As a great way to kick off this month's activities, two teens and one young lady went forward to accept Christ in our first meeting of the month in Victoria! What a nice way to begin the month!

Soon after, the team in Victoria that visits the hospitals and shelter had another very productive time this month in which an estimated 12 people confessed Christ as Savior. They also reported several positive outcomes after having prayed for certain patients. In addition, the security guard of the shelter went up to them at the end and confessed that he had been away from the Lord and said that his wife had been pleading with him to return to church. With tears in his eyes, he said that night that he felt something tug at his heart. He had been trying to do right on his own, but he now knew that he needed to return to the faith and to his church. They prayed for him, as well as for several others, trusting that the Word does not return void and that the sick are healed. The team is now known by the people there and have a rapport with them so that they come up to them and ask for prayer. The people are always so glad to see them arrive the first Monday of every month.

We also heard a testimony from the mother of a teen who was sent to Mexico City by bus to study. The night they sent him, she was awakened by the Lord around 1:30AM. The Lord said to her, “You and the father of your son, pray for him.” She said, “Lord, we are divorced. How would we pray together?” Then she was led downstairs where she was surprised to find her ex-husband asleep on the couch. She woke him and asked him to pray with her for their son, which he readily did, though he is not yet a believer. Then she took advantage of that time to give him a message that the Lord had told her to relay to him: that everything was going to be all right. He told her then that he had lost his job, making it quite challenging to keep both son and daughter in school. But the word of the Lord was that everything was going to be all right. One week later, he was re-hired! They later found out that their son's bus had been delayed due to a collision between two trucks carrying fuel which caused a huge explosion just minutes before the bus would have passed by there. That accident took place a little after 1:30AM! We praise God that this new believer in Christ has learned to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and obey His promptings.

The next week, a 10-yr-old boy in Sunday school, when he heard the discussion in class about the difference between flesh and spirit, grabbed his Bible and said, “I found theses scriptures on this topic,” and showed them to Jeanette. They were from Galatians 5 and very applicable. He then read them to the class. Later, with great interest, he asked Jeanette to define for him several terms from the scriptures. We look forward to seeing this boy grow into all the Lord has for him and for the church.

Another boy in Victoria visiting his grandparents previously expressed no desire to attend Sunday school and needed convincing, now insisted on attending church before returning to his parents. He has also participated very well and has demonstrated revelation of the Word in class.

Another boy, even younger (age 6), also showed how the Word has been sown in his heart. Recently, on his way home in the car with his mom, the police redirected their route due to 2 men having been shot near their home. At first, the child reacted with fear and for days, stuck to his mother like glue everywhere she went until she finally had had enough. She sat him down and reminded him that angels surround him, just as close as he had been with her, and that the peace of God is with him. Suddenly, he recalled Philippians 4:7 that he had learned in Sunday school. He declared it and was instantly free. From then on, the incident was forgotten.

This boy's grandfather only recently has begun attending church. How he finally consented in going is quite miraculous. One of his sons was unemployed and needed his life to change. So another of his sons invited the brother and his wife to church where they promptly accepted Christ. Then he got an opportunity to work in the U.S., so he left, taking little more than his Bible and a few articles of clothing. Meanwhile, his wife who stayed behind wondered how she would get to church as she had no ride. She was led to ask the father-in-law (who had been heavily into gnosticism) if he would take her. He agreed, and has been attending ever since—now he goes, even when unaccompanied!


Lately, there has been a lot of coming and going and beautiful exchanges between the congregations of the ministry. Several from Victoria and Rio Bravo attended the 30th anniversary celebration of World Harvest Training Center in Edinburg. Then the praise and worship team of Victoria, accompanied by Willy, Sandra, and Erick, ministered in Rio Bravo. Willy reports the following about the glorious time in the Lord:

“The team arrived with plenty of time to set up and fellowship with the Body. The praise service started, and, as usual in Rio Bravo, the music was sung wholeheartedly to the Lord! The time was a blessed one as Carlos then ministered the Word on the truths of being a son of God, while Erick helped the teacher with the children's class. Erick is always such a blessing to the kids and is becoming fluent in Spanish. The fellowship continued afterwards with a Rio Bravo-style meal—scrumptious, of course! It was a great time and hard for the team to part ways, but they promised to return. The praise continued in the van all the way back to Edinburg as Leonel played the accordian, Ramon and Jasson on percussion, and Samuel and the ladies singing.”

The next day, the team from Victoria arrived at church early for the Sunday service, and the energy of praise was on! Willy continues his report:

“The team quickly rehearsed some songs, and the flow began. Carlos started the service, and the church entered a new level of praise! The songs were of victory and freedom in Christ—a great way to start the day and remind everyone that they serve a living and loving God! Willy and Joshua accompanied the team, rejoicing along with them. Pastor Max, in town for the 30th anniversary celebration, was so blessed in seeing so much fruit that has come about in the 30 years of ministry at WHTC and the Victoria team was one of the crowns to this past celebration. The team then ended the service with more songs as the people in Edinburg didn't want them to stop. It was a great time of unity for the church! What a blessing it is to be in harmony. It was also a blessing to see that some members from Rio Bravo returned to Edinburg for the morning service, as well! All in all, it was a great weekend for the Body, and our Father was glorified!”

