We began this month's activities by showing the movie “Do You Believe?” (in Spanish it is entitled “The Power of the Cross”) to the discipleship group in Victoria, enjoying fellowship, nachos and popcorn along with it.


The next day, Carlos and Rodrigo ministered in Mante and baptized a young teen girl before returning to Victoria. Overwhelmed by the experience of being used by God in such a way, with the realization of the magnitude of the dramatic change in his own life, Rodrigo was moved to tears much of the way home. The Lord truly has plucked him out of darkness and brought him into the new life in Christ, a life of great joy and purpose.


In Victoria, an elderly believer brought us a rough draft of a flier he'd created containing scriptures, the plan of salvation, and church information, adapted from others he'd seen, with intentions of paying for the reproduction of 10, 000 copies and hiring a pilot to drop them over the city! While we greatly appreciate his desire to help spread the word, it did not seem prudent to drop them since it may be seen as littering, so other options are being discussed. 


A few days later, we were privileged to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Rio Bravo. Dona Maria opened the doors early so Jeanette could meet with a young lady. As she left them to talk, she started to walk home for a while but was stopped by a neighbor who asked her to go over to pray for her several aches and pains. Dona Maria told her directly, “What you need is Jesus!” and proceeded to lead her to the Christ, with just enough time to turn around and go back to the church building for service. Jose and Jeanette led the singing, and then Jeanette shared the Word. The service ended with prayer for some of the people, including a young expectant couple. The wife was there for the first time, and the husband had attended only once. 


The following weekend, Jose and the leaders in Victoria met with the man who is helping us get the papers in order for the ministry's registration for a very effective and informative meeting. Meanwhile, Jeanette ministered to a young teen dealing with a crisis pregnancy, health issues, and other problems. Since then, her mother reports that she has improved greatly in their relationship as well as with her health.


Directly after the meetings followed the discipleship class. Vicky testified that a new lady in her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) began declaring the church's memory verses for victory over a very verbally abusive boss, and she has seen a dramatic change in him. She was also healed after receiving prayer last Sunday during the service. Roberto asked for prayer and discussed his plans to minister in a village where his work has sent him. He planned to be there for several weeks with a lot of time on his hands, so he decided to go well-armed with New Testaments and other Gospel literature and be led by the Lord to share the Word. Praise God for his desire to be used for the Kingdom no matter where the Lord sends him! Also during the class, Carlos testified of a couple separated and on the brink of divorce that recently attended church service. They were prayed for, and their marriage was restored! 


The following day, 2 ladies were baptized in Victoria after the service.


One of the things the leaders have been led to do is create original lessons for the children's ministry in addition to pamphlets and booklets for adults. A cook book with scriptures and tips has already been developed, and plans for a nursery curriculum are now underway. The praise and worship team is also working on original songs to record in a CD.

About mid-month we had the extraordinary experience of a child dedication service. One of the mothers had asked if it would be too late to dedicate (they say “present”) her 4-yr-old since she and her husband came to faith in Christ well after he was a baby. Of course it was not too late! So the invitation was made to all the parents. Seven children, ranging from ages 4 months to 8 years, were dedicated to the Lord. During such a service, emphasis is always on the faith and commitment of the parents to raise their children in the faith. Dedication services are a blessing for more than the obvious reasons as relatives always attend, and it is an opportunity for them to hear the Gospel and experience the presence of the Lord. They always produce good fruit!


During the service, Chano let us know that the doctors have declared him free from diabetes! The next day, Karina began her new GDA at home and led both of her parents to the Lord! And they expressed desire to continue learning the Word. Hallelujah! 


The next week, we elected not to drive into Mexico due to the constant and wide-range rains of Hurricane Patricia. We thank God that the hurricane was very quickly and miraculously down-graded to a tropical storm, but the effects of it made driving conditions difficult, especially in the areas that we had intended to travel: Voz and Mante. However, Miranda and Omar, not having heard the news reports, drove to Rio Bravo to minister as usual. Though they encountered much rain, they were able to get there and return without incident, for which we are grateful to the Lord. We also give thanks for God's protection over Sister Glori's relatives who live in Puerto Vallarta which took the brunt of the storm.


David led the discipleship class in Victoria, and, despite the heavy rains, there was a very good turn-out. The next day, Carlos preached to a full house, the people undeterred by the conditions. Because of the weather, no one was sent to minister in Mante, but Brother Ruben shared the Word, and the service went very well. 


Our stay States-side was quite enjoyable. We were able to attend Sunday service and a leadership meeting later that day. Great things are coming just around the corner!


For the last trip of the month, we attempted a trip to Voz, but it rained again, and the river rose past its banks and over the bridge that lead to the village. So we headed back to the cottage to get some much needed chores done. The storm had affected many of the villages, including the one where the cottage is, and tore down trees (including 2 of ours) and electrical posts. Gratefully, electricity was restored by evening, allowing us to use our fans for a more comfortable sleep.


The next day, after getting some work done around the house, we headed to Victoria for a meeting with our representative to sign papers for the ministry's registration, followed by the monthly marriage class which was exceptionally full, including two new couples. One of the couples told Jeanette that their 4-yr-old had grasped the understanding of why we don't celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead. (Mexico traditionally celebrates the Day of the Dead on November 2, but has also copied the U.S. celebration of Halloween.) The boy said to his mother, “Right, we don't celebrate Halloween? Because God is a God of the living and not of the dead !” --something he had learned in Sunday school. So when his teacher at school sent a note home asking parents to have their children go to school in a costume and take candy, this boy refused, and didn't show any regret that day when he came home. 


The Lord is using World Harvest to change the lives of people big and small, and we are so very grateful to all who have a part in it.


With love in Christ and sincere gratitude, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11

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