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What a month it has been, full of reasons to give thanks to the Lord from the beginning to the end. It started with a visit to Voz Campesina where we laid hands on Isai and his wife Karen to be our new leaders in the congregation there. Though they are fairly young, they have shown themselves to be faithful for years and full of vision for the future, eager to be used by God for the extension of the Kingdom. Also quite impressive to us, they also make the effort to go at least once a month to attend services in Victoria for more personal growth. In addition, the two made the decision for Isai to quit his job and start their own taco stand in order to have more time to devote to the ministry. We praise God that Isai and Karen are available to take the lead as it became necessary for Vicente and Clara to step down in order to devote more time to their family and minister specifically to the ones who have been wayward. (We know that the Word planted in them will not return void!)


Karen and Isai have been dedicating what used to be a monthly meeting to the children of the village, showing SuperBook and ministering to them. It quickly became meetings held every other week, and now is held every week to keep things consistent and help the children to always know when the meetings would be. They also plan to start a children's choir. We expect that these regular meetings with the village children will bring them into the Church, and they will become our future leaders.


Following the service, Vicente and Clara blessed us all with a chicken mole and rice meal. Our fellowship with everyone there was particularly sweet, given the circumstances.


After a good night's sleep in the cottage in Purisima, we headed to Mante. That congregation always has projects going. Right now their focus is on completing the construction of a wall surrounding the property, as Voz is also in the process of doing. They are making great progress, and a new family has offered to pitch in to pay for 2 sections of it, while another has offered to cover the cost of another. The congregation is also saving up to purchase a van. It is their great desire to use it to pick up people who have no transportation to attend services.


Mante is a city known for the use of motorcycles and motorbikes. It is common to load up the family on it for transportation, and several in our congregation depend on this type of transportation. During our visit, an older couple testified that they were recently hit by a truck while on one, but were unharmed with the exception of a scratch on her arm. Despite the damage to the motorbike, they rejoiced in their safety and in the fact that this time they were not carrying their granddaughter. Another sister hit a motorcycle driver who was attempting to pass on her right side while she was turning right. She gave thanks that the driver of the motorcycle was not killed in the accident.


Araceli's GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) is going very well there. One young believer says the hours on the day of the meeting go by too slowly for him in anticipation of the meeting. He was recently set free from insomnia by applying the Word he learned there.


The people of the congregation in Mante are also very good at asking questions. Every time we go, they approach us with biblical and ministerial questions as well as some concerning decisions they need to make. A lot is packed into the short time we have to spend with our precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Carlos and Vivi returned the following weekend, spending two days with the congregation. There, they showed a movie and had a fellowship on Saturday and held the regular service the next day.


The next week, we returned to Victoria for discipleship class. Despite the chilly rain, there was a great turn-out. We had a precious time together, and, inspired by the cool weather, a fellowship over hot tea and coffee and cookies quickly came together following the Word. During our conversations, it was learned that one of the ladies ran into the newly elected governor at the zoo and was bold enough to give him a tract and invite him to our church! Also, Samuel testified that after feeling ill for 3 days, he began to declare the Word of God on his way to praise and worship practice and was instantly healed when he got out of the car, making it possible for him easily able participate in the practice. We also learned that “the bad guys” who were discovered using the property for a parking lot in Mariposas that had been donated to the ministry have left, just as we prayed and came into agreement about. Plans for working on the land had to be suspended until that got dealt with. They left and have not returned.


A quinceanera (15th birthday celebration) was held the next day during the service in Victoria. In addition to it being a joy to bless the young lady, these celebrations are a great opportunity to bring unbelieving family members and friends into church and sow seeds to share Christ with them. This time we celebrated a young lady who had been with our congregation since she was 2 yrs. old. She is the first in our ministry to do so.


In attendance was an elderly lady who had visited our church for the first time the previous week. Invited by a relative (her daughter?), she had gone forward to ask for prayer because she recently lost her husband in a house fire and was full of grief. We prayed for her and gave her an offering. Within a week, she was hardly recognizable, completely free from the spirit of grief and full of the peace of God.