Meanwhile, in Victoria, Jose and Jeanette arrived for the discipleship class and were thrilled to see Tanya's husband walk in, now without even using the walker! He recently had several health crises and had gone from being bed-ridden, to a wheel chair, then the walker, and now free from it all in a very short time. The next day, Isai and Karen of Voz traveled to Victoria by bus to fill in for those who went to the U.S. and Rio Bravo and helped the members of the praise and worship team that could not go. They are such a blessing! They also go to Mante to help with the music there, as well, while Yahaira, the P & W team leader, is away studying.

A new brother in Christ had quite an interesting conversation with Jose. He told of his previous life of crime. He said that he was once cold-blooded with no thought at all to what he was doing. But one day, that way of life started to bother him—so much that he told his boss that he no longer would participate in such activities. The boss told him to turn in his weapons and walk down the road to be shot in the back. As he walked down the road, resigned to what “he deserved,” the boss had second thoughts and ran up to him, giving him a hand-full of money and telling him he could return when he wanted. Later, he was led to the Lord and brought to church. The man now literally glows with this new-found life in Christ. (*Later, we will share more details about this man's life.)

As we headed back to the U.S. from one of our trips, we were stopped by federal police at a check point and asked our occupation. When Jose told them what we do, one of the 3 at our car said, “There is no hope for us (implying they had committed too many wrongs). Jose responded by sharing God's love and hope through Jesus. Another stepped up with more questions and comments. As cars began to accumulate behind us, we handed them New Testaments and tracts, to which one of them gratefully responded, “Thank you. We needed something to read when off duty.”

The small “delay” as we chatted with them served not only to be beneficial to the policemen, but to us, as well. As we approached the bridge at the border, we discovered that there had been a shoot-out involving soldiers and two civilian vehicles that appeared to have taken place just minutes before we arrived. Had we not taken the time to share the Gospel with the policemen, we most likely would have found ourselves in the middle of the confrontation, with no way to back out in that particular spot which has cement barriers on both sides of the lane. We praise God for His perfect timing and for directing our path, as He promises He would.

The annual ladies' conference, “Sweet Fragrance” (from Prov. 27:9a) was held in Victoria on the 21st, which was a great success. The time of the event, held in the afternoon, and the fact that several ladies invited friends, attributed to the attendance of nearly 100 ladies, an increase of about 20-25 from the previous year. At the altar call, some 20 ladies went forward for prayer. The details of the decorations, center pieces, light meal, music, etc.--everything was so beautiful and creative! And the fellowship was so sweet among the ladies.

The following day, at least 2 of the ladies who had been invited returned with their husbands for Sunday service. One of the ladies went forward to accept Christ during the altar call. We expect that the seed planted during the conference will continue to yield fruit. Also during the altar call, a young man whom we'd prayed for deliverance the previous week went forward with his girlfriend to accompany her as she prayed to receive Christ.

We also heard very good news about the son of one of the members for whom we have been praying due to his problems with alcohol. According to his mother, his friends had asked for the use of his house to watch “the big game.” He agreed, but left them alone in his house. When asked why he would risk his property, he replied that he knew that if he stayed, he would be tempted to drink, so it was better to just leave. He said that any material loss would not compare to the harm the alcohol would cause him. This is a HUGE improvement for him!

The last weekend of the month was one of lots of activities. On Saturday, Rocio and Luz of Victoria went to Voz to hold the monthly ladies' meeting recently established. Also, later that afternoon, Pepe went to Voz to initiate a men's meeting with Isai. Meanwhile, in Victoria, the youth had their weekly meeting and then cleared out of the meeting room to make way for the marriage class held once a month in Victoria. Then, the next day, we had a baby dedication service where 5 were presented before the Lord and a packed, standing room only church. After a quick message, a “coffee break” followed for the congregation in celebration of the special day. But due to the time change that took place in Victoria but not in Rio Bravo, Jose and Jeanette had to slip out in order to make it to Rio Bravo for a special service held that afternoon.

It's always a joy to visit the congregation in Rio Bravo. There, we were thrilled to see Sister Chela improved after a very serious, life-threatening health crises. (Please continue to lift her up in prayer.) We also were glad to hear Dona Maria testify that, having felt led to visit a friend, she discovered that her friend had been away from her church for some time. During her visit, she led the friend's husband to the Christ and prayed for them both. She also invited them to our church.

Nora told us that a GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) has spontaneously formed at a sister's house after several started asking her questions about God. Now they get together once a week for breakfast and the Word. Nora also gave us good news about her husband, a paralytic who had adamantly and bitterly refused to hear anything about God, now listens to the Word on a radio station. He has two fingers that work with which he personally dials in the station to hear the messages. Praise God!

Coming to the conclusion of writing this report, we just received word that Treva Smith, Jeanette's aunt and a long-time supporter of this ministry, has just slipped from her presence on earth into the presence of the Lord. We will forever be grateful for every seed that she sowed into the Kingdom and into so many people's lives during her ninety-plus years of life here on earth.

Love in Christ,

Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team

He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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