In a month when much of the world celebrates death, we had many opportunities to celebrate the life in abundance that the Lord Jesus has come to bring us. We thank Him for the impact that His Word has had on so many people and continues to have.


Reminiscent of the biblical story in I Samuel 5:1-4 involving an idol, a young girl from the village of Mariposas where Rosi and Mario and the family have ministered for several years is required to take catechism classes and was recently told by her teacher to pray to an idol. After learning in Rosi and Mario's class that it is wrong to worship idols, she told the teacher that she wouldn't do it because the Bible says its wrong. The catechism teacher was taken aback and then told the girl she would speak to the priest about that. Later at the girl's home, one of the idols untouched fell off the shelf and broke into pieces. When Rosi and Mario related the girl's story, they were shown the Old Testament account and encouraged to share it with the little girl.


In the congregation of Victoria, a fairly new member offered her vehicle to be driven by Roberto, accompanied by his wife Vicky and Oscar and Chela from Rio Bravo, to minister in Urecho (Queretaro) to the newly formed congregation. She said she had bought it for her sister to make missions trips and considered it an honor to offer it for the trip. We are so very grateful for her generosity.


Also in Victoria, a man who had adamantly denied the existence of God when we first met him, boldly went forward to pray to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. He's the one who testified before the congregation how the Word helped him get through an extremely difficult pressure when presenting an intense oral exam.


That same weekend, Willy and some of the guys from World Harvest ministered in Rio Bravo. They found that the praise team is growing in members and is doing very well in leading the congregation in praising the Lord. Erick helped Miranda with the kids’ service while Ivan and Oscar stayed in the adult service. Willy shared the Word while some of the praise team and Ivan acted out the scriptures as Willy led them which was a very effective way of driving home the points of the message. Oscar shared a Word afterwards that complimented the message very well! The members received very attentively the Word and skit that evening. Then Willy and the team laid hands on a lady believing for her grandson’s health. They also laid hands and blessed Oscar and Chela on their upcoming trip to Queretaro. God gave them a Word as to “dream and believe big for I am big!” in the development of the new ministry in Queretaro. The evening was a blessed one, as usual, and the team was very blessed in being part of the Lord’s service.


While they were in Rio Bravo, Jose and Jeanette were in Voz. They had a wonderful conversation with Isai and Karen who are “chomping at the bit” to serve the Lord and see the congregation grow. In fact, Isai recently quit his steady job and opened a small eatery in order to have more time to devote to the ministry. They have been faithful in getting the village kids together to show SuperBook DVDs monthly (which they've decided to increase to every two weeks) and leading the praise and worship. They also take the bus to Victoria at least once a month to attend the service there. This has been vital to their growth.


As it turned out, they went to Victoria the following day and delivered some Bibles for us to be sent to Urecho. They also took a cable necessary for the DVD projector that was to be sent. During their visit, having experience using the equipment in Voz, they trained Roberto and Vicky for their upcoming trip on how to connect everything as they so that they could show some movies for adults and kids during their visit.


Meanwhile we went to Mante. The people are doing well, and the children are showing much improvement. During the service, after a little insistence, the parents of Oliver, a new little boy who was running around everywhere during praise and worship, brought him to the front and we prayed for him, after which we could immediately see change in him. He settled down and his movement was contained to the back of the room. Interestingly, after praying for him, other parents spontaneously started bringing their children to the front for prayer. It was a sweet time. One of the kids went forward complaining of a sore throat, and during class he casually announced that his throat no longer hurt.


Later that week, Mari of Rio Bravo reported to us that she had gone to the home of Cristian de Jesus, a 2-yr-old that had a tumor, to pray for him. It was quite a long walk to the house with the hot sun beating on her and others accompanying her, but she said it was so worth it, and the discomfort was hardly noticeable for “the joy that was set before them,” as Mari put it. All the way there, they talked the Word and faith. Upon arrival, at first the mother of the child seemed bothered and incredulous, but agreed to listen. After listening for a few minutes, her eyes filled with tears, as did the mother-in-law's who was also there, and they brought in the child to pray for him. Now the maternal grandmother attends church services and the weekly GDA, grupo de alcance (outreach group), where she was led to Christ. The family has agreed to receive them again for continued follow-up and prayer for the child's divine healing.


