The hand of God manifested itself in so many ways prior to, during, and after the convention which brought together the churches from Edinburg, TX,  Rio Bravo, Victoria, and Voz Campesina, and the missions in Mante and Mariposas, totaling approximately 300 people.  It was a beautiful time of rejoicing in the Lord, reuniting with brothers and sisters in Christ, and ministering to one another.

It was also the time set aside to dedicate Victoria’s newly constructed building to the Lord.  The service opened with the traditional ribbon cutting by Pastor Max.  During the service,  Salomon, with Laura by his side, explained how he received a calling from the Lord to “build the temple,” just as God had told the Solomon of the Bible to do.  In gratitude for what God has done for him and his family, he set out to complete it.   It was so moving as he and Laura prayed before the people and dedicated the building in true humility before the Lord.

Following the dedication,  Jeanette presented a portion of a copy of a report written in July 2003 in which she quotes Laura saying that her daughters and son would one day be musicians for the Lord (though none of them played an instrument at the time), that she and Solomon would one day be leaders, and that the Bible study group that had just begun in their back yard would become a church.  Everyone in the building was witness to the fulfillment of the prophetic words of Laura.  (See the attached copy of the portion of the report.)

The entire event was a great success on every level.  The Lord gave wisdom to the coordinators and committee members of every “department” which made for a very smooth day.  The experience will also be applied to future events that will reach hundreds and thousands of people.

The harmony among the brethren was truly notable.  The word “seamless” was used to describe the congregation where there was no distinction between the people from the villages and those from the cities, nor the poor from the wealthy. 

Throughout the program, three different praise and worship teams led us and flowed in the anointing, including the team from Voz which consisted only of three people, yet they sounded like a complete band and were unintimidated by the crowd, despite being from the village and having very little experience in such an environment.

God provided in many ways for the event.  People who were not even active members of the church jumped in and wanted to help.  Some even brought unexpected food for the meal.  We also had materials in abundance for the publications table (books, etc. donated for people to pick up for free), plenty supplies for the children’s program, and lots of man power.

To conclude the service, there was an altar call which brought dozens to the front to be ministered to, and there were more than enough people to minister.  While we don’t have an accurate count of everything that happened that night, the following is a good sampling:

- Don Pedro’s (age 89 of Voz) son was led to Christ by Fidela at his seat.

- Blanca’s brother-in-law from San Fernando gave himself to Christ after experiencing a  violent home invasion.

-Viviana, a lady who just weeks ago had thought about suicide, took her nephews to convention where they gave their lives to Christ

-Felip, a French Jesuit, and his wife, accepted Christ.  They also asked us to pray over their wedding rings and bless their marriage as they had been struggling.  He was having some very serious problems at work which were resolved miraculously the following week. Their 5-yr-old daughter later asked her daddy if he knew the address of the church so that they could return since she liked it so much.  During the service, the whole family beamed with joy.


- Sister Susi had suffered from shoulder pain for years, but suddenly felt a pop when she laid her hand on the shoulder as directed in the service.

- Don Pedro was healed of severe abdominal pain.

- Without Vicente saying a word, Pastor Max walked up to him and said, “God wants to heal you.”  He laid hands on him, and Vicente was instantly healed of back pain.

-Sami was healed of symptoms of juvenile arthritis.

- Sami’s mother received healing in her body as well.


-A man suffering from depression was set free.

-A young lady who had stepped away from the church testified that she realized that outside of God she can do nothing, and she has returned to Him.

- Karen testified that she was delivered from fear.

- Isai testified that he was delivered from some bondages.


 - A sister who had just begun attending church in Victoria testified that when she was young, her mother would pray that there would be a church in the community where people could truly worship God that was bigger than the Catholic church there.  Her daughter could not even imagine such a possibility.  She died before she could see her prayers become a reality, but we are so grateful that when being a Christian intercessor was extremely rare in that area, she watered the place where our building sits with her prayers.

- Martha said she’d never gone to a convention before, and that every time she ever went to Victoria, she would get a headache, but not this time, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

- Tomasa said she would have liked to have known this Word and joy when her children were small.  But at least now her granddaughter will grow up knowing it.

- Fransisco said he’d been considering buying a much needed stool for the church’s drum set, but the cost of 400 pesos was a little steep.  At the convention, a brother from Edinburg took him one, not knowing his need.

-The people of Voz sang all the way home.  (They aren’t usually very expressive.)

- Andres committed his marriage to the Lord and repented for having stepped away from God.  He said he wants to serve him.

-Several people were called into the ministry.

- Rosi’s sister had moved in with Rosi and her family due to marital problems just days before the convention and was led to the Lord.  At the convention, she prayed for her marriage and made a commitment to link up with the church and receive from the Lord.  She hasn’t missed a service since.

-Enrique, another recent convert, took his family.  He later exclaimed, “The Word has power!” as he saw it manifested that day.

-Several people went forward for prayer for family restoration.

-Fernando’s (a new convert) family attended.  His dad confessed to his priest that he had gone to the convention, and the priest said it was OK.  Then he asked if it was OK to attend both churches, and the priest said yes.

- Several people said the meeting was TOO SHORT!

- It rained heavily AFTER the event was over!


Following Jeanette's visit with her dad and family during his successful surgery and recovery, and giving a report at Excelsior, Jeanette joined Jose on a trip to Ciudad Victoria for the first official group Bible study held at Salomon's house.

It was exciting to see nineteen people in attendance, not counting the children, hungry for the Word of God.  Most of the people were "unchurched" business people and neighbors that Laura had invited herself.  Among them were a drug addict and the family maid, as well.

We were very impressed to see Laura energetically delve into this new endeavor.  She later told Jeanette that she had prayed and fasted that day for the Bible study, which attributed to the wonderful results that we saw that evening.  As a believer of less than a year, that is pretty impressive.  Laura also stated in faith that she expects her and her husband to eventually be the leaders (which we've known in the spirit, but hadn't spelled it out to them for fear that they would be afraid of the responsibility), and that her son and daughters would lead the music, and that the Bible study will soon develop into a church.  Don't be surprised if they grow up quickly into this...

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