This month was packed with thrilling activities where God was glorified and His church was edified. Apart from some opportunities to sow into some people's lives on a personal level, we were also glad to hear very good reports and testimonies throughout the month and participate in some glorious activities.


The month started off nicely with Carlos and Vivi baptizing three in Mante, and another desires to be baptized very soon. She is fruit from one of the GDAs (grupo de alcance, outreach group).


In Victoria, one sister told us that while praying in the Spirit she was instantly released from the bonds of an unhealthy relationship. No amount of instruction and counseling could have done what the Lord did in an instant. We were also relieved so see how the Lord has comforted another sister in a crumbling marriage. Her state of being is nothing short or miraculous. She told Jeanette that the Word is sustaining her. Every time she opens up the Bible, she finds solace and direction. Now that she is going through this, she has gained a greater appreciation for the power of the Word. Yet another sister has turned a situation of grief into an opportunity to minister to family members who recently lost a loved one and need Jesus. She said she had felt led to share Christ with the deceased and never did. Now she doesn't want to waste time and the opportunity given her. She has begun a GDA for them.


There were also two separate occasions where we prayed deliverance for two ladies who had been oppressed by demons. One was being tormented in her home. We prayed for her and gave her specific instructions regarding the authority we believers have in Christ. Through conversing with her, we also found that she'd been harboring unforgiveness, which we dealt with. The other lady had been experiencing overwhelming fear since the recent tragic death of her daughter. The effect of the prayer of freedom from fear over her was instant and obvious as a gentle peace swept over her to the point that she almost appeared asleep. She's been free from fear ever since.


In Victoria the ladies' monthly group continues to grow. Last month they had about 40 in attendance, and this month there were 50! The meetings are always dynamic, and several ladies participate in various segments of the meeting. Before they even leave the meeting, ladies have signed up to participate in the next one.


For some time we have been praying about how to encourage growth in the members in Voz and also see more come into the congregation. Recently the Lord put it on the hearts of Rosi and Mario, Lupita and Rodolfo, and others to visit the church to make improvements on the building and share the Word. This month Fidela, who used to pastor the church with her husband Tony (who has gone to be with the Lord), also visited and shared the Word. We were thrilled to hear that she had gone, and the congregation rejoiced in seeing her, as well, after a very long time of being away.


The GDAs are doing very well, and more groups have been added. In one group, they recently testified of a lady being healed of a lump in the breast.


In addition to their 2 GDAs, Roberto and Vicky have also shared with relatives in Monterrey and also taught at the recent marriage class in Victoria. They have had many opportunities to share the Word lately, including a with sister and brother-in-law who were preparing to go to mass but ended up staying to hear the Word. The Lord has opened many doors for them lately.


David's dad who lives in Acapulco says that when visiting the church in Victoria over a year ago he received in the welcome package a booklet and was recently reading it at work. He then began to share it with co-workers. He commented to David that he can see himself one day as a preacher. We thank God that a small booklet given to him by the ministry had a big part in him sharing the Word and inspiring him for higher things.


Los Leones (a musical group led by Willy that plays in a Nortena style) and Pastor Jaime Gonzalez visited the congregation in Rio Bravo to minister in the very first service held in the new building, even though the construction has not yet been completed. The service began with Pastor Jaime encouraging the congregation and delivering a short message. The Leones ministered in music, and the Body, as usual, entered into a great time of praise to the Father. During the praise service Willy was prompted to call people that needed healing to come to the altar as Bobby and Pastor Jaime laid hands on them in the ensuing healing service. Brother Willy then shared a prophetic Word that the Lord had given him for Rio Bravo, and the people received it wholeheartedly. (A copy of that prophetic word is available upon request.) After the service a great feast and fellowship took place among the nearly 75 people in attendance. As always, the service was a blessing to all.


While they ministered in Rio Bravo, David taught the discipleship class in Victoria, and Jose and Jeanette ministered in Voz where they found the congregation lively with about 30 in attendance. Prior to their arrival, Lupita and Rodolfo had driven there from Victoria to work in and around the building. They also returned to minister the following week.


As the service began, a 2-yr-old girl began crying inconsolably, having somehow hurt her finger. Jose asked that some lay hands on her, and within seconds, she was completely fine. Another child who had never stayed through the whole service in the class due to extreme attachment to her mother finally did. Not only that, she was talkative, happy, and gave Jeanette an unsolicited hug after class. They say that Vacation Bible School really helped her. (This same testimony of children getting free happened in all the congregations for at least one child in each.)


The next day Carlos ministered in Victoria while Jose and Jeanette drove to Mante, which is always a very pleasurable drive as they pass through an area that perhaps gives a small glimpse of what the Garden of Eden must have been like with the mornings blanketed with a mist that keeps the plentiful vegetation green and lush. The congregation in Mante is an even more delight to see as they are so receptive to the Word and are maturing in the Lord. In addition, the praise and worship team always smiles as they lead in music. During the service, Jeanette had a special prophetic word from the Lord for them (available upon request). After the service, they served Jeanette and Jose a nice meal of pork rinds in green sauce and rice and sent them off loaded with more for the road.


Jose and Jeanette returned to Mante the following week with Miriam from Rio Bravo for a teachers workshop. There was representation from each of the four sister churches. Vivi, the children's ministry director in Victoria, led the workshop and Jeanette and some of the teachers in Victoria all spoke regarding the utmost importance of children's ministry and ways to be effective at it. (A training DVD will soon be produced on the same format to help new teachers as the Lord provides more laborers.) There were about 25 in attendance, all of whom were given a manual, a CD of children's music, as well as a gift provided by some from the church in Edinburg. Following the workshop and ministering to all in attendance, the host church blessed everyone with a meal of tamales, beans and jamaica (a drink made from the hibiscus flower). The fellowship was great!


While there, Jose took advantage of the time to make plans with Ruben, a brother who is an iron smith, to make the doors and windows for the church in Rio Bravo. Pepe has offered to use a truck from his business to transport them.


That same day, following the workshop, they returned to Victoria to hold the marriage class which dealt with the topic of how to build and keep trust in the relationship. There was quite a lot of participation from the group followed by a fellowship over some delicious hamburgers prepared by Chano and his wife Lorena.


David and Paola went to minister in Mante the next day. Their ministry is blooming. They lead the teen GDA in Victoria and have been a great help in filling in for us in teaching the discipleship and marriage classes. Paola also sings in the praise and worship team. In addition, they are always available for things that come up in the activities of the church and are always hospitable in hosting visiting brothers and sisters.


In a recent conversation with Sandra, Willy's sister, I learned that some time back she and Miranda had recorded a worship song in Spanish to show the praise and worship team in Rio Bravo how to harmonize. For convenience, they put it on YouTube, and it got 300 viewers! What an impact on the Spanish-speaking world! It is beyond our comprehension the extent of the impact the Gospel and tools for the edification of the Body are having these days in preparation for the coming of the Lord.


During several conversations that weekend, it was remarkable to hear so many talk about how their lives have dramatically changed since receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. That's what it is all about. That's what gives us such joy to continue in the path the Lord has placed us on. And we are so grateful for the many that the Lord has joined us with on the same path. What a blessing!


With love in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the rest of the Missions Team

I Corinthians 16:13, 14 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.


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