The month of September was a month of lots of good news. It started off with the initiation of a monthly ladies' meeting in the village of Voz Campesina, led by 2 ladies from Victoria. There was a great response, with 9 ladies from the village attending. What we didn't count on was the presence of children; it makes sense that they would be there because they wouldn't have anyone to take care of them. So an impromptu class was held for them by Isai, our leader of Voz, and Samuel, who had escorted the 2 ladies from Victoria. For the next month, we will be better prepared to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to sow into the lives of the children while their mothers are also receiving the Word.

In the evening, we had a time of fellowship with the members of the Praise and Worship team of Victoria and enjoyed a very good meal prepared by some members of the team.

The following day, Pepe ministered in Mante while we stayed in Victoria and had the privilege of praying with the son of a couple from the congregation who went forward to rededicate his life to Christ. We later learned that while he prayed aloud, a visitor also prayed to receive Christ at his seat and then told Carlos about it. After the service, a man whose baby was born very premature and received ministering from the group that visits the children's hospital monthly told Jose that since he accepted Christ and has been attending our church, his life has been radically changed. He used to be an alcoholic and lived a very rough life. He confessed that he recently tried to take a drink, but it made him sick. He hasn't touched a drop since! And his little baby is progressing beyond the expectations of the doctors. She is gaining weight and is out of the hospital. This brother is so grateful that he wrote his testimony that took up a page-and-a half (using no margins!) and gave it to us.

We also learned of the Lord's protection over one of the families of the congregation. There had been a shoot-out in front of their house in the night. When asked about the “problem last night,” the man of the house seemed to not know what we were talking about. After a little more prodding he said, “Oh yeah, that. I prayed, took authority over it, and it did not come near our house! There is no evidence of anything happening to our car that was parked there, nor did any bullets hit our house nor anyone in it.” Praise God!

During a recent discipleship class, we heard from a brother who said that he used to have very upsetting dreams. But now that he is in Christ, he has peaceful dreams. In fact, he recently had one of honey cone full of sweet honey. There were bees, but no fear of them. (Since then, this man received a miraculous abundance of unexpected income which apparently was the meaning of his dream.)

On our way home, we swung by Rio Bravo and held the service. It was the sweetest time of worship that we had ever experienced there! And in the children's class, Diego, age 6, said that he wanted to receive Christ as his Lord. How precious!

The team from Victoria visited the hospitals again the next day with great results. An estimated 12-15 people received Christ. In addition, several people who were prayed for admitted that they had belonged to a church but had fallen away. They were all encouraged to “go home” and not to distance themselves again from the congregation because there is LIFE in the Body. When it was time for the group to leave, the people gathered together to hear them minister said they wanted the singing to continue. Two girls with cancer who had received Christ said that they wanted to always feel what they were feeling, and Rocio told them they could always be at peace and in His presence. They only needed to believe in His love, read His Word, and continue gathering with the brothers and sisters in Christ. How beautiful that they hunger for more!

Just days later, we received 2 testimonies from a family who have believed the Word of the Lord for divine prosperity given at the beginning of the year and have seen first hand the blessing of the Lord. The sister had been filling in at work for a lady on maternity leave, and, though she only did so for the last half of the month, was paid for the entire month. Also, her husband received unexpected income of 2,400 pesos in a supernatural “money transfer.” (The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous! Prov. 13:22). The sister concluded her testimonies by saying, “We know that there is still much more for the Kingdom of the Lord, for He loves us so much that we just receive His promises, receive (drink) from Him, and allow Him to take His place in our lives; for it is so beautiful to rest in Him. Shalom!!” This family, even their 6-yr-old, expresses their faith so beautifully, and the Word is truly working mightily in them. Others in the congregation have also experienced this amazing prosperity with unsolicited huge discounts in tuition, jobs, raises, and the like.

