Our first stop for this month was to visit the neighbors across from our cottage who have been so kind to us all these years in looking after our property and paying our utilities. Now somewhat elderly, they both have health concerns and require quite a bit of attention.


From there, we headed to the church in Voz. We were delighted to find the temperature at a comfortable 82 degrees, a rarity there. A very welcome gentle rain also fell during our visit.

While chatting with some of the people in Voz, we were thrilled to learn that Chuy, a 12-yr-old boy who months ago left the village to live with his mother in Cd. Valles after living his entire life with his grandmother, has a Christian teacher at his school. (We wondered out loud how he discovered that she is a Christian.) He plans to ask where she attends church and perhaps accompany her. In one of his recent visits back to the village, he had told us that he was unaware of any church of faith nearby. This was a great concern for us since he had been with us practically from birth, and we did not want him to lose his way at such a vulnerable age. Also during our conversation, Vicente testified that a scorpion had stung him 3 times in bed without any ill effects because he immediately declared by faith Isaiah 53:5 over his body.


In addition to ministering to the people in attendance, we took advantage of our trip to transport VBS materials from Voz to Victoria where they will be stored until the folks from Rio Bravo arrive for the annual convention who will take them home for use in the summer. The materials are passed from church to church in a fairly efficient “system” so that all the congregations are able to use them with little need for creating decorations, etc.


There is a more intensified thrust to reach the children in the village of Voz. Now they will be holding a special service for the children at least once a month, though the parents attend as well, showing a SuperBook dvd, ministering to them, and providing them with a small meaning and prizes. This month was their second of such services.


From there, we proceeded to Victoria where we heard several testimonies. One of the sisters told us that her children are so blessed at school. They come home daily testifying and always attribute it to a blessing that was prayed over them and all the children a day before school started during our service.


This lady's sister had a relationship of animosity between them for years, and it was necessary to actively and by faith forgive. Finally, she came to church and went forward and was instantly set free. She later texted her sister saying that she now feels only love for her. The relationship has been reconciled, just as was prophesied would be experienced this year. (This year many would have dreams fulfilled and also it would be the year of reconciliation.)


That day, we held a special service for a young lady who was celebrating her Quinceanera (a traditional celebration for young ladies when they turn 15). In addition to being a blessing to the girl and her family, such a service in our churches also is a great way to introduce lost loved ones to the church and present the Gospel. The service was particularly sweet, and many of the guests were obviously moved. Interestingly, several people who had been away for some time also attended that day. There were lots of people in attendance, and the food was multiplied so much that several of us took plates of food to go. Also that day, several people asked for Bibles to share with people they are ministering to.


During the time of fellowship, Pepe called all the leaders together and showed us the electric bills that we pay for occupying the entire property formerly rented for events. The bill for the main hall had a balance of zero. We've never seen anything like that! Together, we rejoiced because there had been some uncertainty about how much our usage would be for renting so many installations and if the church could handle such an expense. The Lord has greatly provided!


Another testimony that arose that day: the grandmother of two ladies who attend in Victoria has completely been set from from dementia. She had been extremely difficult to care for, but now she herself says that God gave her a clear mind and has taken her out of that darkness.


A few days later, we visited Rio Bravo. It was a great blessing for us to see Josue, a teenager, lead the service and do so confidently. We were also blessed to discuss with Omar and Chela future plans for maintaining continuity in Queretaro (Urecho). When asked who appears to present leadership qualities, they said that Oscar's brother seems to be the one who will take the lead in the fledgling church. When they get together every Sunday to eat, he's the one to pray and bless the food, as just one example as evidence of his boldness. (We know many believers who, even after years of being in the Word, are hesitant to pray publicly over the meal!)


Later that month, we rejoiced in learning of a young girl's victory in Rio Bravo over dengue fever, which is transmitted by a mosquito bite and causes high fever and hemorrhaging. Her parents stood in faith on the Word and won. As another testimony, a young lady went forward for prayer concerning being in danger of losing her job due to problems receiving her official title. As Dona Maria laid hands on her and prayed, the young lady spoke in tongues for the first time. Soon after, she received her title, and her position at work was secured. Another lady had been dealing with some symptoms in her body and began to quote a scripture that rose up in her spirit, and she was instantly healed.


The congregation in Rio Bravo recently showed the movie “God's not Dead 2.” We plan on passing it around to the other congregations in October and November. Also, the next trip to Queretaro is planned for the middle of October. A couple from Victoria will be joining Oscar and Chela so that others can know how to get there, and the people can receive from others when Oscar and Chela are unable to go. Please be in prayer for their trip.


The following weekend was spent in Victoria. One sister young in the Lord said that she was having trouble with her husband of 27 years. She had been thinking of leaving him, but didn't want to throw away a lifetime of marriage. As she contemplated it, she heard the Lord say within her, “Love him as if he were your brother.” With tears in her eyes she emphasized, “I heard God speak to me!” As a very young believer, this was a life-altering experience. She responded, “Yes, Lord, I can do that. He is my brother.”


