What a fruitful month!  Vivi, a teacher in Victoria, was invited to a 3-day training workshop to teach children how to evangelize.  She later met with all the teachers from the church in Victoria to share the information and prepare us to begin the course with the children in October.  Materials will also be sent to Mante, Voz, Rio Bravo, and Mariposas.

At the first leadership meeting in Victoria, we prayed for healing for 3, and one testified that she was healed of knee pain as she stepped forward for prayer.

Pepe was sent to Mante to minister on the first Sunday of the month, and was stopped by the Cartel with intentions of taking his truck.  When the criminal noticed his Bible and the shirt he was wearing with the church logo, he asked if he was "of the religion."  Pepe answered that he is a Christian, and when asked what he was doing, he told him.  So the man got on the radio and called his boss to tell him of the "situation,"  at which time the boss told him to let him go, as long as he gave him some gas money.  The man also apologized for what he was doing.  Pepe shared some truth with him before continuing on his way.  This is the second time he's been stopped, but Pepe continues faithfully going.

That same day, we were so pleased to see one sister's husband and children in attendance with her.  She and her husband have filed for divorce, but apparently neither really wants to sign.  He hasn't missed a Sunday since, even when the rest of the family has.  We expect complete restoration in the family.

Also during the first week of the month, the Grupo de Alcance of Carlos and Vivi visited the hospital to minister to the sick and their families and led 18 to Christ!

Sister Cristina says that there have been 12 saved in the year she's had her Grupo de Alcance, and 2 just last week when she taught on reproach.  After she taught, it led one to ask her, "What must I do to be free from it?"  The answer was easy!

Several Grupos de Alcance have grown, divided, or expanded.  Also in the plans is to form a group for young teen ladies and another for the teen guys.  Rosi and Mario are considering another group to disciple two young teens from the streets whom they recently led to the Lord. 

The leadership group in Victoria is growing, with about 30 in attendance now, even when the weather is difficult.  The Spirit really flows as we minister one to another.

On the 10th, Mexico held another National Day of Prayer.  (They actually hold two per year.)  The event was thrilling, with participation of too many churches to count, but more than 150 pastors in attendance.  The praise and worship time was powerful, with anointed songs of freedom, power, healing in the land, and peace.  The wife of Mexico's president called to address the people and thank them for their prayers. And then a couple that works in the government and are also spiritual advisors to the president from a strong church in Mexico City spoke encouraging words of faith.  It is rumored that they have led him to the Lord and that his wife attends the same church.  Praise the Lord!  This would have been an "impossibility" and unheard of in the past.  Also impacting were the words of faith of some pastors who led those in attendance in declaring NO MORE FEAR!  NO MORE VIOLENCE! NO MORE CORRUPTION!

God once again intervened on behalf of a loved one.  Mirta's nephew was kidnapped while waiting for a bus.  He is a Christian who had fallen away, but called out to the Lord and was released, while another one snatched at the same time was unfortunately killed.

While visiting Rio Bravo, we were impressed by the remodeling plans posted in two places on the walls.  They are a small group with big plans, and the Lord is showing His faithfulness.  As of this report, certain walls have been knocked down, plumbing laid, and other steps have been made.  Meanwhile, they continue with important activities involving the youth, leadership meetings, music training, and still make time for fellowship.  Omar and Miranda are in the middle of it all, and yet they still manage to make it back to the US in time to fulfill their deacon duties.

As we headed back in a few days later, a customs agent noticed our box of Bibles and asked if we were selling them.  We told him no, and offered him one.  He then asked what version it was and said he'd take us up on it since he'd left his Bible at home 1 1/2 years ago when he was transferred and hasn't been back for it.  We also gave him a New Testament with several tracts for him to carry more easily in his pockets, which immediately drew the interest of his co-workers.

That weekend, we heard several testimonies.  One of Salomon's employees accidentally ran over a small child with both tires of a company truck, but the child suffered no harm.  Alejandro gave thanks to the Lord that despite the economy, his company has expanded, and he has had to hire more employees.  He is reaping a harvest even in times of drought.  Salomon and Laura attended a conference in Guatemala, and came back beaming and on fire.  We will glean from their experience for a long time, for sure.

In Voz, the praise and worship team is finally taking a step up.  The drummer had moved to Victoria, but Julio, a young teen who has been with us since he was a baby, has begun to learn.  Also, the broken keyboard has been replaced with a new one, and Julio's sister Cinthia has desired to learn to play.  Change and growth is really encouraging because the process is slower in the village.  In your prayers please pray for more laborers from within the congregation to fill leadership positions, including teachers for the children.

Also in your prayers, please lift up Sister Blanca who is battling an infection in the liver and is in serious condition.  We are also believing God for a woman named Hilda who is showing interest in the Gospel, but facing opposition from her husband.  We'd also greatly appreciate your prayers for the ladies' conference to be held October 15th and for the congregation in Mante.  Some serious decisions will soon be made, and we all need God's wisdom.

October promises to be full of great testimonies, and we'll be sure to let you know about them.  Thanks for all your support!

In Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and all the co-laborers


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