We began our month of activities by splitting up, with Jose and Raul of Victoria ministering in Mante, and Jeanette staying behind and sharing the Word in Victoria. We praise God that, as the Word promises, our steps were ordered by the Lord. The men had a very effective time in Mante, as did Jeanette in Victoria. In staying behind in Victoria, Jeanette had a very necessary, impromptu meeting prior to the service with a person who had been causing the leaders some concern. The discussion was a very anointed one that brought about peace and revealed truth.

Jose reported that a brother in Mante who had been given giant letter paperback Bible had wanted to reinforce it with stitches to preserve it (He really treasures his Bible!) but was told by a person whose business it was to do such a service that it wasn't possible. So he and a friend decided to do it themselves by drilling holes in it and stitching it by hand. Then he covered it in thick plastic. He says that everyone admires it, and he's so very pleased with his Bible.

The next day, the group from Victoria that ministers at the hospitals had yet another very successful time with several people receiving Christ. They also shared with people concerning how they, too, could minister to family members facing situations and they prayed for the mother of a believer who was in the E.R. with high blood pressure. Just a little time later, the believer returned and excitedly told them her mother had been dismissed. We also heard of a family there from a rural area in Tampico that recently accepted Christ and whose daughter has been released from the hospital to return home. The team is praying that, though the area where they live is rural, they would find a church in which to grow.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit directs a person but His leadings are ignored, and such was the case, sadly, of a brother who was returning with a crew from a job in Monterrey. They all wanted to leave before daybreak, but he felt they shouldn't, and told them so. In addition, a relative of his asked him to wait and accompany her to their home city, but he opted to return with the guys, despite his strong reservations. Then, on their way, they were stopped by robbers who took everything they had, which included his documents needed in order to work. He admitted that he should have followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, and he would have spared himself much trouble. (Regardless, we are very glad that he is back home with his family and his church, as he had been working out of town for some time. And we are confident that he will recover everything he lost, and then some!)

The following weekend, the congregation in Victoria was blessed with a visit from pastors Jaime, Stephanie, Willy, and Cynde from Edinburg. While they were there, Jose and Jeanette remained in Edinburg so that Jose could minister to the congregation there. The “exchange” of pastors was a tremendous blessing for both congregations. The following is a summary of Willy's report on their time with the brothers and sisters of Victoria:

On this weekend Pastors Jaime, Stephanie, Willy and Cynde, and Pastors Jose and Jeanette were at opposite sides of the U.S./Mexico border ministering the Word to the Body of Christ.  The day of the trip was a challenging one from the beginning when the Mexico Customs Officials requested a document from Willy that had never been asked before regarding the vehicle.  After some discussion, Willy and the Team decided to go back home to try and find it.  After searching for about half an hour and Willy dealing with thoughts about not making the trip, the Lord put peace in his heart and told him, “I don’t want you to go yet, I have detained your trip a couple of hours.” Willy, along with Cynde had considered renting a car in Mexico and then leaving in that, but they knew that wasn’t the best way to get there, even though the document they were requesting had not been found.  They returned to the same Customs Check Point and they took authority over the whole situation.  Willy then returned, entered the office, and noticed that the staff that was requesting that document was no longer there—Aleluya!!!  Willy then asked another official, and he immediately said, I authorize that vehicle-Aleluya--without that document.  The permit was granted and the team went on their way to Victoria rejoicing!  The trip was very picturesque as it was very obvious that it had been raining in Mexico, and the beautiful mountains shone in their glory on this day.  The team arrived at one of the brother’s home in Victoria to find several of the leaders there already in fellowship. They rejoiced that evening, and relationships were sharpened as they ate and marveled at what the Lord is doing in everyone’s lives.   The team then went to the hotel to rest for the night as the anticipation of the next morning’s service continued to grow. 

The next morning Pastors Jaime and Stephanie along with Willy and Cynde enjoyed great fellowship during breakfast at the hotel and finalized some service details.  The church was already very active when the Team arrived as the Praise Team was also praising God during sound check.   Many people started to fellowship before service and were so delighted to meet Pastors Jaime and Stephanie.  With a great sound of praise, the church began to fill up quickly. (It was packed!)  During praise and worship in song, Willy sensed to pray and bless all the kids before they went to their class, so Pastors and Willy and Cynde formed a tunnel and blessed every child in that place.  They must have laid hands on about 50-60 kids as the line never seemed to end-Glory to God!  The Word then went forth delivered by Pastor Jaime as he ministered on the power of influence and how the church can influence the world.  Pastor Jaime was then led to release the grace that’s upon them to the people that wanted to receive that same grace-grace for finances, leadership, victory...  It seems that the whole congregation lined up to receive-Glory to God!  The service ended with Pastor Willy sensing that properties and buildings have been waiting to be claimed by the Church and everyone fervently got in agreement as Pastors Jaime and Stephanie led the prayer of declaration!   What a great way to end the service-declaring God’s provision to further and enlarge the Kingdom! 

The trip was a great blessing, especially to the team that traveled this weekend as they were refreshed and recharged!”

