It’s been a wet month!  After the first leadership meeting of the month in Victoria, the rain began to pour.  Most of us remained a while longer in hopes of it calming down, but it steadily increased, instead.  By the time we left, the river was over its banks and onto the road.  We stopped just where the highway dips and saw branches and such racing in a deep current past our vehicle.  We dared not continue, yet turning around wasn’t an option either, for we could no longer distinguish the sides of the road from the ditches.  In addition, the traffic was piling up behind us, most unaware of the danger ahead.  Thankfully, a couple from our meeting was a few cars behind us and somehow noticed our dilemna.  The brother got out of his vehicle and waded in the water to direct us as we slowly reversed back down the highway to an opening where we could finally turn around and head back to the church and spend the night for the first time in the pastor’s quarters.

The next day, the weather was much improved, in answer to prayer as it was the historic first National Day of Prayer held in Mexico.  It was breathtaking to gather in the government’s civic center with some 5000 Christians -- with the municipal president present, as well-- and pray for the peace of Mexico, and especially moving when the pastor asked the congregation to individually repent and pray for 25 minutes before praying in unison.  During the introduction, the pastor noted the spiritual and prophetic symbolism of the Mexican flag which depicts the eagle grasping the serpent in its talons.  He also remarked that some nay-sayers scoffed at the event, saying that it would be just a few crazies gathered together, but that there were neither a “few” nor “crazies” in attendance. At the conclusion of the service, an invitation was given to accept Christ, and several stood throughout the auditorium to receive Him.  Words cannot describe the spectacular experience.

After returning to Salomon’s house, a very distraught family sought us out for prayer for their kidnapped son named Francisco Jesus Salazar.  We gave them scriptures to stand on and prayed with them.  The next day, they attended church, and the entire family went forward to accept Christ (about 7 or 8 people).  The song service that day seemed designed especially for them, though few people knew of the situation.  The family has only missed one service since that day.  Please continue to pray for them.

During the same service, Karla and Alejandro dedicated their baby Ana Victoria, so we had a fellowship following the service during which we learned of several testimonies, one involving another kidnapping victim who escaped and had to walk a long distance in the wilderness.  God provided for his thirst by placing a gallon of water in the shade of a tree.  Then a farmer passing by gave him bread.  Another shared Psalm 91 with him.

Sister Cristina started a Bible study in her home and invited neighbor ladies, one of whom was skocked to learn that Jesus is the only mediator to the Father.  Right then and there, shared insisted on accepting Christ.  As another testimony, Sister Isabel handed Jeanette 700 pesos and asked her to purchase a case of Bibles for her personal use.  She has already given out a case to those she ministers to, and was in need of more.

The following weekend, the men in the church in Victoria held their monthly meeting which focused on the discussion of witchcraft and its influences.  Nearly every man there admitted to having had some kind of contact or exposure to it.  One man went directly home and burned the omulet that he’d been given and removed several religious items from his home.  He later testified that he had not been able to lift his hands to worship God nor even say amen until he did that.  He was one of those who only sometimes attended and seemed to not really “get it”, so the very fact that he attended the men’s meeting was quite miraculous, not to mention the steps of faith that he took that day.

The next day, four ladies from church participated in running 10 kilometers before attending service.  Of the some 100 runners, those four ladies took first, second, third, and fifth places!  Of course, we shared in their joy, and also rejoiced with the praise and worship team from Voz that was visiting the church in Victoria that day to lead the worship.  Despite only consisting of three members, they function and flow as a complete group.  Being from a village, and coming from the church that had gone years without any prospect of people called with that ability and anointing, this blessing is HUGE.

While they were in Victoria, Carlos and Vivi ministered in Mante and reported that there were 28 adults and 11 kids in attendance.  They still meet in the carport of a family there.  It is time to get a building!

The following week, we met with the leaders from Voz at the cottage.  Karen, the bass player, joined the group for the first time.  Jeanette used to teach her in the children’s class when she was just eight.  Now she’s 17 and starting to help teach the kids.  Jeanette gave her a packet and a quick training to help get her started.  Another packet was delivered to Rio Bravo during the week, just for extra materials since those teachers have already been through the training.

On the 25th, the church in Victoria held its first ladies’ conference.  The theme was “Your New Look.”  Herminio, Brenda, and their kids joined Jose and Jeanette on the trip there because Brenda was to be the key note speaker.  The fellowship with them was a real blessing to us, and the entire event was a marvelous success.  There were nine other ladies who presented mini workshops (most sharing for the first time in such an setting), and each was dynamic and unique as they taught over 120 women in attendance, not counting those serving in the event (at least another 13).  Brenda’s message was truly anointed and touched many hearts.  At the altar call, at least three women accepted Christ, while countless others went forward for deliverance of bitterness, sinful lifestyles, healings, and such. The next day during the regular Sunday service, the following testimonies were given:
 -A lady was healed from severe pain in the ribs.
 -The service was “delayed” by a few minutes so that one lady could make it there.
 -Several said they were delivered from a root of bitterness.
 -Blanca’s mother had been suffering from a gallbladder attack, but after praying for her, she was able to      eat and attend the next day’s church service.
 -One lady went home after the conference and shared everything she learned with her husband who     attentively listened to every detail.
 -Another husband said he wanted to testify of the change he observed in his wife and of God’s glory he      saw on  her when she returned home from the conference; he also said it was for his benefit that she      receive from such a conference.
 -God miraculously provided finances for a young lady who thought she had no money in her account.
 -The ladies from Voz rode to the meeting in silence, but returned chattering very happily the entire way      home (according to the driver of the van).
 -Another lady was healed of intense stomach pains while also delivered from bitterness.
 -A young lady who had suffered persecution from her mother for her faith was accompanied by her    mother to the conference and said she enjoyed it.
 -There was more than enough food and materials.
 -Severe rains were held off and the sun came out for the entire day of the conference; it only began to    lightly rain after everyone had gone home.

Pictures of the event should be posted soon.  We thank God for all He did that day and look forward to the young adults’ conference coming up in about a month.  We’ll be sure to keep you informed as God continues to manifest Himself greatly through the events and our travels.

                               Yours in Christ,      José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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