Also during the week, we visited Rio Bravo. There, Jeanette ministered to the children while Jose shared with the adults. We also prayed for and gave final instructions to Oscar and Chela before their impending trip by bus to Victoria and then on to Urecho with Roberto and Vicky in the borrowed vehicle.


It was quite an adventurous trip for them. First, their bus was detained half way to Victoria due to a blockade of farmers protesting something on the only highway to Victoria. The blockade lasted seven hours, and our brother and sister were stuck in it for about 3 of those hours before finally arriving late to Victoria. They spent the night at Roberto's and Vicky's house and headed to Urecho the next day. But that was held up a bit, too, due to the transfer of some very large oil equipment that occupied the whole width of the highway and moved only about 5 miles per hour. Traffic was only permitted during the night. But finally they arrived and had a very good visit. The children knew they were coming and greeted them cheerfully as they arrived in the night. They delivered more Bibles and lots of materials for the children. Gratefully, there is a lady and a teenager there who have offered to teach the children. (They will learn just steps ahead of the children as they prepare for the classes.)


For the services that they held, the people were very quick to set up a tarp and “benches” of boards on buckets and such. Plans are in place to purchase siding and put together a building for a place to gather together. As another testimony, Vicky said that the money they took to buy food to prepare meals for the 4 was stretched to feed about 15 people. It was multiplied! When they finally had to say their goodbyes, the children told them, “Don't go. Don't go.” But they will be back.


We have had to take a firm stand of faith concerning some “pastor” who has suddenly appeared among the baby believers of Urecho offering his services to lead them. This type of thing is quite common, and even the writers of the New Testament warned the flock of such invasions. We have seen this happen, or people attempting to insert themselves as leaders without any accountability, on more than one occasion. It is the enemy's attempt to cause confusion and division, but we have prayed and bound that ugly spirit by faith.


The following weekend we were invited to a special celebration giving thanks to the Lord for the 2nd anniversary of the healing of the wife of Chuy, the care-taker of the property. She nearly lost a foot to gangrene, but stood by faith on God's promises of healing, and her foot was saved, unlike two other women in the hospital at the same time with the same problem. It was quite impressive to see people so thankful for God's healing that they would actually throw a thanksgiving party for it. (And these are people who don't have a lot of extra cash lying around!) There were special guests to pray and sing songs of praise, followed by a meal. Unfortunately, we had another commitment and couldn't go. Still, it was quite an honor to be invited for such a special occasion.


That evening we showed the movie “God's Not Dead II” with our discipleship class and then led a discussion about the issues it brought up as well as key concepts for people guided by faith and the Holy Spirit.


After a service in Victoria, one of the sisters told Jeanette that she had brought a friend who was in much need of a Savior. She said tears flowed from her eyes during the whole service. While the lady went to pick up her children from the nursery, the sister told Jeanette she would bring her back next week to accept Christ. Jeanette encouraged her to lead the lady to Christ that very day. With a look of determination, the sister agreed that “Today is the day of salvation,” and she would catch her before she left.


Later that week, the mother of a 4-yr-old boy told us a precious account of the faith of her child. During a meal, she was talking to her children about the importance of telling God how much they love Him because He loves us so much that He gave us His Son Jesus Who also loves us so much that He died for us. The boy responded, “Yes, yesterday He told me that He loved me.” The mother stopped eating, amazed and surprised. Very matter-of-factly, when asked Who said that, he responded, “God spoke to me and said that He loved me. I recognized His voice. It was Him.” We praise God for this special conversation that He had with the Lord. This little boy really needs the reassurance of God's love because of some very unpleasant situations that he has had to endure.


