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Our activities began in Victoria with a very effective discipleship class after a 30-mile detour through a picturesque area that we had not driven through. Though it was a bit out of our way, we enjoyed the scenery.


The next day, there was more beautiful scenery in the drive to Mante. For the service, it was a full house, and there was no doubt of the need for the purchase of more chairs. During conversation with some of the new people, someone mentioned that a couple of the kids, about 8 yrs-old, who are cousins, send to each other Christian songs through Facebook. How neat is that?! May they continue being a support to one another in their faith throughout their adolescents and adulthood.


Also, they said that one of the little girls, a 4 yr-old, was with her mother who was helping clean the church one day when she got on the platform and began singing a secular song with one of the mics, but was quickly told that they only sing “God songs” there. Unfamiliar with such songs, she immediately began making some up, which were full of words of praise and worship. We look forward to seeing her grow in that gift.


We also prayed for a young lady who was 2 ½ months pregnant. The doctor told her she has a large cyst growing in her uterus. We prayed for her, and her countenance changed instantly. She declared she was healed. We expect confirmation from the doctors by our next visit.


A young mother who recently began attending with her children as a result of this year's vacation Bible school asked for prayer regarding what to do about her parents who are quite verbally abusive to her and the children, and even more so now that they have begun their walk with Christ. They live very close to each other, so the persecution is frequent. We prayed with her, gave her encouragement, and shared the Word with her, but she and her family will need continued spiritual support from the Family of God as they grow in their faith.


There were 15 children in attendance in Sunday school. Taking into consideration some of the regulars who were absent, it became apparent that they will soon need to divide the group by ages. We are trusting God for more laborers for the children's ministry and eventually the addition of another classroom. We praise God for the recently finished room, complete with a tiled floor and air-conditioning, but the Lord always points upward and outward for growth.


On our way home, we greeted a lady who we sometimes see working at the toll booth. We'd been praying for her. She told us that she and her daughter now attend church. Jose handed her a New Testament, and she asked if Jeanette had been the one to place one in the ladies' restroom with some tracts. Admittedly, yes. She said she looked forward to reading it every day during her breaks instead of the newspaper, then she puts it back where it remains for others to use, too. Now she has one to read at work and her own personal copy for home. Her interest in God seems to have been sparked since the recent passing of the father of her children.


The following week we visited Rio Bravo. We were very happy to finally catch up with Oscar and Chela and their sons who recently returned from a very fruitful trip to Queretaro where several received Christ and were healed and set free. Chela spoke of how God's plan began with them receiving Christ. At first, Oscar was very hesitant because he knew what the reaction of his father would be to the news. As Oscar finally stepped into the faith, his father was so upset when he found out that he basically disowned him. But now, years later, both parents have accepted Christ in an area that has been extremely resistant to the Gospel.


For their trip, a brother from another church purchased a case of Bibles for them to take. They were just enough for each person who accepted Christ. Their time there was quite busy. Every day, from morning to night, they visited the homes of relatives, sharing the Word where they found the people very hungry for it. There, the men work from sun up to sun down, then go home to eat supper. But during this time, the men would hurry home and forgo the meal so that they could hear more. At one point, they were talking when a hail storm hit the area, threatening their crops. Chela asked if they wanted them to pray for the storm to halt, and they said yes, so they rebuked it, and the hail was stopped. There were several signs and wonders that followed them during their visit.


Following the church service in Rio Bravo, there was a wonderful time of fellowship in honor of Jeanette's birthday during which we met a mother of 10 children who now attends with most of them. She recently took 2 of them to service to ask for prayer for a very serious skin condition that had affected their entire bodies. The church prayed for them, and they were healed. The lady returned to the next service and tearfully gave testimony and expressed her gratitude.


While we were in Rio Bravo, the wheels were well in motion in Victoria where Eric led the discipleship class and in Voz where the praise and worship teams of Voz (along with some others from the congregation), Mante, and Victoria (the second group) got together to fellowship, minister to one another, and to others in the regular service that followed. During the service, the groups led praise and worship followed by a dynamic message preached by Carlos. At the end, several people went forward to be ministered to.


The following day, Carlos ministered in Mante, accompanied by Raul who visited Mante for the first time. During the service there was a baby dedication in which the entire congregation together prayed for the baby and the parents. Beto also gave testimony of the hand of God on him during a very risky heart surgery for which the doctors offered little hope. The service was followed by a great celebration of Mexican Independence Day with traditional dishes and games. The congregation in Victoria also had their celebration and had a great time together.


Pepe and Sophia's twin girls were born very healthy the following week. We praise God for the Lord's hand on the pregnancy and births.


During the next discipleship class in Victoria, we were thrilled to hear that Roberto and his wife Vicky continue sharing the Word weekly with her sister's family. God has done such a great work in and through this couple! The transformation is nothing short of miraculous. (The following week, they also reinitiated the couple's GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) in their home, and the Lord has been adding more and more people to it.


Rocio also testified of being healed of carpel tunnel syndrome. One night she was awakened with severe pain in her wrist that lasted a week. When the doctor diagnosed it, the Word sprang up in her, and she spoke it out in faith, and she has been pain free ever since.


The next day, there were more testimonies: one lady had been told that she would need a hysterectomy. She began confessing the Word, using the congregation's weekly memory verses, and then the doctor later confirmed that she would not need surgery after all.


A young couple went forward for prayer for cysts believed to be cancerous in the woman. The congregation prayed for her, and then Jose led them to Christ. By the next week, we got word that the specialist whom she was referred to wondered out loud why she was even sent to him. He couldn't find anything. Hallelujah!


An 8-year-old boy went up to Jeanette and asked for a whole Bible. His New Testament was not sufficient for him anymore since he looks up and underlines every memory verse given each week and returns with it memorized. He probably knows them better than any of the adults. With pleasure Jeanette provided him with one. He latter returned to Jeanette to show her he'd had it covered with plastic for better protection of it.


After stopping by the cottage the following week, we headed for Victoria for the monthly marriage class. Meanwhile, Carlos and Vivi, who had just returned from a week long vacation that she had won through her sales, attended the united city-wide church prayer meeting with several from the congregation. Carlos was the church's representative to participate in the public prayer for the leaders in government. They then headed straight to the marriage class.


During the marriage class, the group came up with 25 recommendations/tips for a successful marriage written on a large sheet of paper visible by the whole group. Afterward, several in attendance took pictures of the list, and it was suggested that it be made into a handout, with corresponding scriptures added, for the publications table, and later converted into a booklet.


The month ended with some very thrilling events. Mari, Tono, and some youth spanned the area and distributed tracts and other literature along with the church's info. Later, the Rio Bravo congregation baptized 8 people. Also, Raul, who is growing leaps and bounds with his wife and sons, returned to Mante with Alejandro to share his testimony and encourage the brothers and sisters there. Alejandro is also a very invaluable member of the church in Victoria who has just agreed to also help with teaching the 9 to 12-yr.-olds which is greatly appreciated.


We are so grateful to the Lord for His immeasurable provision this month and all He has done in and through so many people. And we profusely thank Him for the very special co-laborers and supporters of the ministry that He has joined us up with without whom none of this would be possible. October promises to be wonderful!


With love in Christ and sincere gratitude,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11




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