The next week, Willy, Herminio, Erick and Manuel went to Rio Bravo to minister the Word and to

fellowship with the local body. Willy reported the following on their visit:

The men were excited as they ministered to one another as they traveled to church. When they arrived, the church was already a bit busy with people and the fellowship continued. The praise and worship team led a great praise service, and the drums sounded better than ever as the team was blessed with a new set of drums. (What a difference! The old set really sounded like someone beating on tin cans.) Willy ministered the Word on how to get your dreams fulfilled, and the people well received the message, while Erick helped with the children’s church. Before service ended, Willy and the men that accompanied him prayed for a young boy that had a growth on his face. (The tumor is noticeably different now; it was hard and protruding, but has softened since they began praying for the 2-yr-old.) They continue to believe that the boy is completely whole. As usual, the service was a great blessing to all.


Jeanette led a teachers' meeting in Rio Bravo the following week. Omar and Miranda gave her and Erick a ride in order to arrive early, and Jose caught up later, arriving in time for the regular service. The meeting was very effective, and many things were established that will have lasting affects for generations to come as the attendees, in turn, were equipped to be able to prepare future teachers. Interestingly, Miriam, the leader of the children's ministry, began with us when she was about 6-yrs-old. Sami, another teacher, began with us at about age 2. What a blessing to see how children's ministry prepares the children to grow and serve in the Church! The service with the congregation was also quite a blessing. Jose ministered to the adults and prayed with a few while Jeanette and Erick ministered to the children.


It was quite a blessing to also be able to spend some time with Dona Maria, the leader of the church in Rio Bravo, before the meetings. She always has testimonies. She recently led a long-time acquaintance to the Lord when the lady stopped by her house to ask for some information about something. She has also led to the Lord people she encounters when she leaves her house to attend to personal business. In addition, she testified that she had been praying about who to hire to put in tile on a bathroom floor. The Lord sent her a man who, during a conversation with her, just broke down crying and asked her for prayer because he felt so convicted for having left his church. The next day, he took a helper to begin work on the floor. He, too, had the same reaction, so she prayed for him as well.


Oscar and Chela made another very successful trip to Urecho, Queretaro the last weekend of the month. Despite the dreary, cold climate, the people came together for the two meetings they held and really enthusiastically participated in the praise and worship, even the children. They also report that a plot of land has been donated for the construction of the church building about the same size as the property in Rio Bravo. The man who donated the land was later blessed by the government with cement blocks for a room that he is to build onto his house, as was his son. (“Give, and it shall be given unto you (Luke 6:38).”) The tarps that they are using are quite worn, so construction needs to happen soon, or they will need to purchase new ones. The Lord has also already provided 2 ladies to teach the children on Saturday's. They will learn right along with the children, for now.


The new baby believers have lots of questions, many having to do with how to live this life of faith and circumvent the requirements that have been established as “law” in the village. For instance, their children are not permitted to enroll in school without their infant baptismal certificate. And the people cannot be buried in the cemetery without having fulfilled the Catholic sacraments, infant baptism, the holy communion, etc. Oscar and Chela shared scriptures with them concerning people in the Bible who faced opposition by false religions and trusted God. The Lord will lead them through these things. Please keep this infant church in your prayers.


Since we attended service in Rio Bravo the weekend following Thanksgiving, we were able to attend church on Sunday in Edinburg, a rarity for us. It was really good to see some familiar faces and some not at all familiar. The church is growing and BIG things are right around the corner! (Just wait and see!--we'll report on the good news as soon as possible.) In our absence from Victoria this weekend, Eric and Lucero held the monthly marriage class that went very well, and Carlos preached and ministered in the regular service the following day. What a tremendous blessing to know that the same Holy Spirit is functioning in our leaders in a great anointing, and that the church is in good hands when we are not there.


With Christmas right around the corner, and lots of opportunities to celebrate the Lord, let us enjoy the season and rejoice in the eternal impact that He made—and continues to make—on the world by His birth, life, death, and resurrection. Truly, 'tis the season to be jolly! Have a very blessed Christmas looking to the Light of the world!


Yours in Christ,


Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would greatly appreciate your prayers specifically for the following places where World Harvest (Cosecha Mundial) has congregations and groups:


Rio Bravo

Voz Campesina

Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Mante

Mariposas y Maguiras (GDA for children)

Urecho, Queretaro

Reynosa (GDA for children/prayer with the parents)


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.


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