time ministering in Victoria. Three were led to Christ by the leaders at the conclusion of the service, and others received prayer for various requests. One sister said she took good notes in order to share the same word at the next GDA (Grupo de Alcance, outreach group) meeting. It's wonderful when the message is well-received and continues having its effect on other people.


That day 2 sisters urgently requested prayer, stating that their nephew has been arrested for a crime he did not commit. They say they know who did it. Please pray that justice prevail. God knows the situation.


As Jeanette was preparing to leave, Sister Rosi shared a testimony with her: Jeanette had told her a few weeks ago of seeing her in a dream going to a check up and having known by the Spirit that everything was fine. Rosi, did, indeed have a scheduled check up the next week. There, the doctor told her she'd had a heart attack without knowing it. A ventricle was only functioning at 84%. So she went to a cardiologist who explained that the damage to her heart had been caused by the radiation treatment she'd received when she had breast cancer a few years ago. Then she remembered Jeanette's dream and the message that everything was fine, so she asked them to repeat the test. To her joy, they could no longer find any damage, and her heart was now functioning 100% fine. Praise God for His Spirit!


The next week Victoria had their men's meeting in the apartment, and, finally, after many months, the marriage meetings have been reinstated the following Saturday. There, prior to a short activity and a teaching on “The Calling/Ministry of Your Marriage,” we heard the testimony of one of the couples whose marriage has recently been healed simply by reading the Word and praying together, as they were recently counseled to do.


All this, and much more to come! Have a very blessed, merry Christmas!

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

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