We started the month’s activities with breakfast with Carlos and Vivi of Victoria to discuss several issues in the ministry that they had on their heart.  We were very impressed with their insight and maturity in approaching challenges, and are grateful for the Lord sending them to work along side us.

 Following breakfast, we headed to the cottage and then to the village of Voz for service and to take them a new keyboard—which greatly pleased Cinthia, a young teen who desires to learn to play and minister in music.  During the service, three people accepted Christ including a very young couple who are expecting their second baby.  The young man’s father also prayed to receive Christ.  Years ago he had attended our church, but left his family and the church, and only recently returned.

 From Voz we headed straight to the airport in Victoria to welcome back Salomon and Laura who had attended a leadership conference in Guatemala.  They returned so free and full of revelation and joy that we talked long into the night.  They shared a powerful testimony the following day in the service.

 There was a mighty move of the Spirit in the service in Victoria.  Many were healed, set free, and received gifts of the Spirit.   Most notable, while people were being ministered to, not one child even whimpered or made a move until it was time for them to go to their class where they started their first day in a course to teach the children on how to share Christ with their friends and family.  The potential is very exciting.  The materials for the course were also passed along to the congregations in Mante, Rio Bravo, Voz, and the mission in Mariposas.  The program may also be adapted on the U.S. side.

 A young man named Juan Carlos has begun attending services along with the leadership class and an outreach group in Victoria.  We learned that he was led to Christ and set free from drugs by a young lady from church. She referred him to the services, and he hasn’t missed since.  At one of the meetings, he arrived quite late.  He had studied all night for an exam, and went to sleep when he got home after taking it. When he awoke, he realized that he had over-slept, but decided to go to the service anyway, even if he only heard a few minutes of teaching.  Attending for him is a bit of a sacrifice because he lives far away and has to ride a bus to get there, but he seems so hungry for the Word.

 He and the outreach group visited the hospital as they do monthly to minister and take people food.  They thought they wouldn’t have enough, but the Lord multiplied it, and they couldn’t give it all away.  There was even enough to give to the security guard who always allows them special permission to go in.  Later, the group also enjoyed a meal together with the food that remained. 

 Jose and Jeanette went with Carlos and Vivi to baptize three people from Mante.  (A young man from Rio Bravo was also baptized recently, as well.)  Afterward, there was a time of fellowship and then the service where there was a great amount in attendance.  We really enjoyed speaking with the man who had been delivered from alcoholism.  He testified that he had gone to the doctor who was astounded by the restoration of his body.  He had ulcers all down his esophagus and stomach, a weak heart, a damaged liver and sores so bad on his feet that he hadn’t been able to wear shoes, but test results came out clean.  He’s been totally restored in health, finances (enabling him to buy a decent car and put the clunker out of its misery), job, and relationships. 

 Victoria held its second annual ladies’ conference with about 140 women in attendance.   The topic was on being victorious through the Shalom of the Lord.  The peace of God was so strong in the place that the anointing broke off burdens and yokes right where the ladies sat, this despite several obstacles and delays just at the time we were to begin.  The lady who was to bring center pieces for the tables was delayed at another place she was to decorate; an actor in the play to be presented had to take care of his ill mother; and the lady who was to bring flowers for the stage lost a close friend unexpectedly.  She arrived late weighted down with grief, but she attended.  As the service began, we had to minister peace to her.  By the time she left, she was completely relieved of the pain and was ready to go to the funeral home to comfort others instead of needing to be comforted herself.    

As part of the program, a play was presented on the Shunammite woman (2 Kings 4) written by Sandra Balderas, an actress in the congregation who works for the Bellas Artes (Fine Arts) of Mexico City.  She also produced and directed the play.  The casting she did was perfect, selecting just the right people from the congregation for each role, including the son of the Shunammite woman, a four-yr-old who seems to be a natural.  The actors portrayed their parts so well that the audience was moved to tears.  Jason was asked to play background music and to find a song that would go with the play.  Instead of finding one, the Lord gave him an original song on Shalom to play at the finale.  It was so anointed that we expect this song to go beyond the play.

 For the praise and worship, there was an all-girl band consisting of Karen from Voz on the bass, Yahaira (a 13-yr old who supernaturally is picking up guitar) from Mante , and the rest from Victoria.  They flowed very well together. 

A recording of Miranda Torrez from the U.S. church giving her testimony on the song the Lord had given her was also included in the program because its theme was applicable to the topic of the conference.  Also recorded was the song sung by her and accompanied by some of the praise and worship team of the U.S. church.  It was nice to have participation from every congregation.

Other blessings of that day for which we are grateful:  the weather was perfect, even though it had really rained just a couple days before; the men were so supportive, helping with the parking, the “heavy” work, the sound, etc.; there was abundance for everything needed for the some 140 women in attendance.   The whole event was a great success. 

Victoria is planning another young adult conference for December 10th.  The planners are casting out a very large net this time, aiming for about 500 people to be in attendance, with an emphasis on reaching the lost.  They plan a sketch (skit), and two are working on original music for it.  We would appreciate your prayers for this event.

 Salomon has been busy.  After two years of feeling led to invite a man for breakfast, he finally did, and then led him to the Lord.  Salomon plans on meeting with him weekly.

 He also met with the previous pastor of a family (The couple is named Fernando and Martina) who has decided to attend our church in Victoria.  Jose had asked that Salomon meet with him to reassure him that we did not “recruit” the family (which the pastor had assumed) and that we wanted to be sure that hurts and offenses were healed between them.  We had also sent the family back to talk with him.  The pastor expressed his gratitude for how it all was handled, and asked for forgiveness for his part in the situation.  This turned out to be beneficial to everyone concerned and promoted unity between the churches.

 During our last trip of the month, we visited Voz to attend a memorial service for Don Pedro who passed away a year ago.  The service was held at his house, with the Jehovah Witness relatives all seated at a distance, but hearing every word.  Following the praise and worship, Sister Fidela preached and gave an invitation to receive Christ.  One elderly lady named Juana went forward, followed by Lola, a sister who said she wanted to rededicate her life after having drifted away years ago.  Interestingly, weeks ago Jeanette had come across a paper that had a hand-written prayer to use to lead someone to Christ which Lola had written years ago and given to Jeanette.  Jeanette saved it in her purse and intended to give it back to her the next time she ran into her in the village as a way to remind her of what she had and draw her back.   The day Lola got that prayer back was the day she repented and turned back to the Lord.  

That same day, Carlos and Vivi went to Mante to dedicate a baby.  Carlos is taking on more and more of those types of responsibilities, including a quinceanera service in November.

 We had been praying for Martina’s mother who was critically ill, but things didn’t look good.  The problem was the lady did not believe in Jesus.  But finally, Fernando and Martina led her to the Lord just days before she went to be with the Lord.  Though the couple hasn’t been with the congregation long, the church stepped up and ministered in word and song at the funeral services.  Martina’s father expressed gratitude despite him not being a believer.  We trust that seed was sown even in such difficult circumstances.

 What a blessed month!  There is much to be thankful for!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

                                                       Love in Christ,                             Jose and Jeanette, and the co-laborers

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