XVI Annual Convention Cosecha Mundial





Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually. I Cor. 12:27



The sixteenth annual convention of Cosecha Mundial, Mexico, was held in Cd. Victoria with members from Rio Bravo, Voz Campesina, Mante, Victoria, and Edinburg joining together for a dynamic time of worship, Word, and fellowship. (The children from the ministry in the village of Mariposas y Maguiras and the new believers from the state of Queretaro were unable to attend this year but are expected next year.) In all, some three hundred seventy-five teens and adults attended, along with some sixty-five children ages three to twelve.


The festivities began early with a wonderful meal hosted by Carlos and Vivi who received in their home pastors Max Boggs, Jaime Gonzalez, Jose and Jeanette Andrade, and Willy and Cynde. Directly after the lunch the leaders headed out to the hotel to drop some off and others at the Victoria church location where things got busy with final preparations for the youth conference to be held that afternoon and for the next day's events. Now, with the run of entire property recently obtained, the convention was not limited in space or time, making the arrangements much more convenient and comfortable.


The youth conference, the first of many to come, was an enormous success. There was anointed praise and worship, activities, and a very effective message brought by Pastor Jaime, followed by a great response during the altar call. To conclude the service, the youth enjoyed a great time of fellowship over a meal of pizza and spaghetti. Everyone was all smiles and hugs having made new friends as they reluctantly left for the evening.


The next day action began early. The first thing to catch the people's eye as they arrived were the new banners bearing the ministry's name and logo placed at the entrance of the property and another hanging on the main building. An even warmer welcome was provided by the youth of Victoria who were at the front of the main building bright and early with welcome signs and balloons to greet the people as they entered the grounds. From there, the people were directed to one of four locations for a quick workshop, each focusing on the theme of the Body taught by Omar and Miranda, Willy and Cynde, Pepe, and Pastor Jaime.


The people then started to file into the main meeting hall. On their way in, they had the opportunity to stop at the products table to select at no charge from various materials such as books, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, tracts, and magazines made available. This table offers more and better materials every year and is a very popular element of the convention as many of the people do not have access to a good Word-of-faith Bible book store. One of the unique features of this table is that many of the people return the items the following year so that others can be blessed by them, in addition to some of the members purchasing new materials to donate. We were also blessed this year by the generous contributions of materials sure to edify the Body and provide tools for the members to evangelize provided by Kenneth Copeland Ministries and World Missionary Press.


Another very special element of the table this year was a pamphlet of testimonies contributed by members of all the congregations including the children of Mariposas y Maguiras. In it there were testimonies of miraculous healings, divine protection, supernatural financial provision, deliverances from insomnia, infertility, alcoholism, and emotional bondages, salvations of loved ones, peace, prophecies fulfilled, answered prayers, employment, and marriages restored. Every testimony had one thing in common: they all glorified the Lord and not a particular person.


The testimonies of the “fruit” of the products table began to come in within days of the event. One young lady picked up a booklet on faith and read it entirely the same day. It had such an effect on her that she immediately began sharing it with her friends and loved ones. The following Sunday, she asked how she could get her hands on many more copies as she had several people in mind to whom she planned on giving them, especially to a person who she says has been imprisoned unjustly. She was informed of how to obtain more, and we look forward to hearing about more lives changed because of the booklet.


A man whose marriage was in crisis picked up a devotional on faith and also began to read it immediately. He also shared the readings with his wife. Later he testified how the book has really helped him stand in faith for his marriage. There is already a great improvement.


Another new feature of the convention was a continuous slide presentation that the people could watch before the service and during the fellowship, presenting the convention's key scripture (I Cor. 12:27), each congregation and service hours, promotions of the products table and the children's ministry, and the like, as well as information on how to be saved. Every minute of the convention, down to the smallest details, was utilized effectively with the objective of glorifying Christ and edifying the Church.


The praise and worship throughout the service was outstanding! Willy of the Edinburg congregation accompanied the team from Victoria on a newly expanded platform to get things started. They provided additional music during other aspects of the service. The other four teams also contributed to the atmosphere of praise during the fellowship. The anointing was so thick as the brothers and sisters worshiped in song together that two men later commented that they had difficulty pushing back the tears to sing. For some, the anointing was life-changing as the Lord opened their eyes to many things and touched their hearts.


Following the praise and worship, despite having nearly no sleep at all the night before due to a difficult attack on his health just the night before for which he was healed quite supernaturally by a dream he had in the early morning, Pastor Jose was very anointed as he taught on the significance of taking communion and led the people in taking it. Representatives from every congregation helped serve the elements. To conclude that part of the service, there was a very moving time of worship in song.


Pastor Jaime from the Edinburg church then addressed the people and showed a well-received short video of the congregation of World Harvest Family Church in Edinburg, Texas, greeting the ones in attendance at the convention. It was very helpful for the brothers and sisters in Christ to be able to see their “U.S. Family.”