One of our brothers in Christ told us that he had an “atheist” coworker with whom he often shares his faith. Recently, she invited herself to church, asking for directions and the time of the meetings. She has gone three times, and the last time she invited her mother who is a believer. The mother found the invitation convenient because the church she had been attending seems too large for her and too far. She plans to continue with us. And the coworker now admits to others at work that there is, indeed, a God.


There was a mighty move of the Spirit in the discipleship class in Victoria. Three spoke in tongues for the first time, and another was filled with the Spirit after years of “drought.” Afterward, the group was blessed with a huge pot of tamales and the “fixings” provided by a couple in attendance. Another couple brought cake, and others quickly ran to a store for drinks and such. It was a very blessed fellowship. Remarkably, one couple purposely went to the discipleship class to “get filled up with the Word and stir up the anointing” before going to spend time with the family that had suffered the death of a loved one.


The ministry at the hospitals continues in Victoria, as in Mante, with great results. This month several prayed to receive Christ. Also, a 16-yr-old for whom they had prayed recently sent Rocio a message thanking her for her prayers. She's now healed and has returned to her church.


One lady told Jeanette, “For years I didn't understand this scripture that had been written in the inside cover of my Bible until I came here. My eyes have been opened.” Another lady testified that when times were tough, they encouraged themselves in the Lord, and now their family business selling lunches at a university is going very well. In addition, people go to their stand for prayer—even competitors.


In the middle of the month, we took a small break from our missions activities to travel to Aurora, Colorado, a trip provided by Jeanette's son and daughter-in-law in honor of her birthday. While visiting the area, we were so pleased to run across a Christian school called “La Roca (The Rock) Christian Academy” and visit a small church called “Living Hope” that also has a congregation in Spanish held at the same time as the English services in a local elementary school. It was also a blessing to meet a missionary to Mexico who “happened” to be in attendance visiting at the same time as us. He gave us his card and asked us to keep in touch.


When we returned to Mexico, we were met in the parking lot by Chuy, the care-taker of the property in Victoria, and his mother and sister who were visiting. In the conversation, they rejoiced that the property is now being occupied solely by our church and that there are no longer “pagan events” held there. After chatting about how good the Lord is and how grateful we all are, the elderly mother asked us to pray together regarding us having the property. We clasped hands, and she prayed a very eloquent prayer and then led us in a chorus. It was such a sweet, impromptu time in the Lord.


After a quick rest, we raced off with Carlos and Vivi to have lunch with a couple from church. The husband, who is younger in the Lord than the wife, testified that he had just endured a very grueling 4-hour oral exam before a team of examiners for a position he was applying for. As the examen intensified almost to the point of losing his composure, he glanced at a text that arrived from his wife reminding him of the scripture that says that we have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16), among other encouraging scriptures. For a brief moment, he was completely oblivious to the aggressive tactics used by his examiners. Through it all, he was undeterred and able to pass the examen. Interestingly, this man's walk toward faith in Christ culminated a week later when he went forward to make a public profession of faith, after having professed to be an atheist when he began with us some time ago.

Later that evening, we held the monthly marriage class with some 10 couples in attendance. The topic was on divorce and the harmful effects of it. Afterward, we prayed healing of the heart over the ones whose parents divorced and broke off the curse of divorce in their families for this generation and those to come. The topic of the class was a very serious one, but we left confident that much was accomplished.


Afterward, a new believer told us when she came to Christ that she desired to continue with us, despite the fact that her husband attends another church. She had been advised to come to some sort of respectful agreement with her husband, but later told us that it wasn't necessary because when she told his grandmother that she had accepted Christ, the grandmother called over her husband and told him he must go with her to her church. In his family, what the grandmother says, goes. He agreed to go every other time, and he recently attended for the first time.


Some family members, including some young ones who attend the weekly classes in Mariposas, called Mario asking what to do about his grandmother who was delirious. He told them to read over her Psalm 91 and Psalm 23. The kids gathered in a circle around her and read the Word, and within a short time the elderly woman was peaceful.


After the recent elections, the party that had been in power for many years lost, leaving many of our church members wondering about their job security because it is common practice for everyone to be dismissed. We immediately prayed with everyone who could be affected and have already gotten good reports. One lady is supervisor of her department, and she told us that the new government has decided to leave the supervisors in their positions with pay and each position will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, though in the past, when people were left in their position, their pay suspended for a time. We praise God for this change and continue to pray that none of our people will be adversely affected by the change of government.


We are so grateful for all who have supported this ministry in prayer, finances, time, and effort. With it all, the Lord has done great things!


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would greatly appreciate your prayers specifically for the following places where World Harvest (Cosecha Mundial) has congregations and groups:


Rio Bravo

Voz Campesina

Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Mante

Mariposas y Maguiras

Urecho, Queretaro

Reynosa (GDA for children/prayer with the parents)


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.


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