Testimonies from the Ladies’ Conference were still coming in as we entered the month of October.  Our leaders expressed how much they themselves learned and how they could see the faces of the ladies beaming as they entered the building and as they left.  One of the leaders expressed that she conquered fear that day.  Another said she entered the conference in one condition and left in a totally different one.  She also begged us to baptize her as soon as possible.  It was interesting to note that Mexico’s Miss Beauty Competition was on the same day that our conference entitled “Your New Look” (dealing with inner beauty) took place.  They noted the contrast.

One of the participants accepted Christ the Monday after the conference when she told a leader of the GDA (Grupo de Alcance = Outreach Group) that she had wanted to accept Christ that day, but couldn’t bring herself to go forward.  Karina immediately led her in a prayer of salvation.  Her mother, who was still mourning the death of her husband after seven months, had also attended the conference and received a lot, especially in the teaching of how God clothes us with joy in place of sack cloth of mourning.  The very next day she attended the church service not wearing black for the first time.

On the way to Voz, Jeanette observed a cross on the top of a mountain and commented about it to Jose.  He said that people do that because they believe that below the surface of the shape of the mountain is a monster, and that locals believe that if they put a cross there, it will keep the monster from rising up.  We take great pleasure in teaching the people the real purpose of the cross and how it sets us free.

We visited 87-yr-old Don Pedro, an elderly brother in Voz, who we’d heard was critically ill and had been sent home to die.  We found him near death and prayed for him and his wife.  His sons and daughters--most of whom are Jehovah Witnesses or Catholic-- did not receive us with gratitude as one would expect.  In fact, one daughter, while standing over her dad’s bed, disputed the possibility that her dad could be healed, and the others simply scattered.  It was reminiscent of the scripture where Jesus marveled at the hardened hearts and lack of faith.  Though Don Pedro was in and out of consciousness, when we held his Bible in front of him, he reached for it and clasped it.  Each week afterward, he improved greatly and was even able to walk and hold a coherent conversation with us.  In fact, he expressed his gratitude for our prayers and said loudly, “These Jehovah Witnesses don’t know how to pray!”  Despite his great improvements, he had a setback during the last week of the month.  When we visited him, he seemed  resigned to go home.  He waved goodbye as we left, something we’d never seen him do before.  Just hours later, we got the word that he’d gone home.

Don Pedro always told us he wanted a service at the church when he passed on (Most people hold vigil in the home of the deceased and then walk to the cemetery in a procession.), so we asked his wife if that was her plan and she said yes.  When we got there, everyone was at the home instead of at the church.  Word was sent to us that plans were changed to hold service at the house due to the objections of some family members.  Jose adamantly insisted that the service should be held at the church as Don Pedro had requested.  Minutes later, the people arrived, and the service was tender and anointed.  About eight people went forward to allow us to pray for them to receive God’s comfort, and at least two in attendance accepted Christ.  We’re sure that if we had allowed the unbelievers to control the service, none of that would have been possible.

At the burial, God’s presence could be felt.  There was no hysteria, which is common among nonbelievers.  In addition, after sharing scriptures, Jose prayed for the widow, the family, and the village, during which time the air was totally still, and no one made a sound.  Suddenly, a wind rose up, and the leaves of the trees rustled.  Jeanette looked up in amazement to see what God was doing.  Only peace could be noted.  Then the men took turns shoveling the dirt over the casket.  Time will tell just what was going on in the spirit realm.  We expect many to come to Christ.

This month we also had the opportunity to meet for dinner with a couple that is excitedly growing in faith.  Phillippe is from France, and  Rocio is from Guanajuato.  When we first met them at the convention, he was quite hesitant.  Now the two hunger for more.  They say they haven’t felt anguish for the stressful situations they are facing since she got baptized, (weeks later, he was baptized too).  They are totally different people now, and it shows.  Since our talk, Phillippe has had three very significant dreams, one of which--according to him--means “Satan has left my home.” We look forward to seeing them grow into the calling God has for them. 

Sister Sonya asked if it would be OK to teach a group of Catholic ladies on how to grow in Christ.  They had been begging her for a home Bible study.  Of course that would be fine!  As long as she told them up front that she is a member now of a non-catholic church and explained to them that she has been born again.

Sister Rosi also mentioned to us that there are several neighbor ladies interested in getting together with her, as well.  She and her husband also teach the children of the village of Mariposas weekly, in addition to their other responsibilities at the church in Victoria.

This month we baptized again, this time twelve.  It was glorious!  One of the young ladies, Karla’s maid, had asked Laura’s maid what the requirements there were to be baptized, and if she had to dress in a certain way to be of the faith (I.e., long skirts, long sleeves, etc), or stop watching tv, or the like.  Chole told her there were no requirements except to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He would show her how to live and help her to know what to do. That clinched it for her, and both were among the baptized.  Chole later said she was surprised at the answer she gave and thrilled because she’d never been used by God before. The next day at the service in Victoria, another 10 people raised their hands indicating that they desire to be baptized.  They’ll have to wait;  the temperature has dropped to the point that they think is too cold to get wet. 

At a service in Voz, a young mother named Kenia told Jeanette of her first experience of laying hands on the sick after remembering that Jose had taught that all believers should be doing that instead of waiting for the pastor to do it.  So while accompanying her sick mother in the hospital, she asked her if she could pray, and her mother agreed.  Then the doctors ran all kinds of tests and found them all to be negative.  Kenia was thrilled to be used by God.  Jeanette told her this might just be her ministry.

On one of our trips home, while stopped at a military check-point, we were asked what we did and where the church was.  We told them and invited them to join us if they get leave.  Then we began to minister to them and tell them that we are praying for them.  The one closest to us clung to our lowered window as if he didn’t want us to leave and that he hungered to hear more.  The other kindly thanked us for our words and sent us on our way, as we were holding up traffic. They never did check our vehicle.  At another occasion, the soldier gladly accepted a gospel tract from us.  Another said he could tell we were in the ministry right away.  He said he has seen several like us and knows what we look like.  How nice that it shows!

We appreciate your prayers and would ask that you keep in your prayers the Young Adult Conference coming up on the 13th of November in Victoria.  Over 150 people are expected.  We can’t wait to tell you all about it!
Yours in Christ,      José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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