Pastor Max, founder of WHTC, who now resides in Oklahoma, followed with a very timely message with the text taken from Jude verse 3, “Contend Ardently for the Faith.” Unbeknown to him, his message complimented well the series on faith that Jose had been teaching in the churches for weeks. It was also interesting that during his introduction he called a family from Voz Campesina to the front to testify of how God had drastically changed their lives when He saved them through the ministry some 18 years ago and is using them mightily for the Kingdom of God, something that Pastor Jose had recently done, as well when the family had visited the Victoria congregation. The Holy Spirit confirmed time and again the points that He desired to make.


Pastor Max also made the comment, “I wouldn't trade this for the largest congregation in the U.S.!” He added a word from the Lord: “I'm not looking at the results; I'm looking at how you run the race.” Pastor Max continued, “There are results and fruit, but He measures us by how we run with our whole heart, loving Him and others totally. That produces great results.” He later proclaimed, “I don't pursue the blessings of Abraham, they pursue me. I pursue the vision that He put in my heart.” His comments meant more to some than he will ever know as some have felt pressure to push to create mega-churches and have felt somehow less significant in a smaller congregation. One lady was later heard summarizing with great enthusiasm almost word-for-word the message to a lady who had been with the children during the message.


The children's service was excellent! They, too, focused on the text I Corinthians 12:27 in their activities. There were plenty of teachers and helpers to tend to the approximately sixty-five children. With lots of activities, including t-shirt painting, a movie, puzzles, painting pictures, and more, the children spent the three hours together quite content and very blessed by the message, the anointing in the teachers, and all the fun things to do. To conclude their time together, they all received a commemorative coloring book illustrating the text and related scriptures created by a sister in Victoria and assembled by the Harvest Globe-Trotters of Harvest Christian Academy of Edinburg. The children under the age of three who stayed with their parents were provided goodie bags that included a similar booklet. All in all, the children of all ages had a wonderful experience during the convention.


One brother from Edinburg sent two pairs of new shoes to be donated as prizes, one for a girl and another for a boy. He asked that the shoes would be given to a girl of age ten and a boy of age seven, the ages of his children. Though the task seemed challenging, the Lord worked it out so that they were discretely placed in the right hands of the children who fit them perfectly. Later, the parents of the girl said that their daughter was in need of shoes, but they hadn't bought them because of the expenses of the trip to the convention. They gave God praise for meeting that need. Interestingly, the parents of both the boy and the girl are people that the brother who donated the shoes knows from his experiences years ago on the missions team. In fact, he led one of the fathers to the Lord years ago.


At intermission, the people were asked to step out in order to set up tables and chairs for the meal, a task that most thought would take quite a while. However, a team of about 10 men had a well-calculated strategy, and the room was ready to receive the people within less than ten minutes!


To conclude our time together, we enjoyed a delicious meal and cake to celebrate Pastor Max's birthday while the praise and worship teams took turns playing. To encourage the people to mingle, there were cards supplied where the people wrote the name of a brother or sister from each congregation and turned it in to receive a prize. There was an abundance of prizes donated by all the congregations, so there were lots of winners—about 90! With time running out in the meeting, there were still some 12 prizes left to give out, so they were awarded to the people who had recently accepted Christ, an excellent way to conclude the activities of the delightful convention.


As feed back, one of the ladies from Rio Bravo testified that weeks prior to the convention, she heard an inspiring song of the reviving fire of the gift of God and declared that it would be so at the convention. She said, “For me and in me, what I prayed was fulfilled because I had a marvelous experience, rivers of living water flowed in my inner being, and not just in me, but I know in my bothers an sisters as well because the Lord flooded the place with His presence.” She was also very grateful for having the opportunity to meet new people and become friends with them. Cell numbers were exchanged with some from Victoria. She added, “This is God's purpose and vision for the Church, that even though we are not near each other, the distance doesn't matter; we are one Body, members one of another; we all feel and live the same thing, and united by the joints, we all help each other mutually. Every year will be better and better because the Lord has no limits. To Him be the glory, honor, power, majesty, and praise forever!”


At the end, many expressed that they had been personally touched by the Lord during the meeting. Also, several people commented that they want the convention to span more than one day. Now that we aren't restricted to a particular time of renting a venue, that may be possible. We also heard many comment about the great harmony among the brothers and sisters during the preparations and throughout the event. There was not one moment of discord between the brothers and sisters.


It was such a blessing to see people from every congregation serve in many ways, providing gifts and publications, teaching, serving, and much more. There was an abundance of everything needed which made the entire experience a great success: space, materials, food, ministers and ministry gifts, organizational and technical talents, and, above all, love. We give God thanks for His mighty works in and through His Body during the convention and always, and we already look forward to our seventh annual convention next year!

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