Another sister sent us a wonderful testimony of her encounter at work with a Hindu who, after observing several things on her desk that indicated her faith in Christ, asked her if she was a Christian. After she responded that she is, the man began to tell her that he was from India and that there were many gods and religions very different from the ones of Mexico. He told her of some of the rituals that they do there with the dead to offer them to the gods. He also told her that he believes that there is one “superior being,” a conclusion he came to upon observing nature and the heavens, but he didn't believe that God could have children, that it was impossible for God to have children. He believed that such a god was not evil, but one that gave people their wishes and was good. She listened to him patiently and then thoroughly explained to him her faith in Jesus Christ and the Father and told him that she understood why he would find it difficult to understand the things of God because he did not have the Holy Spirit in Him to help him. (The Holy Spirit reminded her of the devotional of Gems she'd read that day that addressed this.) Suddenly, it seemed like he had seen things differently. The next day he called and said that he hadn't been able to sleep all night as he pondered her “strange” words. The seed has been sown!

This same sister later had an encounter with 2 Jehovah's witnesses and was able to share her faith with them in a very positive way and felt the Holy Spirit direct her conversation. She was also led to give one of them a copy of one of the Gems devotionals and prays it will “burn in her hands” so that it will provoke in her curiosity to read it and the veil be removed so that the truth be revealed.

Willy took a large group of men to Rio Bravo during that week and submitted the following report:

“On this trip ... Willy was joined by the Leones en Jesucristo, Felix and Riley, Manuel Barrientes, Oscar Brown, Erick Rodriguez and Felipe who hadn’t been to Mexico in 8 years-Glory to God for his return to Rio Bravo. The church was almost full last night as everyone was ready to Praise their mighty God. Praise began with the Leones leading and the Body singing along joyfully. After Praise, Manuel led the congregation in participating in Communion and then shared a powerful Word... The men then joined him in laying hands on several people while the Leones worshipped with a slow and soothing song. At the end of the service Erick encouraged the church to remember that the Anointed One lives in them. Felipe also glorified God by letting the people know that God’s healing has been manifested in his life! The night was a blessed one and the Body rejoiced! It is such a blessing that the Lord is continuing to establish and strengthen ministry teams. The return back to the USA was a time of reflecting as to what the Lord did in that service.”

Days later, we rejoiced in hearing that Carlos and Vivi baptized 3 teenagers in Mante after first having attended a funeral and led some 30 people to pray to receive Christ and then ministering in the service in Mante.

The following week we stayed in the U.S. so that Jeanette could attend the ladies' conference in Edinburg. That same weekend, the church in Victoria held a special fellowship to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Also taking place that weekend, Oscar and Chela of Rio Bravo returned to Urecho to minister there daily for one week. It was a challenging visit as it rained every day after every meeting. Because of the high altitude, cold temperatures, and rocky terrain, this made things quite difficult. Despite the conditions, they sowed more seed and led 2 children to Christ and continued to encourage the new believers to grow in the Word.

We returned the following week and were so glad to hear that the husband of one of the ladies in Victoria has made a huge turn-around both spiritually and physically. He had recently fallen ill with several problems, one right after the other, and was bed-ridden in the hospital. Carlos went to pray for him, and he was soon released. Though in a wheel chair, he attended the men's monthly meeting and the service. He told Carlos that his attention has returned to his faith in Christ. He hasn't missed a service since. His mother has also attended and expressed how impressed she was with the church (she is a member of another church, one with problems). She is now urging her daughter to also attend there. He has since graduated from the wheel chair to a walker and has also participated in our weekly discipleship class as well as the marriage class held at the end of the month. We praise God for the surge of life in this man and his family.

The month ended as it began with really great news. A friend of one of our leaders who attends a different church contacted her and asked if anyone needed a job, telling her that she wanted to hire people from our church. As it so happens, we did have people who had been out of work for some time, and they were hired! And when more positions become available, she will let us know. Praise God!! Also, during our last service of the month, a family of 4 prayed to receive Christ as Savior.

All this in one month! And October promises to be just as full of abundant blessings! We'll be sure to keep you informed. In the meantime, thank you so much for your prayers and support for the ministry.


Love in Christ,


Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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