On the first of the month, we visited Rio Bravo and were blessed to hear the testimonies of two people who had been healed while they worshiped the Lord. At another meeting there, prompted by the Spirit, an inivitation was given to the children there who felt the calling to one day serve the Lord in any capacity to come forward. One ten-yr-old boy did. We were pleased to lay hands on him and pray with him, knowing that God was, indeed, doing a work in his heart that night. Other children later told Jeanette that they know they are called to serve Him, but were too shy to go forward. The calling on their lives is rather obvious. From a very young age, they have been able to pray for one another, and they read and discuss the Word beyond their age.


God continued to manifest Himself in our leadership meeting in Victoria and during the service the following weekend. There were words of knowledge, prophecy, healings in three, deliverances from various problems in six people, and two gave their lives to Christ. While people were testifying about what God had just done in them, one woman walked up to the microphone and said, “I want to know the way to God.” It was a tender moment as José led her to the Lord in front of everyone. Then the Spirit revealed that someone else had received the revelation of Jesus and accepted Him in her heart. The question was asked who else had received him, and the hand of another lady shot up. We prayed with her also.


After the service, a young lady told Jeanette that her boyfriend for whom she'd been praying for about a year has given his life to the Lord.


At another meeting, Karla testified that the severe headaches that she had been experiencing since the beginning of her pregnancy have gone since her husband in faith laid hands on her and prayed. She was thrilled that her husband has the understanding of the authority that God has given him as head of the household.


At the following leadership meeting, again the Spirit really moved among those in attendance. Lately there has been an attendance of about 20 people at the leadership meetings, which is a blessing because it means there are more being discipled and prepared as laborers for the Lord.


At our leadership meeting at the cottage with the leaders from Voz, we learned that the governor of the State of Tamaulipas has again designated funds for the churches, and a meeting was to take place that day among the pastors to sign up for funds intended for the children this time. Fidela went with instructions to learn about the opportunities but to not take on any commitments that would conflict with our doctrine. We find it interesting that the governor would have such priorities with the money. We heard that his wife is a Christian and had held a revival service at the government building recently.


Our leaders in Voz have been a true blessing to the ministry. In addition to ministering in Voz quite effectively, they now visit Mante and also led the song service in Victoria once this month with great anointing and confidence. We praise God for the growth in them.


The work in Mante is slow, but we are persistent. Beto, the man who was gloriously baptized just last month asked Jose how he knew he was called to preach. For some time we felt he and his wife would be our leaders for the work there AFTER God sets them free from from several issues. Beto's question leads us to believe that he, indeed, is the one the Lord will raise up. Please pray for him and his family. There is much to weed out of the past.


At another visit to Mante, a woman for whom we'd prayed for her vision visited. She is now able to read the Bible her daughter recently gave her. That same day, we also prayed for Araceli's blood pressure. Jeanette received instructions from the Lord to lay hands on the pulse points of her wrists. Later, Araceli told her that she also had an irregular heart beat. We believe God did a work in her that night and the the Holy Spirit told us exactly how to pray.


At the service the next day in Victoria, Jose spent quite a bit of time with a young man who spoke of desiring to get things right with God and his pregnant girlfriend. What a sincere heart! He later called Jose for even more counsel. It's great to see how the Lord is working things out and bringing his family into the Kingdom. It started with his mother and sister about 3 years ago. Since then, another sister has come into the faith, and his father has also been very consistent in attending and has spoken with Jose (He's close to coming in too!).


In all our churches in Mexico, an offering was collected to send with Brother Max for his trip this month to India where he was to preach and teach at a pastors' conference on the godly family, among other things. While there, he also visited some Christian schools which World Harvest has also supported. The contact man there, Brother Skinner, has played a vital role spiritually with this ministry and personally with us, for which we are eternally grateful. We were excited that the brothers and sisters in Christ understood the vision and desired to have a part in the ministry in India. It was wonderful that they were willing and able to send their seed which will produce much fruit.


More good seed was sown as the young teen girls cell group took it on themselves to prepare packs of clothing with scriptures on them which they passed out in a village close to where the new church in Victoria is being constructed. It was a great experience for them, and a blessing to the folks in the village. In addition, it let the people know that the church will be ready for them to attend soon. Several people expressed interest.


For the first time on our trip, we noticed a large altar built and dedicated to “La Santa Muerte” (“the holy death”) on the side of the road. There is a belief among some people that if they worship death, then death will not harm them or their loved ones. Such a sad ignorance compels us to share the Truth as often as possible. They will know the truth, and the truth will make them free!


Thank you for your support and prayers. Sometimes the road is bumpy, so we greatly appreciate the support from home.

With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Josh and the team

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