David and Carlos of Victoria attended World Harvest's recent men's conference. Their wives accompanied them on the trip and really enjoyed the reception they received from the congregation and the time spent fellowshiping with the brothers and sisters who have known them now for some time. We are so blessed by the loving ties that bind our brothers and sisters in Christ from both sides of the border.


While they were there enjoying a great time in the Lord, the discipleship class in Victoria also had quite a time in His presence. They ministered one to another, and the Lord gave Eric several words of knowledge for particular people in the group which he boldly shared. We are thrilled to see people function in the gifts of the Spirit for the edification of the Body (I Cor. 12:4-11).


Manuel, a brother residing in Oklahoma, also came down for the men's conference with Pastor Max and took advantage of his time to go and minister in the church in Rio Bravo. He and several of the brothers and sisters of Rio Bravo “go way back” as he and his family used to attend World Harvest and never really have ceased from having a close relationship with the ministry. (They will be returning soon.) During the altar call of the service, he prayed particular things by the Spirit that were very beneficial to the people of Rio Bravo who are always receptive to the people who visit them to minister.


The next day during service, a man and his wife went forward for prayer for a job for him. When asked if he had received Jesus as Lord and Savior, he said no. So first thing first, he and his wife to encouraged to accept Jesus as their personal Savior, which they did. Then they proceeded to pray about getting work. About 13 other people went forward for various reasons.


During Sunday school, the teachers discussed Halloween and the Day of the Dead, both days highly recognized in Mexico. As every year, special time was devoted to explaining why those days are completely contrary to our faith in Jesus Christ Who came that we would have life, and life in abundance (John 10:10), and why the traditions celebrated are harmful.


On the weekend of the last trip of the month, the ladies of Victoria held their annual conference. Despite the government requiring several of the ladies to work that day, attendance was good with some 83 ladies present. There was a wonderful amount of participation and collaboration in preparation of the event and during it. Several ladies worked on the very creative decorations and gathered the supplies needed for the event, some husbands helped in the placement of them, Carlos and Rodrigo prepared the breakfast, three ladies from the praise and worship team ministered in song, Eric helped with the sound board, Sophia gave a wonderful short talk on gardening (relevant to the topic, and without comparing notes with Jeanette, complimented the message perfectly), and Jeanette delivered the message that was confirmed by the Holy Spirit in various ways prior to and during the event. In response to the message, some 20 ladies went forward as an act of faith and to receive prayer by several leaders who joined Jeanette in ministering to them. The meeting came to a delightful conclusion with a delicious breakfast and fellowship with the ladies.


In the evening, we met with the leaders to discuss and pray about many decisions including the recently acquired van that we will use to travel back and forth as well as what to do with the one it will replace. It was also interesting to hear during the conversation Pepe say, “All of my employees but one have prayed to accept Christ.” How impressive! The one yet to enter the faith is named Reynaldo. Please pray for him.


The following day before the service, a sister new in the Lord whose husband has been unfaithful said she told him that she will never again be alone and sad. He got angry and asked, “Why? Have you found someone else?” to which she replied, “Yes. I now have Jesus.” The man then got quiet and didn't know what to say. Another sister told Jeanette that one of the brothers from church spent time last week with her husband who is yet to enter the faith, answering his many questions. For years he has seemed to be on the brink of entering the faith, and we have prayed that the Lord send him messengers.


After the service in Victoria, we held water baptisms one last time before the weather cooled. Five people were baptized, though we are sure others should have submitted to baptism and will next time as they gain understanding about its significance.


We truly have much to be grateful for! And we pray your Thanksgiving celebrations be filled with great joy and gratitude for all the Lord has done on BOTH sides of the border.


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would greatly appreciate your prayers specifically for the following places where World Harvest (Cosecha Mundial) has congregations and groups:


Rio Bravo

Voz Campesina

Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Mante

Mariposas y Maguiras (GDA for children)

Urecho, Queretaro

Reynosa (GDA for children/prayer with the parents)


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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