We began this month rejoicing and ended in the same way. For our first trip of the month we were joined by Willy and his sister Sandra for a praise and worship conference in Victoria that they spoke at, along with Carlos, which dealt with the purpose and benefits of praise and worship and how to flow together. Representatives from the groups of Voz, Mante, and Victoria were in attendance. (Vicente's wife Clara led the service in Voz while Vicente and others attended the conference. This was very encouraging to us.) Following the conference, we all sat down for a delicious meal prepared by Chano.


Immediately after the meal, we all went in to the weekly discipleship class. We enjoyed the praise and worship together, and several were ministered to. There were also several testimonies shared: Jason told of receiving a word given out by the Holy Spirit the previous Sunday regarding a decision for a business which he began that day. Though the one giving the word did not know who it was for, Jason received it by faith, and the direction from God confirmed the decision in his heart. Vivi testified of the faith in action of her daughter that produced something she was believing for. She also spoke of standing up for her faith when the school required that her daughter celebrate the “Day of the Dead” with the other children by dancing dressed in a black dress and veil and having her face painted like a skull. They were told it was to preserve the Mexican culture. Praise God that even under pressure of a failing grade, neither mother nor daughter caved. Karina shared how she was freed from nerves in the recent teachers' conference, enabling her to effectively present the material. Roberto told of some neighbors who asked him and his wife Vicky to pray with them. They were then to return and hold Bible studies with them. As another testimony, a child's earache was healed after being prayed for.


The next day was glorious. Pepe and Sofi ministered in Mante and noted the vibrancy in the praise and worship team. The service in Victoria was also full of blessing. Willy and Sandra accompanied the praise and worship team and they all flowed very well together. Several people were prayed for at the end of the service, and we also all rejoiced at the announcement that a girl who we'd prayed for a week earlier who had disappeared had been located soon after praying.


More testimonies followed later in the month:

Roberto and Vicky testified of God moving in a situation and providing finances they'd been believing for. They also rejoiced in having prayed for a man in the hospital and leading him to the Lord. This was a new experience for them. Immediately the patient showed improvement. He no longer looked ill. Others accompanying the patient commented that they could feel peace as soon as they entered the room. Vicky and Roberto was so exuberant after that that they had to share with someone else. So when they went to buy a poinsettia, they shared the Gospel with the salesman and gave him a tract. The son of one of the ladies of the congregation was recovered after being kidnapped and held in a hotel room for some time. A boy who asked for prayer in Sunday school for his cut finger returned the following week showing off his completely healed finger. Even a pickup truck was healed! It wouldn't start after church, even after trying all kinds of things. While someone went to look for cables, Jeanette walked by and casually declared it healed as she continued on her way. Instead of waiting for cables, the owner said confidently, “She declared it healed, so let's go.” She turned the key, and it started right up.


Great things are also happening in Rio Bravo. Since moving into the unfinished new building, attendance has increased. (They still need to put the flooring, electricity, windows, doors, and paint it.)


Patterns for the windows and doors of the new building in Rio Bravo were drawn and cut by Omar who passed them on to Jose, who then passed them to Carlos in Victoria, who was to minister in Mante and deliver them to Ruben, a member there. Ruben is a welder who is making the windows and doors. Once ready, Pepe, from the congregation in Victoria, has agreed to send one of the trucks from his business to pick them up and deliver them to Rio Bravo. What a divine blessing has been this whole project involving so many members of the Body!


Sister Mari of Rio Bravo receives 25 Kenneth Copeland magazines monthly and, after distributing them to families at church, she inserts tracts in the rest of them and gives them to whoever the Lord indicates. The Lord has placed people supernaturally in her path to benefit from them and has worked in their lives.


For the first time ever, we had to miss the annual Harvest Fest in Edinburg in order to officiate at a wedding in Victoria of a long-time member who now lives in Reynosa and plans to move near Edinburg and attend our church there when her papers are finalized. In everything the Lord is glorified and people are drawn to Him, even and especially in weddings where often most of those in attendance have not heard the Gospel. Several of our leaders in the church in Victoria work very well together as a team to ensure a smooth and blessed ceremony and have done so now for several weddings.


The very next day we had the privilege of having a baby dedication in Victoria. In addition to the blessing that it is for the infant and parents, such events also touch friends and family who do not know Jesus as Savior and are visiting a Christian church for the first time.


Vicente, Ruben, and Juan took advantage of one of the last warm days of the year and baptized Diana, a new convert, in Mante just before a cold snap. This was a new experience for Ruben and Juan.


In Victoria, a lady asked Jeanette for prayer for her husband who has been staying out drinking every Saturday night. When Jeanette asked if she'd picked up the handout on scriptures to declare over the husband at the publications table, she pulled out her notebook and showed Jeanette hand written scriptures, instead. How impressive! She is a fairly young believer, but has already seen God do great things when she prays the Word, so her situation will most definitely improve.


Something else that impressed Jeanette: a 10-yr-old girl approached Jeanette with her little brother and asked for prayer for him as he was not feeling well. He had a headache, fever, and dizziness. So Jeanette, the big sister, and another lady who was passing by prayed together for him. That girl's simple confidence in God and prayer led to her brother's healing!


The church in Victoria laid hands on Sister Martha as a send off on the day she left for Spain to attend her daughter's wedding there and spend some time with her. We are sure the Lord will use her to be light in a dark area and possibly open doors for future ministry there. Please keep her in prayer as she will not be returning until February.


A special dinner and meeting was held in Victoria. There was music, a fun ice-breaker activity, a testimony, and a message on “The Great Adventures of Marriage,” followed by a nice dinner of filet mignon. Each of the 20 couples in attendance was also given a small gift to remember the theme which included the key verses, Colossians 2:2, 3. The atmosphere from the beginning to the end was very pleasant, and even people who do not attend church seemed to really enjoy it. We also rejoiced in the fact that the message of the Gospel was inter-woven throughout the evening.


During our last trip, we attended yet another wedding, though this time we were there to present the couple with a Bible during the ceremony. It was a blessed time, and we greatly appreciated meeting again the couple who had donated a glass pulpit to us about three years ago, as they had felt led to do for 100 churches. As it turns out, they were the parents of the groom. (The bride is the daughter of a long-time member of ours.) The father now feels led to produce pulpits for churches in Texas and desires to contact us in the future. What joy to see how the Lord causes paths to cross!


While we were at the the wedding, Eric led the discipleship class, and all went very well. We are so blessed by the fact that our leaders are quite capable and anointed to lead a meeting. Meanwhile, Carlos and Vivi took advantage of their trip to Reynosa for a wedding and stopped by the nearby Rio Bravo church for a visit. Carlos sang with the praise and worship team and preached during the service while Vivi taught the kids. Carlos had a word of knowledge that someone needed prayer for pain in the lower back, and a sister went forward. Several ladies laid hands on her and she instantly started jumping up and down, healed. Carlos and Vivi later caught up with us at our apartment in Victoria and shared what a wonderful time of fellowship they had with the brothers and sisters of Rio Bravo. They were also very impressed with how united they are and how well they functioned together.


On the last trip of the month, we were so excited to learn that the praise and worship team of Victoria has completed a CD project containing healing scriptures and faith-packed songs. They plan to give out a copy to each family of the congregation at the Christmas party and make it available to download from the FaceBook page. It will also be used as a tool for ministering to anyone in need of healing. Future projects on other subjects are in the planning stages.


May you have a very blessed and merry Christmas! ---Jose, Jeanette, and the rest of the Missions Team

I Corinthians 16:13, 14 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.

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