Something as simple as a birthday party can be very spiritual and uplifting. We were invited to Karla's birthday party/dinner and met several young ladies who attend her cell group (Bible study). Most of these ladies had never even held a Bible in their hands until they began to attend Karla's meetings. And the growth and joy could be seen in them as we chatted. They couldn't stop talking about their gratitude for Karla and the change that God has made in their lives. We were so encouraged by their testimonies. For example, Churu told that her husband was a believer and she wasn't, and that now that she has accepted Christ, her mariage has improved greatly. She then started praying for her sister to come to Christ, and she did through another ministry. Now she prays for others in the family. She also asked for prayer to conceive. They've been married for three years.

While there, we also talked with some who attend Monica's cell group. One young lady, Laura, is a new believer who arrives every week just bubbling up with news of what God has been teaching her. She is growing by leaps and bounds. We look forward to seeing her in some aspect of the ministry one day.

That same day, our young teen girls cell group passed out packets of clothing and scriptures that they had prepared to a neighborhood near the new building. Several people seemed interested in attending services once the building is ready. What thrilled us the most is that this activity was done completely on their own initiative. They just wanted to do something.

While that was going on, we also held an impromptu Bible study with our neighbors in La Purisima when they began to ask questions about prayer. Jose spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of standing on God's Word in prayer. It seemed like they were really getting it.

The next day, while ministering in Victoria, Mirta (the one who manifested demons one night) had a relapse because she had not followed through with the instructions we'd given her. Jeanette took authority over the spirits and sternly told Mirta to leave and take care of the bitterness and unforgiveness in her heart that she had been harboring against people in another ministry. She was also instructed to deal with the altar dedicated to her deceased parents in her home. She promptly did go to the other church and spoke with the pastor and others, but she could not find the courage to deal with the altar until several weeks later. (more on that next month)

We were so blessed by Willy, Cynde, Miranda, and Omar joining us the following week. Unfortunately, they had to endure the inconvenience of no electricity though we gratefully did not have to deal with the oppressive heat that is still common during these days. The weather was quite pleasant. They shared in Voz and Victoria on this trip and their companionship was a real treat for us.

The following Friday at our leadership class in Victoria, it rained so hard we couldn't hear ourselves until we moved, but we were pleased to have a good group of 16 in attendance. Monica's disciple Laura was there and expressed great gratitude for learning that night about the armor of God and that the Word is a sword. Every revelation to her is a joy, and it is to us as well to see the light turn on in her.

The work in Mante continues, though it seems slow and undefined still. However, every time we go, we are encouraged by the reception of the people. Just 3 weeks earlier, Berta had thought about not returning to the services, but after hearing the Word that night, she said she was convinced that there was life among us and she could feel the love of God. She asked for prayer for her alcoholic,diabetic husband Esteban.

At another service in Mante, Minerva said she wanted to do more for the Lord when asked what was the desire of her heart. We prayed with her, but before we did, she read aloud Ps 130:2, a very fitting verse. We also prayed for 3 others who received their healing that night, and for Beto's son who expressed a desire to serve God in music. God is working in this young man who, just weeks earlier had refused to attend service.

Lately, the move of the Spirit has been sweet in our leadership meetings and in the services. Sonya testified that she hadn't worked for 3 years and began to declare the Word. She got a job teaching, and her students are scoring high—so high that the administration went to check her kids' work.

At a service in Victoria, as we were praying for the needs of the people, Jeanette felt led to go to the back where Rosi's 78-yr-old dad was seated. She asked him if he would like to receive from the Lord, and he said yes. He was helped to the front where he was asked if he knew who Jesus is. He said, “Yes, He is the Son of God.” But when asked if Jesus lived in him, he said, “I've always had faith.” When asked again, he said, “Probably not.” Then he was asked if he would like to invite Him in , he agreed and prayed with her. He also received prayer for his eye and other ailments in his body. About eight others went forward for healing and deliverance that day.

Isai from Voz has been attending Victoria's praise and worship practices and services to help out with guitar. He is really flowing well in worship, and we know that this experience is also of benefit to the congregation in Voz.

An update on Don Tino's brother: The doctors say he has cancer, but have not told him. They can't operate, so they sent him home. They told him the problem has disappeared. He has taken them and God at their word and says he feels perfectly fine. He believes he has been healed. We stand in faith with him.

While in Rio Bravo, a little 3-yr-old girl sobbed and complained of a tummy ache and thought she was going to vomit. Jeanette prayed for her and sent her to the restroom. She quickly returned and happily went back to coloring with no more pain and no vomiting.

Our last trip in was a bit of an adventure. We were grateful that we had no visitors with us, and that we had already canceled the class for that evening. We were stopped by several officials along the way, and there were unusually long lines of traffic due to people traveling to celebrate “The Day of the Dead.” Some construction also delayed us. Just a small inconvenience that is well worth the price to pay for the cause of Christ.

 With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Josh and the team

P.S. Have a very blessed Thanks Giving Day

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