By the following week, a report came in regarding prosperities, as Willy had prophesied. A family had been waiting for 2 years to obtain some land in a new subdivision. Every week they attended meetings about it, but each time they faced obstacles due to many factors. But just days after Willy's word of prophecy, they obtained the property. The sister who testified ended her written message with, “Glory to God! I rejoice for the many blessings that the Lord Jesus pours out on our family...Thank God, we have a God that makes possible the impossible; we only have to believe, and He always does it! Amen!”

We returned the following week to the cottage to check on the neighbors (they're doing well) and see to the property before heading to Victoria for the discipleship class. There, were enjoyed hearing several testimonies. Pepe testified of God's supernatural provision in his family's business. A key client had told them he no longer would order from them due to the slow economy. Pepe took his merchandise, anyway, with intentions of drumming up more business. At first it was a little here, and a little there. But eventually, he ended up selling it all, and with new clients who requested more. Lucero testified of being instantly healed of a stomach infection during the class. We also praised God for the salvation of a man who attended the recent monthly men's meeting. And another sister testified of finally obtaining permanent work status at her job, this despite her boss having resigned which normally is detrimental to all the staff. But she said that when she heard of his resignation, she was not moved in the least. She remained confident that the Lord would work on her behalf as she and others had prayed for her, and it became a reality.

As a word of encouragement, Pepe also added a testimony that he recalled from some time ago when he taught at a university which was one of the most stressful times of his life and required great perseverance and faith. On the last day of classes, a student tearfully approached him in desperation. He led her to Christ, and she now attends church in Monterrey. All that he went through that year was worth it for that one soul that was saved!

We were so very pleased to hear that a new believer, “fruit” of the hospital team, who was taught the skill of baking while he and his family stayed at the shelter during the treatment of his premie baby girl, will soon receive a stove/oven which he had expressed a need for so that he could continue to earn a living for his family. A sister has one available; they just need to check it out to make sure it works since it had been left outside. The Lord has done amazing things in the life of this man—a completely new identity! We praise God that this brother will see first-hand that the Lord supplies his every need.

Rocio and Luz Elena returned to the village of Voz for their monthly ladies' meeting. However this one was to be a little more “formal” as a mini-conference, using the theme that was recently presented in Victoria. This was a real treat for the ladies of Voz, and a great way to share the Word in a very relevant way to them. Karen also took Rocio and Luz to visit a neighbor, and they led her to Christ. It is expected that she and her family will become a part of the congregation in Voz. Praise God!

Willy returned to Rio Bravo, accompanied by Erick and Herminio and submitted the following report:

“On this ministry trip Willy was accompanied by Erick and Herminio. Herminio was present that day when this church began some 18-19 years ago, so it was a blessing for some people to see and meet one of the founders of this church.  A good amount of people were present on this evening and they were ready to praise and receive God’s Word.  Dona Maria opened the service in joyful prayer, followed by Erick who shared, in Spanish (he's been working on that!), a Word regarding God’s thoughts toward us as a reminder of His love for us.  Herminio then shared on How to Share Jesus to Others.  Herminio has a grace upon him to win people to Jesus, and what he shared was well received!  To confirm that grace, Antonio, a very faithful member of the church, recalled when Herminio led him to Jesus some 10 years ago and can attest to seeing that grace on him.  Herminio then explained that, when sharing Jesus, the love for people has to be the driving force.  Willy then put Herminio to the test in an impromptu skit as Willy pretended to be a non-Christian mechanic, and Herminio was asked to share Jesus to him so that the church could see basic way of ministering to people. Herminio immediately flowed in this grace. Willy then ended the service by praying for God’s grace to flow through the church as they continue to look for opportunities to minister the love of Jesus to their loved ones.  As always, the trip was a blessing to all who were in attendance.”

For the last weekend of the month, Jose and Jeanette returned to Rio Bravo, but this time on a Sunday morning to see how the people would react to holding services at that time to also appeal to others around the church and encourage their attendance. The change was very well received, and though there will be adjustments for those who visit from Edinburg, it seems to be a good change that should help with church growth and more consistent attendance for those who work during the week.

During our visit, a sister approached Jeanette to testify how she is reaching her sister and brother-in-law and their children for Christ. Their 2-yr-old had been very sick, so she went over to pray for him, something the parents were hesitant for her to do! But they relented, and the child improved. Because of that, they finally have given her permission to take their children to church, and that Sunday was their first visit. This sister has prayed that family out of so many crises, yet they remain blind to the benefits to living in Christ. However, we know that it is only a matter of time when, they too will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We also took advantage of our time there to pray together again for Sister Chela who is standing firm in faith against a very negative doctor's report. We would appreciate your support in prayer, declaring life, and life in abundance, as Jesus promises in John 10:10. We are confident that she will win, and her life will be a testimony that will bring many to Christ.

The coming of the Lord Jesus is what makes that possible, and for that reason, and many more, we celebrate Him during this special season and all year 'round.

Have a very blessed and merry Christmas!

With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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