In addition to our own regular missions activities in Mexico, Pastors Max and Jon had the extraordinary opportunity to spend two weeks ministering in India this month, and they returned rejoicing over all God did and all they experienced. It was a very successful trip, for which we are very grateful. (See details and photos on the web site:


On our first trip of the month we met with the leaders in the discipleship (leadership) class in Victoria. We rejoiced in hearing that they had held a young adults fellowship meeting that week with a great turn-out (about 25 in attendance), including some who had never participated before, though they have been members of the church for years. .


During the class, we were updated on the seven grupos de alcance (GDAs, outreach groups) and their members, totaling about 100. One of the ladies who attends a GDA is married to a Muslim and has very serious marriage problems, so much so that she is considering escaping to another country. As she is learning about Christ, she says she can plainly see the contrast between an oppressive, legalistic religion, and the freedom that Jesus brings.


A couple in the congregation that has recently taken higher steps in their spiritual growth told us they recently visited a small church in San Luis where there daughter Marcela lives and worshiped as they are naturally accustomed (raising their hands and clapping to the choruses), though no one else seemed to do it at first. Suddenly, to the great satisfaction of this couple, others joined them and later expressed their appreciation to be able to manifest joy in their worship. We are very anxious to see how God uses this very precious couple. For now, they are very occupied with their daughter and grandchildren as they are going through some turmoil in the family. Your prayers for them are greatly appreciated.


Following our regular discipleship class, we had a meeting with the three couples that function as our assistants in Victoria and teach in Mante. We are so very blessed by their insight, enthusiasm to serve the Lord, and their unity.


The following day before service, Jeanette greeted Don Roberto, an elderly widower who has been saved for a little over a year, as he entered the building smiling ear to ear. When she asked him what was the cause of such joy on his face, he replied that Carlos, one of our leaders, had visited him and showed him how to use the scriptures for help in different situations. This was exactly what he needed to deal with many concerns and issues, including an extremely stressful event that recently occurred.


Another young believer told Jeanette that she recently visited her grandmother and found she had nothing in her house to eat, so she quickly bought her groceries and prepared her a meal. But, most importantly, she prayed for God's provision for her. To her surprise, the very next day her grandmother received two checks, enough to pay for food and bills. This young believer was amazed at how quickly God responded to her prayers.


As the congregation in Victoria adjusts to their new surroundings and facilities, gradually things are getting back to “normal” with the regular monthly meetings that have served to help the members stay “connected” and to bring in their family and friends. Finally, they were able to hold their first ladies' meeting which went very well. The men's meeting followed and was held in our apartment which is perfect for small groups.


During the second week, Jose, Pepe, and Eric baptized another eight people in the pool outside the banquet hall where services are held in Victoria. Word was passed along to the other congregations to hold baptisms one last time before the cooler weather arrives.


We have been so blessed by how appreciative the members are of the Word and how eager they are to share it with others. Karina, a deacon in Victoria, has taken it upon herself to retype some materials that had run low from the resource table and reproduce them. Chano, a brother in Victoria, recently requested that people pass along to him back editions so that he can get his hands on as much information about growing in faith as possible. He told Jeanette that it is changing his life. He takes the scriptures provided and puts them all over his house and meditates on them. He has seen victory over insomnia and has gained about 15 pounds, which he really needed. When Sister Mari of Rio Bravo learned that she could receive a Spanish translation of the Voice of Victory magazine in the mail, she signed up herself and others from the church for subscriptions. Jeanette had been taking in a few copies to each congregation to be passed around. Sister Lupita enjoys the magazines so much that she makes copies of them to give to her customers at her business! She has even led some of those customers to the Lord. The Word of God changes lives and is the tool to reach people for Christ.


We just love to see God change lives right in front of our eyes. There is a man in Victoria who for years politely avoided us and church, though his wife and sons attended. Since the split, he has begun attending, and his very countenance has changed. In one particular service, he told Jose that he desires to print up bumper stickers of the church info and logo AND provide the church with projector screens so that everyone could see the words to the songs better.


Vicente, our leader in Voz, has been extremely helpful in Mante, providing stable leadership there. Jose asked him to make the hour drive weekly so that he could lead the services there, even when others go to preach. This has brought Vicente up to another level in his ministry and has been invaluable to the congregation in Mante.


Mante is really settling in and growing since the dedication of the building. The members are inviting friends and family, and the people in the neighborhood are attending.


For the third weekend of the month, Jose stayed states-side in order to accompany the guys from the church to a men's advance at Texas Bible Institute where Joshua is studying. This gave Jose and Joshua some valuable father-son time (though very brief) and Jose was also able to fellowship with the guys from the church going there and coming back, something he rarely has time to do.


During that week, Jose and Jeanette visited the church in Rio Bravo. The plans for expansion of the building are coming along quite well, and the dedication of the building can happen as early as the beginning of the new year, with outside support.


It is always so good to visit the church in Rio Bravo. They are so full of love and perseverance that one always leaves there edified and encouraged by the brothers and sisters in Christ. Jose briefly shared a short message and then passed the microphone to Jeanette who shared a word which was later confirmed as a direct message from the Lord for a particular person in need of it.


At our last leadership class, Rosi testified that she led a neighbor to Christ in her GDA, and her children are attending, as well. Also as testimony, Karina said that she had lost an hour at her work (She is hired by the hour), but then she gained 2 hours through another opportunity. Carlos got promoted with a raise. (His wife recently did, too.) We were also thrilled to hear the good news that a couple that had been trying to get pregnant for some time finally are expecting. And Pepe testified of God's protection in a recent encounter with the cartel on the highway when returning with much merchandise for his business. Pepe had thought they had stopped him while they were stopping others, so he pulled over, but they said to him that they hadn't even seen him and told him to drive on when he told them he was a pastor's assistant. He rejoiced in “being invisible to the enemy.”


We are updating our logo for Cosecha Mundial (World Harvest, ministry in Mexico), and the guy who has offered to do it for us, Eric Garcia, is not charging us for his labor. He only asks that we pray for his family.


Before the last service of the month in Victoria, Yolanda, a fairly new believer (who is BEGGING to be baptized, but missed the last time due to surgery), took her sister Hilda who asked Jeanette for a Bible because she “wants to enter the faith.” Gladly, Jeanette obliged her. As it turns out, Hilda was a childhood friend of Sister Marta who leads the intercession group. Hilda and Yolanda have begun attending and have really enjoyed it. Hilda is praying for her sisters who are quite angry about them leaving the traditions and accepting Christ.


Yolanda also spoke with Jeanette with great joy of how God has changed her life and that of her husband since they have accepted Christ. Her husband's smoking had been a great source of concern for her, but he now has decreased from 3 packs a day to 1, and almost without him noticing. God is doing a great work in him and in so many others.


Our hearts are full of gratitude as we daily see God's hand at work in so many lives, including our own. We are also so very grateful for all who stand with us in faith and unity. Many more wonderful things are soon to be reported, so stay tuned.

With love in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

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